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Integrasco - Vodafone Social Media Case Study

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Integrasco social media case study re vodafone 23 11 10

  1. 1. Best practice in social media engagement – a Vodafone case study 23rd November 2010
  2. 2. Technology is shifting the power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite. Now it's the people who are in control." Rupert Murdoch, Chairman & Chief Executive News Corporation
  3. 3. The centre of this company is marketing … It is not the brand talking any more and telling the customer what to do. It is the customer who will decide." Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive
  4. 4. We're NOT a tool provider!
  5. 5. Why we're different ... • Specialists in – social media monitoring > listen – analytics > interpret – engagement strategy > influence • Emphasis on human involvement – analysis and support • Consulting relationship – bespoke not 'off the shelf' • Specific industry knowledge and expertise • Actionable insights not just data
  6. 6. Integrasco©2009. All rights reserved. Commercial in confidence.Page 7
  7. 7. Our client solutions Consumer & Brand Alerts Real-Time, Front Line Analytics Management Services Brand & Reputation Assurance Brand/Campaign tracking Product/Service launch tracking Real-time consumer engagement Opportunity/Issue identification Customer service/support Complaints handling/resolution Lead influencer identification Ad hoc insight reporting SEO/PPC enhancement Competitor insight
  8. 8. Vodafone – Long-Term Social Media Vision To empower our customers to interact with us and others in the way that they want, to get more from their telecoms experience To get closer to our customers and our competitors' customers
  9. 9. Vodafone's journey to world-class social media usage Integrasco©2009. All rights reserved. Commercial in confidence.Page 10 Maturing IntegratingEducating Experiencing Maturity of Social Media Engagement What are consumers saying about us and our competitors? Sector/Brand Landscape Report Monitoring Platform & Reporting Toolkit How do we engage with consumers real time in social media? Brand tracking Where are we winning or losing each month against our competitors, and why? Integrate across value chain Which insights are actionable, and which will deliver substantial business/brand benefits?
  10. 10. Real-time consumer interaction - Integrasco Monitoring Platform
  11. 11. Monitoring platform
  12. 12. 13 Social media – 'Rules of Engagement' > Cover key principles to be followed by employees using Social Media to comment on Vodafone To be distributed to all employees
  13. 13. “the support from @vodafoneuk has been excellent. But I am so far not impressed by @tmobile.” “Well @VodafoneUK has maybe swayed me with its lovely customer service via Twitter, are Orange even on Twitter?” “Say hello to your newest customer.” “I'm awfully impressed with @VodafoneUK - good model of how a big organisation can use Twitter personably and effectively.” Online engagement Customer service on social platforms helps create positive sentiment and humanises the brand
  14. 14. It took me about 2 calls to Customer Services to realise that if you need help, the mods on this forum are the only REAL option. CS were never rude or abrupt, they just didn't seem to have a clue. I remember posting a problem with my account and (I think it was) Helen called me back only 5 mins later! Now that's service!”
  15. 15. Is it working? Our team is interacting in 95% of Vodafone-related social media debate, which means we pick up virtually everything that comes through the sources loaded into the Integrasco portal. e-Forum surveys show we achieve a resolution rate of 85.1% (target 75%) and a satisfaction rate of 86.3% (target 85%), and a Net Promoter Score measured at 35.1% - much higher than the category average, and showing the true benefit of engaging with, supporting and assisting Vodafone customers."
  16. 16. Brand/Campaign tracking
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  18. 18. Brand Buzz This chart displays brand share of buzz during the past 12 months. All opinions on brand and their respective products are measured to give a complete overview of online conversations. Buzz breakdown – August 2010 24% 33% 22% 19% Executive Summary >The release of the Android 2.2 update for the unbranded HTC Desire engaged a lot of users in discussions about the pros and cons of the update. O2, Orange and T-Mobile have not yet released the update for their branded HTC Desire and therefore the three networks have been targets for negative comments from disappointed users due to the delay >The release of the 360 firmware update on the same date as that of the Android 2.2 for unbranded handsets caused a significant amount of negative sentiment for Vodafone with users thinking it was the Android 2.2 update for the Vodafone branded HTC Desire. After updating their handsets, users started to complain saying the 360 update was buggy and not the FroYo update their were expecting, to which Vodafone listened and announced the release of the FroYo 2.2. The announcement managed to reduce the overall negativity and received positive feedback. The story was covered prominently in social media and users expressed their satisfaction over the much anticipated release for HTC Desire on Vodafone >Network coverage drives mixed sentiment for O2 in August, though poor 3G signal particularly on iPhones gets negative attention. Network outages also contributed to cause negative buzz for O2, however, broadband drives positive sentiment for the network. O2’s promotional scheme of PAYG Goal SIM in which the O2 customers can win £10 for every goal that the selected team scores generates positive sentiment >Network outages on Orange generates a significant amount of negative sentiment for the network in August. Poor customer service also drives negative buzz for Orange in August and users complain that customer service is not very helpful and not competent enough to solve their problems. The launch of HD Voice on Orange, offering crystal clear audio on the handsets which supports the service, gains positive popularity in social media >Users discuss positively the merger of Orange and T-Mobile and have high expectations. Some also understand that the network outages on the two networks are due to the merger. Users are also keen on discussing the coverage status of Three after the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, as the network uses Orange’s 2G and share 3G masts with T-Mobile 2%
  19. 19. Brand Sentiment Management note > In general, the network coverage and signal strength in the UK are considered to be more reliable on Vodafone than on O2. 3G network coverage on Three also gets positive attention in August > The Vodafone 500mb FUP issue generates buzz for the network as users discuss receiving warning messages from Vodafone about being charged from October 1, 2010 , leading to a negative sentiment towards the network. Users also discuss that Vodafone now is neither allowing the customers on 12 month contracts to switch to1GB allowance nor letting them cancel their contracts. Users also discuss strategies to damage Vodafone’s reputation. The story gets prominent coverage in the blogosphere as well, where Bitterwallet plays a role in supporting customers with an offer of providing letter templates so that the customers can use it for complaining > The release of Vodafone’s FroYo 2.2 for HTC Desire has generated a significant amount of positive buzz for the network as users express that Vodafone has listened to their customers and taken appropriate actions to satisfy them > Users engage in discussions about O2 not changing their 'unlimited' data conditions for old customers until they upgrade or change their current tariff positively. iPhone 4 on O2 also contributes to generate positive buzz and the fact that O2 is the only network offering Visual voice mail gets positive attention > O2 PAYG Goal promotion adds to the positivity for the network. However, poor signal and 3G issues on O2 have been subject to some negative sentiment. Also the delay in the release of the Android update for the O2 HTC Desire drives negative attention for the network > Orange drives positive sentiment for offering good tariffs with its Animal plans, though several network outages in August has caused severe damage their reputation. The delay in the release of Android 2.2 update for HTC Desire has also contributed to negative sentiment for the brand > The availability of the Phone 4 contributes to generating positive buzz for T-Mobile in August. However, users discuss that the tariffs T-Mobile announced are nothing different in comparison to what other networks currently offer. The option of “flexible booster” add-on gets positive attention from users. Users complain about T-Mobile delaying the update of Android 2.2 for HTC Desire which causes some negativity for the network this month Vodafone UK in Social Media Vodafone Impact – Over TimeBrand Impact – August 2010 BuzzVolume Sentiment ratingNegative Positive Sentiment ratingNegative Positive BuzzVolume Bubble size is determined by the ratio between buzz volume and sentiment rating. A strong sentiment rating (positive or negative) and high buzz volume will result in a large bubble. Bubble size is determined by the ratio between buzz volume and sentiment rating. A strong sentiment rating (positive or negative) and high buzz volume will result in a large bubble.
  20. 20. Integrasco©2009. All rights reserved. Commercial in confidence.Page 22 Strategic brand themes 'power to you' Principles: Coverage & Reliability; Speed & Reliability; SecurityNetwork Principles: Rewarded for just being a customer; Additional benefits for being with Vodafone; Treat existing accounts better than new accounts; Respect Loyalty & Rewards Value Principles: Competitive pricing; Best value; No surprises on costs/Predictable costs; Efficiency; Flexibility (choice of handsets) Principles: Relevant innovation to suit customer needs; Newsworthy; Successful company Innovation Principles: Simple and clear; Consistent touch-pointsSimplicity Customer Service Principles: Appreciation; Right for me; Knowledgeable; Accessible; Processes; Responsive; Right for my business
  21. 21. Innovation Management note > The highly anticipated Android 2.2 update for the HTC Desire has been the centre of attention for the month of August and drove buzz for all the networks in UK. The HTC Desire owners often discuss the pros and cons of the update. The owners of all the branded handsets on all the networks complain and some also considered rooting their handsets in order to get their hands on the update > Vodafone’s release of the 360 firmware update led to some confusion, since users of the HTC Desire thought it was the Android 2.2 update for that handset, already available for unlocked units. After the download, the customers realized it wasn’t and started to complain about being ‘tricked into installing bloatware’. Users reported that the 360 updated introduced bugs, and pre-bookmarked websites, which was matter of negative comments about Vodafone > In response to the complaints, Vodafone announced the FroYo 2.2 update for their branded HTC Desire. This announcement was welcomed by the users. Days later, when the update was finally released, Vodafone customers expressed satisfaction and stated that it was very impressive of Vodafone to listen to the complaints and take immediate actions. Users of the HTC Desire on O2, Orange and T-Mobile say those networks should also follow the steps of Vodafone > The launch of Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi (R201) receives prominent coverage in the blogosphere. In general, the sentiment is positive, however, the price plans are compared with Three which offers a similar product on PAYG, while Vodafone only offers it on contract > The launch of mobile Eco rating by O2 gets prominent coverage in the blogosphere, while Apple decides to opt out of the Green Ranking. The expected release date for Android 2.2 for HTC Desire on O2 is sometime in September , which drives negative sentiment for the network. Android 2.1 for Dell Streak will be available from September 1st on O2 > The launch of HD Voice on Orange offering crystal clear audio if the user has a handset that supports it, gets prominent coverage in August > T-Mobile offering 3GB data limit for all the smartphones and with the option of “flexible booster” add-on contributes in getting positive buzz for the network this month. T-Mobile pulling their Android 2.1 update for the Pulse also gets prominent coverage in the blogosphere > Users also discuss ‘Everything Everywhere’ and expect things to change positively once the whole merging of networks is implemented. Users hope that the coverage for T-Mobile and Orange will improve as it will also share masts with Three 30% 1% 24% 22% Share of buzz – August 2010 23% Innovation Impact – August 2010 Top Positive Buzz Drivers Top Negative Buzz Drivers • Vodafone listening to their customers and taking action • Vodafone releasing FroYo 2.2 for HTC Desire • O2 Green ranking • O2 PAYG Goal SIM • HD Voice on Orange • Release of Vodafone 360 firmware update • O2 delaying Android 2.1 update for its HTC Desire customers • Delay in Android updates Vodafone UK in Social Media
  22. 22. Network – verbatims “I'm with Vodafone and regularly go hill walking in remote parts of the country like the Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia, Peak District, Lake District and the Highlands of Scotland. My friends on Three, Orange, Virgin and T- Mobile can go the whole weekend without any signal, whereas I will pick up signal frequently. Even when signal strength isn't enough to phone someone, I can usually send them a text message. I also have strong signal in central London in the basement of buildings. Can't fault Vodafone on that front. ” “Just come off the phone to Orange, conversation as follows Me - "there's a recorded message about GPRS being down, is there a problem with 3g" Orange - "3g is GPRS" Me - "no GPRS is 2g, 3g is completely different" Orange - "No I think I know what i'm talking about" Me - "Well if you think GPRS is 3g then you're in the wrong job mate" Absolutely f**king useless. If it's not fixed by tomorrow i'm moving networks”
  23. 23. 'Lead Influencer' identification
  24. 24. Lead Influencer – RogerPodacter >The user RogerPodacter is one of the most prolific posters on He is a Nokia fan and a highly influential user. He has written more than 15.000 comments, and a large amount of these are related to Nokia products. RogerPodacter is advocating the Nokia brand, but he is not afraid of sharing his views even if they are not positive for Nokia. He states that Nokia should be the one leading the way, not the one following. He has expressed his concerns about the N900 and he shares his views with his fellow users: >“I don't agree that internally nokia "get's it". The proof of this is in their actions with maemo. Actions speak louder than words, or so called hypothetical words in this case. These actions include no portrait operation on the n900, no support for the widely used 850/1900mhz 3g bands which could be used in canada, att in usa, and other countries. Their entire actions with this maemo n900 phone scream "this is only a niche product" from the top of their lungs. Its like they just don't get it. Again its this artificial cherry picking of features that serves no purpose. I submit that the n900 would be a break thru phone if it simply had att 3g bands for the usa. Of all the years we've seen nokia try to break into the usa market, the n900is by far the best chance to do it with. But oops they artificially limit it, like they purposely don't want it to succeed in the again their actions to me tells me that they just don't "get it".” “Well my thinking is that the n900 is actually a phone that would easily be a hit in the usa, or at least have the best chance of being a hit over any other phone nokia has put out. And then they go and exclude the most widely used 850/1900mhz bands. Now of course they really need carrier agreements. But since thats just not been working out for nokia, the next best thing would be at least supporting the correct 3g bands. It just seems like they finally have a decent competitive UI which might have a chance of selling to americans, and they purposely limit it with no att 3g support. Doesn't that just seem like they don't get it? Does to me.” Posting activity in 2009 for the user RogerPodacter on • Forum: • Region: North America • Gender: Male • Engagement: > 15000 posts
  25. 25. Early opportunity/issue identification
  26. 26. Page 28 Vodafone Access Gateway/Sure Signal Relaunched as Sure Signal
  27. 27. Comments across blogs have been very rational and supportive. The swiftness and honesty of response has given us a number of new fans ”Vodafone has pioneered responding to customers via Twitter. Even when a rogue staff member sent an inappropriate Tweet through the company's official Twitter feed, Vodafone was praised for its no- nonsense Tweeted apology that admitted internal culpability and ended: "Please keep your faith in us." With that level of honesty and transparency, they probably did.”
  28. 28. Handset tracking/selection
  29. 29. 'Actioning' the insights
  30. 30. Communications & content creation
  31. 31. 'Actioning' the insights
  32. 32. To conclude …
  33. 33. Customer Services How Vodafone now uses social media Handset Selection New Product Development Reputation Management Campaign Development & Tracking Early Issue Detection Brand Tracking SEO/PPC Sales/Retention PR & Comms Competitor Intelligence
  34. 34. Integrasco provides Vodafone with a complete overview of online and social media. Their product as well as analyst expertise help us get detailed insight into what is being said about our brand, products and services. This allows us to interact with our customers and key influencers real-time via the Internet." Jakub Hrabovsky, Head of Web Relations The client's view…
  35. 35. Integrasco©2009. All rights reserved. Commercial in confidence.s.37 @scaifeneil THE END youtube: 'integrasco' @astensby