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Pre Production Drafting and Analysis of Survey Monkey


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Pre Production Drafting and Analysis of Survey Monkey

  1. 1. Pre Production Drafting Olli Murphy
  2. 2. Pitch Document• Name of Magazine- Relic• Style/Attitude- Indie Magazine focussing mostly on indie pop and indie rock- these were the two most popular sub genres found in my research.• Cost/Editions- £2.99- people indicated in my research that they were willing to pay up to £3 for a magazine. The magazine would be monthly as people indicated they read magazines around once a month or less so too regular releases would be pointless for my audience.• Target Audience- Male, White British, 16-24 y/o. Most people who took my survey were males between the age of 15- 24 and indicated a taste in Indie pop and Indie Rock music.• Sample Article Ideas- Interview with Band members about release of new album e.g. Everything Everything. Reviews of artists. Live Listings. Interview with friends band.
  3. 3. Style Sheet I chose this colour scheme as the magazine is aimed at teenage males. Boys tend not to be won over by bright, flashy colours and the relaxed look of this magazine will actually make itI like these fonts as they seem stand out againstbold and strong, 2 of them are the other flashysans serif which is more magazines.suitable for the masculineaudience as they seem lesslike they are showing offwhich doesn’t appeal to mostboys. I have chosen the Topone for my Masthead. Calibri font for article main body of text.
  4. 4. Sample Images
  5. 5. Photography Planning• Models- Alex Townsley, Tom Kelly, Jack Sierbien, Tom Sleightholme, Jamie Holtby, Andrew Wilson, Sav Roqaa, Annie Mcintyre.• Costume- Casual clothes- indie and relaxed.• Location- Photography studio for some shots, some in urban area- stood at top of a hill, backs against a wall etc. Some in recording Studio.• Total shots- 11: 4MCU, 5LS, 1MS, 1 album artwork or another MS.• Props needed- Misc. instruments, gear in recording studio.
  6. 6. Front cover Photo Planning• Shot: Medium Close- up• Number of images- 1 main, 3/4 very small images.Mise en scene• Model: Tom Kelly• Costume: Casual clothes (indie style clothes)• Pose: Relaxed, Slightly moody expression.• Location: Studio, Staged.
  7. 7. Contents Photos Planning• Shots: mix of Medium- close up and long shots.• Number of images- 5Mise en Scene• Location: 1 in photography studio, 1 in recording studio, 3 in outside location.• Costume: all relaxed indie style clothes• Pose: Photo Studio- posed, looking at camera. Recording Studio- natural ‘at work’. Outside- moodily looking away from camera.• Props: Guitar for recording studio, few instruments for outside shots.
  8. 8. Double Page Spread Photo Planning• Shots: 1 large mid Shot, 1 shot of either mock album artwork or long shot of artist.• Number of images: 2Mise en Scene• Location: Studio for MS, either outside or Studio for LS.• Costume: relaxed, casual, indie.• Pose: Posed looking at camera.• Props: possible guitar/ drum sticks if long shot used.
  9. 9. Readership of Magazine• Mostly males between the ages of 15 and 24 answered my survey, these are my target audience.
  10. 10. Regularity of Reading• Most popular option after, Less than Once a Month is, Once a month. Thus my magazine will be published monthly.
  11. 11. Music Genre• The most popular results were indie- pop and indie- rock in my survey, thus these are my 2 chosen genres.
  12. 12. Cost• The most popular price my audience would be willing to pay was: Up to £3. My magazine reflects this and will cost £2.99.
  13. 13. Other Articles• Fashion aswell as Film and TV came up as the most popular other themes of the magazine. My magazine will include both, alongside the main theme of Music.
  14. 14. Article Types• Album and Live Reviews as well as Artist Interviews came up as most popular in my survey. These article types will form the bulk of my magazine.
  15. 15. Online Passwords?• People indicated that they would probably be interested by codes that granted access to special areas on the website. These will be included in my magazine.
  16. 16. QR code inclusion?• Despite lots of people not knowing what QR Codes were, I believe it would still be worth including them in my magazine due to most people using them at least sometimes.
  17. 17. Text to Picture Ratio• The audience showed that they want around half and half picture to text ratio. This will be layout of my magazine.