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Solutions following the Carlisle Floods

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Management Carlsle Flood Photos

  1. 1. Management Post Carlisle Floods Three different Strategies
  2. 2. Strategies considered here • Flood Storage at Holme Head [Denton Holme • Building floodwalls atop existing embankments [Carlisle United] • Flood plain maximisation on the Peterill
  3. 3. Holme Head Storage Scheme The new bridge at the lower end of an extended flood plain storage scheme
  4. 4. Work underway Note the new river wall beside the builder
  5. 5. The new river wall downstream from the storage area
  6. 6. The new sewer Passing behind St Aidans school the new sewer will replace a ft diameter pipe
  7. 7. Flood Gate and bank extension Carlisle United
  8. 8. Gate Detail
  9. 9. Bank protecting stadium and wall protecting housing
  10. 10. Do you think this is sufficient protection?
  11. 11. Peterill Bridge
  12. 12. The path up and over the realigned embankment and down into the wider flood plain Below monitoring station [already grafittied] and drainage culvert
  13. 13. Line of the river Original left bank [East] Down stream of the bridge flood walls exist on both sides – gate is closed
  14. 14. New Sewer Carlisle United Peterill Bridge and the widened Flood Plain
  15. 15. Creative Commons • Photographs + text - Mark Ollis [Jan 09] • St Bees School, Cumbria •