Revision Questions From Letts Short Version 08 With Revision


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Question to doubleside copy for students - I use coloured paper so they can find

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Revision Questions From Letts Short Version 08 With Revision

  1. 1. 2008 Revision Questions MO 11 What feature is formed in the sheltered area behind a spit? A. Earthquakes and Volcanoes 12 Why does an ice age cause sea levels to fall? 1 What are the two types of crust? 13 What is the difference between a revetment 2 Why do continental and oceanic plates move? and a sea wall? 3 What is a constructive margin? 14 What is a ‘gabion’? 4 How are Fold Mountains formed? 15 Why might coastal defences in one area 5 On which type of plate margin do ocean increase erosion elsewhere? trenches form? D. Settlement and urbanisation 6 Which plate boundaries do not have 1 What is the difference between 'site' and volcanoes? 'situationquot;? 7 What is a composite volcano? 2 What is meant by 'function'? 8 What is a dormant volcano? 3 What type of settlement is at the top of a 9 How can volcanoes affect the world's climate? settlement hierarchy? 10 What is an 'epicentre'? 4 What is meant by 'range'? 11 What is 'liquefaction'? 5 What are 'comparison goods'? 12 What instrument is used to record 6 Which will have a larger threshold - a earthquakes? newsagents or a supermarket? 13 What does the Mercalli scale measure? 7 What caused urbanisation in MEDCs? 14 Why do poorer countries suffer more damage 8 What is urban decay? in an earthquake? 9 What is 'counter-urbanisation'? 15 Why are volcanic areas good for farming? 10 Why were 'green belts' and 'new towns' B. Rivers and water management created? 1 What is the hydrological cycle? 11 Why do people living in squatter settlements 2 What causes 'interception'? have poor access to services? 3 When will surface run-off occur? 12 Why is disease common in squatter 4 What is percolation? settlements? 5 What is a drainage basin? 13 What changes to villages is rapid out 6 What divides two drainage basins? migration causing? 7 Name the four processes of erosion. 14 Which American geographers devised 8 When does a river deposit material? models of city layouts? 9 What processes create a flood plain? 15. What characteristics typify the suburbs? 10 What is a delta? E. Population and migration 11 What does a hydrograph show? 1 What does population distribution mean'? 12 What conditions will result in a short lag time? 2 Why is a choropleth map of population density 13 How does urbanisation increase flooding? inaccurate'? 14 How can zoning reduce the impact of 3 What is exponential population growth'? flooding? 4 Why are birth and death rates expressed as C. Coasts rates per 1000'? 1 What causes waves? 5 Why are MEDCs described as 'entering a fifth 2 When will a wave break? stage’? 3 Which factor is the most important in 6 Why are MEDCs able to support higher controlling wave energy? populations'? 4 What types of rock are eroded by corrosion? 7 How can improving the status of women 5 How are stones, shingle and sand moved reduce birth rates'? along a beach? 8 What is a population structure? 6 Where do bays form? 9 Explain the unusual shape of a pyramid in a 7 What feature is formed when an arch mining area? collapses? 10 Who are the 'economically active' in a 8 What is a wave-cut platform? population? 9 Which type of rock would have steeper cliffs, 11 What is rural-urban migration'? granite or clay? 12 What is urbanisation? 10 Where do spits form? 13 What are the disadvantages of counter-
  2. 2. urbanisation for the inner city? 5 What are its advantages? 14 Why do migrants sometimes experience 6 Why have many UK coal mines closed down? racism? 7 What are oil and gas formed from? 15 What is a refugee? 8 As well as fuel, what else is oil used for? F. Quality of life 9 Why might we have to 'pay later' for nuclear 1 What is economic development? power? 2 What is meant by 'development indicator'? 10 Where is fuel wood a very important energy 3 Why is GNP measured in dollars? source? 4 What is meant by 'infant mortality rate'? 11 What is meant by the term 'renewable 5 Why is 'income' not a good indicator of energy'? development? 12 Reservoirs flood large areas of land. Why 6 How does poor access to clean water limit does this matter? development? 13 Why might people not like to live near a wind 7 In which sector do most people in an LEDC farm? work? 14 What type of solar panels are used to make 8. What is quaternary industry? electricity? Industry 15 What does 'energy conservation' mean? 1 Why is energy no longer such an important I. Global environmental concerns location factor? 1 How is ozone beneficial to life on earth? 2 What is 'industrial inertia'? 2 What chemicals damage ozone? 3 What is the most important location factor for 3 What can be done to reduce ozone layer heavy industry? damage? 4 Why is hi-tech industry described as 4 What is global warming? footloose? 5 What is the greenhouse effect? 5. What is the best site for most distribution 6 What type of radiation is reflected from the industries? Earth's surface? G. Leisure and Tourism 7 What are the most important greenhouse 1 What is a National Park? gases? 2 How many National Parks are there in England 8 Why does deforestation make global warming and Wales? worse? 3 How has tourism benefited National Parks? 9 What is Agenda 21? 4 What is a 'honey-pot'? 10 How might a reduction in population growth 5 How can the pressure on 'honey-pots' be slow global warming? reduced? 11 What is the difference between acid rain and 6 How have governments of LEDCs encouraged dry deposition? tourism? 12 Which two gases are most responsible for 7 What is meant by 'sustainable-tourism'? acid deposition? Agriculture 13 How does acid rain affect trees? 1 What is the difference between 'subsistence' 14 How does acid deposition affect buildings? and 'commercial' farming? 15 Why does acid rain lead to disagreements 2 What is the CAP? between countries? 3 What is a 'quota'? 4 Why have hedgerows been removed from A to I = 9 sessions fields? 5 What is farm 'diversification'? 6 What is the 'green revolution'? 7 What is irrigation? H. Energy 1 What is the difference between energy and fuel? 2 What is a fossil fuel? 3 What is secondary energy? 4 What is coal formed from?