The king's speech


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The king's speech

  1. 1. The King’s Speech Production and Distribution
  2. 2. PRODUCTION PRACTICES • CAST – Famous British stars, such as Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter, as seen in other big British films. Since they have a big fan-base even before the film was made, meaning that people would anticipate to see these actors’ next film. • BUDGET - $15 million, which is very limited for a film. • THEMES – The film is surrounded around the monarchy or England, and the King trying to deliver a speech in time. This would appeal to an American audience, due to the fact that the monarchy is something exclusive to England, and in general, the Royal Family has quite an international following. • DIRECTOR – The film was directed by Tom Hooper, who started off creating short films at the age of 13. After the success of The King’s Speech, he later directed other films that also became a success, such as Les Miserables. In this context, it is not so much the director or the production budget that earned the film a box office taking of $$414,211,549. Rather, it is more of the cast and the theme behind the film that establishes a sense of “Britishness,” which would appeal to a patriotic British society, as well as other countries, such as America.
  3. 3. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIES • FILM FESTIVALS – Considering the fact that The King’s Speech is an independent film, it was dependent on marketing for it to compete with other leading production companies, such as 20th Century Fox. The film was entered into many film festivals around this time, and the reception was popular, meaning that journalists were positively reviewing the film even before its cinema release. • POWER OF THE STUDIO – Considering the fact that the creation of the film was of a very low budget, marketing was more of a priority. By introducing the films into renowned film festivals, more of a hype would have been created before the film was even released, and so British audiences would have begun to take an interest. As popularity increased, along with the growing theme of the Royal Family, American audiences also became interested. • MARKETING – Posters and trailers for domestic appeal, but there are also various YouTube trailers to appeal to a mass audience and create a hype with all of the trailers being shown.
  4. 4. So…considering the factors…which is more important? Production? Or Distribution?