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London-based UX specialist with an entrepreneurial background

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Olly Mardling - Visual portfolio

  1. 1. Olly Mardling A VISUAL PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Hello! This is my 250 word biography. With nearly a decade’s experience designing & delivering digital and entrepreneurial initiatives, my armoury contains a range of creative, commercial and technical skills. I love designing innovative and immersive apps. AGILE and LEAN principles are in my DNA and though I don’t code, I have a hacker’s mentality. I believe in rapid prototyping; sketching on paper, then fleshing out UI & IA in Balsamiq, xMind, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Putting prototypes in front of users early in the process is vital to delivering successful products. Currently, I’m Director of UX at NovaRising, a digital agency in London; part of the Digital Innovation Group. Since joining at the start of 2012, I’ve lead UX and IA on a variety of web, mobile, tablet and connectedTV initiatives, for clients like Domino’s Pizza, Chelsea FC and InterContinental Hotels. It’s a client-facing role (often pitching to senior and board level at the start of the project the managing ongoing client relationships), but I’m also comfortable collaborating with developers and designers and I am integral in the full project lifecycle; from specification to launch. Back in 2007, I founded an ambitious start-up: WhatTalent.com. After failing to scale, I pivoted the business in 2009 into a profitable creative services agency. Through the agency I worked as an AGILE project manager on website builds for clients like The Economist. I also produced and directed a variety of video projects, from corporate videos to music promos. I’m now looking for a new challenge. Whether you are a start-up, agency or blue-chip brand, if there’s a digital product to design, a project strategy to devise and execute, a campaign to reach the digital generation then I might just be your guy... Product Imagineer UX Lead Information Architect Agile Project Manager Entrepreneur
  3. 3. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com My Career - The Last 5 Years 2013 2011 2012 2010 2009 UX Lead @ NovaRising Founder @ WhatTalent Director @ Digital Innovation Group UX Lead / IA @ B&M McHugh UX Lead / UI Designer @ Kliqed Project Manager / IA @ John Thorogood Estate Agency Project Manager / IA @ TheBookseller UX Lead / Project Manager @ Times Educational Supplement Project Manager / IA @ The Economist Video Producer / Director / Editor @ Freelance Project Manager / UI Designer @ BodyCoach
  4. 4. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Full product life-cycle experience my weapons of mass creation - Sharpie & A3 Pad - Balsamiq Mockups - xMind - Adobe CS - Google Apps - Google Analytics - Basecamp (if I have to) - Product Visioning Presenting & Pitching Project Roadmapping Proposal Writing Business Modelling Raising Investment User Research Lean UX Workshops Multiplatform UX Design Information Architecture Functionality Specifications UI Design & Style Guides Agile Project Management SCRUM User Testing Content Production Creative Direction Budget Control Launch Party Planning Product Management Analysis & Reporting Digital Marketing Community Management Staff Training DESIGN & DOCUMENTATION PRODUCTION & DEVELOPMENT LAUNCH, ANALYSIS & GROWTH STRATEGY & PLANNING
  5. 5. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Key Skills - Presenting & Pitching Fundraising & Pre-Sales I‘ve acquired some powerful sales skills since first pitching ShowRealTalent.com, an early version of WhatTalent, 9 years ago (securing £2,500 seed investment from a millionairess). In 2007/2008 I raised £32,000 from 18 different investors to build the WhatTalent.com beta site and, after pivoting into a creative agency in 2009, won prestigious contracts with companies like The Economist,The Bookseller, Sun Microsystems and the Times Educational Supplement. In my Director role at the Digital Innovation Group, I lead client pitches, sales meetings and negotiations and have taken the stage at numerous pitching events to promote DIG’s services and technologies. Best one: Sound Index, a “Big Data” music chart, at the legendary EMI Records, to a 300-strong audience and a panel of music industry execs and tech VCs. I came second in the panel vote and won the audience award, with about 75% of the public vote.
  6. 6. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Key Skills - Lean UX Recent projects I’ve lead follow the Lean UX methodology, inspired by the “build > measure > learn” cycle of the “Lean Start Up” movement. Lean UX is an approach to product design where cross-functional teams collaborate, in regular, rhythmic sprints, to build collective knowledge on what works and iterate projects based on user testing and feedback. Waste is reduced this way and project goals are achieved quickly, decisively and cost-effectively. Armed with sticky-notes, a wall and an A3 sketchpad and Sharpie, I kick off Lean UX projects with a specification workshop. I facilitate short exercises with the project team where assumptions are shared, hypotheses developed, proto-personas defined, user stories captured, features outlined and strategic outcomes agreed upon.The example output on the left comes from a Lean UX workshop I ran with Penguin Books for a book recommendation tool. Workshops & Process
  7. 7. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Key Skills - Information Architecture At the early-stage specification phase of a project, ideally just after the Lean UX specification workshop, I map out the technical architecture and content structure of a product in a series of diagrams in xMind; a mindmapping tool that allows me to clearly articulate content structure and navigation to the designers, developers and client-side stakeholders.The presentation feature in xMind enables me to walk through complex systems and explain technical structures in an easy-to-understand way. The example on the right was the initial IA map I produced for the Times Educational Supplement for newteachers.tes.co.uk - a complex Drupal platform for newly qualified teachers to access resources, network with peers and search for job opportunities in UK schools and universities. Engineering Products
  8. 8. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Key Skills - Wireframing Starting with pen and paper scamps and building fidelity through wireframing tools and Adobe CS, I work at a low and medium fidelity level, quickly producing implementable UI output that can be used by designers to produce page templates and developers to build the front-end of applications. I’ve worked across all screens: on web, mobile, tablet & connected TV and experience designing for grid-systems and adaptive / responsive design. I like working in Balsamiq Mockups to create medium- fidelity wireframes because it’s quick and has tools to create clickable prototypes that can be tested on users. I’m not a designer by trade and have basic Photoshop skills, but I’m becomming increasingly proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Indesign, where I can flesh-out wireframes into UI templates and produce style-guides. Building Fidelity
  9. 9. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Key Skills - Agile Project Management When I lead the development of the first version of WhatTalent in 2007, I was introduced to AGILE project management principles by our CTO and we implemented a successful, sprint-based approach across a 6 month period, involving a small team of developers and designers.When I pivoted WhatTalent into an agency I secured contracts with the Times Educational Supplement and The Economist, acting as a hybrid project-manager / IA on the concurrent design and build of four large microsites built on Drupal. I’ve managed half-a-dozen agile projects since (and countless Waterfall) and my responsibilities cover IA and UX, running the daily SCRUM and project backlog, reporting to clients and coordinating user testing. I’m used to working in Basecamp, but prefer the flexibilty of Google Apps as a tool for backlog management, sprint planning, bug-testing and other assorted project management duties. Managing teams & clients
  10. 10. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Case Study - A mould-breaking travel website Project Summary Family Traveller is a well-funded start-up who approached the Digital Innovation Group (DIG) in late 2012 with a brief to research the market and then design and build a mould-breaking website to complement their print magazine launch, attract users and drive revenue. A cross-agency collaboration between 3 DIG companies - involving a 10-strong team of senior designers, developers and project managers - this ambitious platform was delivered within 5 months (with a Beta site launching in June, 2013) and development of new features are ongoing. My role As Lead Architect, I oversaw the configuration of DIG’s proprietary CMS to deliver the site’s market-leading features. I continue to manage the technical side of the project and regular responsibilties include coordinating the design, development and client-side teams, producing specification documentation, directing visual and interaction design, facilitating UX workshops and coordinating light-weight user testing. FAMILYTRAVELLER.COM
  11. 11. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Back-End CMS DesignUX Wireframes Family Traveller - My Output Admin Manuals UX Sketches
  12. 12. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Family Traveller - End-to-End Booking System Biggest Challenge Family Traveller needed to offer a complete affiliate booking experience that enabled users to research family-suitable hotels anywhere in the world and book a place to stay without leaving the site. Problem There was an immovable deadline to deliver this functionality by the launch of the second edition of the Family Traveller print magazine in July 2013.The project was running late and the UX and technical implementation of this essential feature was unresolved and unspecified when the Beta site launched in June.We had four weeks. Solution Working with the design and development teams, I lead the delivery and build of the“Destination Planner,” a powerful Google Map customisation that seamlessly integrates site articles with family- suitable filtered hotel feeds from Expedia’s affiliate API, to deliver an end-to-end travel research and booking UX.You can play with the map here -> familytraveller.com/map
  13. 13. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com MANAGEMENTTHINKING.EIU.COM ECONOMISTCONFERENCES.ASIA ECONOMISTCONFERENCES.CO.UK NEWTEACHERS.TES.CO.UK Case Study - Multiple Drupal Sites Over a 7 month period in 2010, I lead four concurrent AGILE projects for the Times Educational Supplement and The Economist.Though each site was built on Drupal and the clients were based in the same building, the delivery of these projects was a significant challenge and it’s the period of my career where I honed my AGILE project management skills. I was responsible for the specification, development and post-launch delivery phases of a all four sites, managing a globally dispersed team of designers and developers. Other responsibilities included designing IA, creating phased development roadmaps and managing the prioritised backlog of features and tasks. Running Concurrent Projects • 4x Drupal Microsites • Total budget = £200,000 • 7 month engagement • 1 x 4 week specification sprint • 14 x 2 week sprints • Globally dispersed team • Sole on-site agency representative Project Summary • Pre-sales • Running specification workshops • Producing UX wireframes & IA • Running the daily SCRUM • Product backlog management • User research and testing • Client liason • Staff training My Role
  14. 14. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com COMING SOON ON SAMSUNG & LG SMART TV’S Primary Roles: Information Architect Other Responsibilities: UX Lead UI Designer Pre-Sales Outputs: User Stories IA Diagrams UX Wireframes User Flow Diagrams GUI Elements Case Study - Connected TV App • UX & UI design (no development) • 2 Connected TV apps for Perform Group (Chelsea TV & LiveSport TV) • Total budget = £30,000 • 2 month engagement Project Summary • UX Lead (team of two designers) • Agile project manager • Client liason My Role Designing 2 versions of the UI & UX for both Samsung and LG’s range of Smart TVs.There are considerable differences in the navigation required for each TV set. Especially designing for LG’s “Magic Wand” remote. Biggest Challenge
  15. 15. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Case Study - “Big Data” Music Chart Refresh of DIG’S SoundIndex “Big Data” music chart (originally built for the BBC). Involved redesigning the UI for web, mobile, tablet & Connected TV and selling the technology to potential clients and brand sponsors. Project Summary • Product Strategist • UX Designer • UI Designer • Pitching product to new customers My Role Creating a new brand identity from scratch and designing a consistent UX and UI across all four screens. Biggest Challenge INTERNAL PROJECT
  16. 16. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com PIZZABOXOFFICE.CO.UK Case Study - Multiplatform Movie Service • OTT movie rental service for Domino’s Pizza • Multiplatform design & build • Budget = £70,000. • 4 month Waterfall project Project Summary • Product Strategy • UX & Design Lead • Information Architect • Client Liason My Role Designing a consistent UX for users between the Domino’s website, where films are ordered, and the microsite, where vouchers are redeemed and films selected and viewed. Biggest Challenge
  17. 17. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Case Study - Email Marketing • Campaigns for restaurants, spas and internal marketing comms • Template design & HTML build • Campaign management and analysis. Project Summary • Designer • Content Strategist • Client liason My Role With very little previous experience, I was forced to learn Photoshop on the job, quickly mastering the process of designing layered PSD templates that were “on brand” and that could be easily implemented by developers. Biggest Challenge
  18. 18. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com KidscoTV needed a strategic plan for launching an OTT video solution so they can circumnavigate broadcaster paywalls and get their content direct-to-consumer. I designed a concept, responsive web app and market- entry presentation for the CEO to pitch the idea to the NBC Universal board. Product Strategy Case Studies - Smaller Projects Roles: UX Lead Information Architect UI Designer Pre-Sales MyKidsCo SHOWSHOME CHANNELS TRENDING KIDSCO TV (NBC UNIVERSAL) Roles: UX Lead Information Architect UI Designer Content Producer DIGITALINNOVATIONGROUP.COM The Abomination is the first book in an exciting new thriller trilogy that features an online hacker’s community: Carnivia.com. As a means of generating buzz around the launch, I designed a playful version of Carnivia where readers could share secrets anonymously and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. Viral Book Launch I designed the Digital Innovation Group’s website in 2012 and project-managed the build on DIG’s proprietory CMS “Singularity.” I also wrote the copy across the site and created graphical assets and imagery for the plethora of case-studies from the 12 companies in the group. Agency Website CARNIVIA.COM
  19. 19. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com FoldGallery is a modern art gallery based in London, run by a former curator of the Saatchi Gallery.They required a new website to promote the gallery and I lead the design of a clean and simple front-end, yet complex custom back-end Wordpress configuration with a non-standard content architecture. Art Gallery Website Case Studies - Smaller Projects Roles: UX Lead Information Architect UI Designer Pre-Sales RACINGUK.COMFOLDGALLERY.COM Roles: UX Lead Information Architect UI Designer Content Producer MOTOROLA RacingUK are a popular horse-racing broadcaster who are planning a significant overhaul of their outdated website. I lead a UX analysis and user study of the existing site and put together a proposal to their senior management and partner design agency on how an improved UX could be implemented. UX Consutancy Motorola are developing a strategy to bundle low-end Android tablets with set-top-box TV manufacturers, to offer a dual-screen TV experience. I lead a lightweight research and design process to develop a concept UX and UI for Motorola’s team to bolster their sales negotiations with potential clients. Concept Tablet UX
  20. 20. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com My Startup Story - Part 1 The Idea In 2004, as I was working my way up the ladder in TV production, I started developing some ideas for creative businesses and hit on a vision for a portfolio / networking website for creatives, where talented people could develop fulfilling and lucrative careers doing what they love. It quickly became all I wanted to do to setup and build a successful tech start-up. Raising Investment The first attempt: ShowRealTalent.com was launched in 2005, but it failed to gain traction. In 2006, I met my mentor and he helped me set up a new and improved version:WhatTalent.com. At the end of 2007, I started raising seed investment and by spring 2008 had a war chest of £32,000, from 18 angel investors. Building the Site Despite having no web design experience at that point, I architected the site, hired a team of developers and designers on sweat equity contracts and, employing an Agile approach, we began work on building the site over a four month period. Beta Launch The beta site launched in June 2008.The photos on the left are from the launch party, a wonderful night where 250 founding members (bands, artists, photographers, comedians, film-makers etc) recreated the site experience with performance and exhibiton of their talent.You can watch my launch speech here -> http://youtu.be/JVS032OkkCY Within a few weeks of launch the Beta site grew to just under 1,000 active members. It boasted a number of features that were ahead of their time, including the ability for users to control their profile at a granular level for specific audiences.This functionality was later introduced to Facebook (lists) and Google+ (Circles), but we did it first.
  21. 21. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com My Startup Story - Part 2 Failure to Scale WhatTalent Beta had no revenue generators at launch and despite some very positive meetings with angels, I failed to raise the £150k we needed to extend the site functionality, build-in subscription and advertising mechanics and initiate the marketing plan.We didn’t have the resources to scale and by the end of 2008 my dream had almost died; the economic climate meant investment was hard to come by and I was forced to return to freelance TV work, supplemented by working in a record shop. The Pivot In early 2009, I struck upon a Plan B. My idea was to pivot WhatTalent into a creative agency made up of the pool of freelance talent on the site.The vision was to bring the right talent together to work on any kind of creative project and offer the same standard of work from a traditional agency, but with vastly lower costs.The agency started slowly, but by mid- 2010 we were turning a healthy profit each month, working on web, video, design and music projects for start-ups, local businesses and even some large organisations like Sun Microstems,The Economist and Times Educational Supplement. My proudest achievement was to faciliate over £100,000 of contract work for the founding members of WhatTalent, across dozens of projects. Some of those projects are highlights on the left. What next for WhatTalent? In June 2010, I became a Dad.The business was profitable, but on a low turn-over and I paid myself a very low salary. By the end of 2011, my responsibilities to my family forced me to put the business on ice and take my current job, but I have a long term plan to reinitiate the WhatTalent (it’ll be something different when I do) and I’ll always love (and be drawn to) the culture of start-up life.
  22. 22. @OllyWhatTalent+44 (0) 07525 901 230 olly@whattalent.com Outside of work... As a kid I acted in numerous stage and TV productions. After University I spent 5 years working in TV on shows for the BBC and Channel 4 amongst others. I’ve continued my passion for film-making, teaching myself to edit, producing music and corporate videos and making short-films.The shot above is from the Smoke and Mirrors “48 hr Film Competition.” Producing Films In April 2013, myself and a small team of locals from Watford embarked upon a mission to setup an independent, community-owned book-shopin our town. Momentum has been building. We recently secured rent-free premises in the prestigious Palace Theatre and we are pulling together the business plan, fund-raising strategy and our goal is to launch in 2014. Starting A Bookshop I’m an avid reader and fill my available time outside of work and family diving into a range of genres . I alternate between fiction, history and books about UX, start-ups, story-telling and digital culture. Recent favourites include “Lean UX” - Jeff Gothelf,“Into The Silence” - Wade Davis, “The Art of Immersion” - Frank Rose and “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” - Steve Blank Reading & LearningBeing The Daddy
  23. 23. Thank you for your time! Please get in touch if you like what you see olly@whattalent.com +44 (0)7525 901 230 @OllyWhatTalent