Skipoles support for revision


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Skipoles support for revision

  1. 1. Ski Poles - supports for revision Mark OLLIS A <VARK> T The story so far …
  2. 2. Word Search extreme R• Make a word search using the TARGET LANGUAGE• Write good clues to the words below – definitions• A template [Matrix] is easily made in Excel
  3. 3. Mnemonics WH R • Where • When MNEMONICS • Why • What and Who • Good for Case Studies as they concentrate on the facts. • Rhymes, alphabets and sentences using the first letters of a list of words
  4. 4. Sequencing VK• Visualisation• Memory Palaces– Derren Brown
  5. 5. Matching Heads and Tails K• Two ideas, probably opposing [opposites]• Match them up by making cards• Could be used for Key words and Definitions
  6. 6. Align L + R – Most Likely to V • Take a list of ideas and put each on a separate line • Centre the text • Align Left data that relates to one idea, align right data that relates to another • E.g. Facts relating to Mt St Helens or Kobe • Can be used with a ‘Most likely to’ when opinions with imprecise solutions are used – Resident or tourist
  7. 7. Index Cards R• Twitter on paper• Limited amount of material in a small space• Be precise, include facts and names• Fits into you pocket• Colour good
  8. 8. [L+T] Learn and Turn RVK • The traditional way of learning – as used by your parents • If it works for you use it • Big pile of scrap paper, look at notes, turn over notes, try to recall as much as possible, turn both oer and check, do again, and again if necessary • Good for pulling out ‘final facts’ • Requires good concentration span
  9. 9. KUNG FU - A Kinaesthetic• Get up and boogie• Film yourself or use a pre-prepared resource• Processing• FUN; so share• Technotonics
  10. 10. Thumbnail table – doing K• List your ideas as a bullet point list, table or mind map• Add icons or small thumbnail sketches• You have to think about the concept to do the sketch = kinaesthetic and processing
  11. 11. Card Sort TK• Classify• Lots of ideas on different cards mixed up and then reorganised
  12. 12. Cardinal Clues VKT• Good for development or attitudinal ideas• Pick four points of compass N W S E• These represent Natural [Physical Geo]• Who decides = Political• Social – community• Economic = CASH
  13. 13. Mind Mapping [and thinking skills] TKV• Thinking Maps• Mind Maps• Free mind• Process moreimportant thanoutcome Be organic no wronganswers[justify]
  14. 14. Be Active Keep Thinking Creative commons