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Green team political party


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Green team political party

  1. 1. Green TeamPolitical PartyEcocentrism (Nature-centred View towards theenvironment)
  2. 2. What is Ecocentrism? Holistic world view Minimal disturbance of natural processes Integrates spiritual, social, and environmental dimensions Sustainability for the whole Earth Self-reliance within a framework of global citizenship Self-imposed restraint on resource
  3. 3. Why is Ecocentrism Important? Originality of the approach Implications it has for an understanding of the planet As Dobson puts it: ‘what sets ecologism apart from other political ideologies is its focus on the relationship between human beings and the non- human world’ Benefits of viewing the world as Ecocentric Ecocentrism for green politics is central Real value in its implications Avoiding ecological disasters Preserving humankinds future Not only important for green politics, but also for political issues in the future
  4. 4. Why do we have to becomemore Ecocentric? Environmental crisis such as species extinction, global warming, air and water pollution and wild land destruction are happening and they are problems in our society that can be fought by becoming Ecocentric It is believed that the human race has the responsibility to all biological life on Earth and we are the most consuming species of all, so Ecocentric people are capable of thinking and perceiving Earth as a whole
  5. 5. How can we become moreEcocentric? Be self-reliant or soft technologists Local community action and the actions of of individuals making a different Reduce our impact on the environment, for example consuming less and decrease in human populations Work together to reduce the resource use (eg. recycling aluminium can, bottle cans)
  6. 6. Self-Reliant
  7. 7. Soft-Technologists
  8. 8. Local Community Actions
  9. 9. Reduce Impact to theEnvironment
  10. 10. Reduce ResourceUse
  11. 11. What are the advantages of changing your Environmental Philosophy? Can avoid natural disasters, such as earthquakes like the one in LAquila in 2009 that destroyed the whole city and affected hundreds of people’s lives To ensure that resources are not depleted and through sustainable development they will be available to future generations To feel one with the environment that surrounds us
  12. 12. What are the disadvantagesof changing yourEnvironmental Philosophy?  Some people do not care about the environment because they have not experience environmental damages or disasters at first impact  People prefer to spend more money and pollute less because its less stressful  Difficult to change daily habits  Could be against religion or traditions
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