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Quick scan

  1. 1. Quick ScanUnique ID Code: LMU1BI1IThe profile that emerges from your answers is not consistent with that normally associatedwith dyslexia.Results from the Quick Scan Test had shown that I had a learning style ofAuditory/Kinaesthetic.This means that I learn best from what I hear or do. I understand and rememberinformationthat is presented verbally or directly.This means that my ideal learning context would probably be an audiopresentationreinforced by a demonstration or my participation within the task.People with an audio/kinaesthetic learning style are often very good readers.They are good at summarising information, selecting the key points, presenting a logicalargument by putting it in a story, acting it out or they must experience it directly.Learning Strategies Work in short bursts Listen to music whilst studying Create memory aids Highlight reading materialLearning environment Quiet environment, minimum distractions Open areas, easily able to move and take breaks.