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Pharmaceutical, biotechnology & medical devices

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Digital Re Global Brochure En

  1. 1. Leading the field in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices recruitment www.realstaffing.com1
  2. 2. About RealReal is a global leader in the provision of pharmaceutical,biotechnology and medical devices recruitment services andhas one of the largest networks of specialist recruiters in theworld.Our premise is a simple one: by recognising talent and valuingrelationships we are able to consistently deliver local, globaland industry expertise to ensure success time after time. Real has over 250 specialist pharma, biotech and medical devices recruiters worldwide.” 2
  3. 3. Recognising talentOur approach Sector expertise is at the heart of everything we do. Every Real consultant works within their Career consultancy is a vital part of own sector and specialism within that Real’s success. Helping professionals sector so that: from across the pharma, biotech and medical devices sectors develop and • we can support our clients in manage their careers means we can understanding talent development, build long-term relationships and and industry and sector trends provide exclusive access to the best • we understand local and talent. As a result of this commitment, international talent movement and motivations, and can bring that many of Real’s candidates work with us expertise to clients and job seekers for a number of years and many never • we can build mutually beneficial enter the job market. networks with the best and brightest talent. Staying ahead of industry trends by mapping or engaging with companies Accessing the inaccessible is made and professionals within the markets possible by building relationships we specialise in means that people with pharma, biotech and medical movements and changes affecting our devices specialists; not just when sectors remain at the front of our minds they are actively looking for jobs. It’s a at all times. This approach provides simple approach but means we have us, and our clients and candidates, unparalleled access to the best and with significant first-mover advantage, brightest talent in the market, not just and means we can adapt quickly and on the market. efficiently. 147 The number of countries where Real sources candidates. 3
  4. 4. Valuing relationshipsAdding value is what truly differentiates Realfrom other recruitment consultancies.Our sector and regional expertise Representing our customers’ bestbrings recruitment insight to each and interests is what motivates Real toevery relationship and means we can succeed. Our clients’ and candidates’put the ‘consult’ back into recruitment challenges and needs are what motivateconsultancy. us. It is our commitment to meeting these needs that ensures the best talentHonesty, integrity and transparency continues to work with us exclusivelyare fundamental to what we do. They and why 60% of our business is repeatensure we collaborate at the highest business.levels, build relationships based onrespect and understanding, and workwith our partners to deliver successtime after time.Treating candidates and clients asequals ensures that none of ourcustomers feel second best. Thisapproach is critical for Real as westrive to build strong and long-lastingrelationships with everyone we workwith. It also means that every candidateand employer feels respected andvalued, and that our commitmentto partnering with one is not to thedetriment of another.38The number of pharma &biotech companies Real hashelped recruit talent foracross multiple territoriesthis year. 4
  5. 5. Delivering expertise Sourcing and retaining the best is what defines Real’s approach to recruitment. This is where our sector expertise, workforce and the ability to respond industry insight, networks and quickly to market changes, and have relationships truly matter to our clients consultants dedicated to finding the and candidates. best and brightest contract and interim professionals. Whether you are looking With our international and local to recruit a full project team or just networks we provide a global need temporary resources to address perspective through highly specialised planned and unplanned changes in networks. headcount, we can take care of the hard work. Retained and contingent search is provided on a permanent basis Performance monitoring & evaluation wherever in the world it is needed. ensures Real continues to evolve to Whether our client partners come to meet the needs of our clients and us for retained or contingent search, candidates as their requirements and they know we will truly understand their the demands of the market change. 32 challenges and offer exceptional service levels time after time. From regular SLA reviews and project and vacancy updates, to post The number of placement satisfaction programmes, countries where Flexible resourcing solutions ensure we pride ourselves on being an agileReal placed talent Real can help clients manage their company where the needs of our last year. recruitment challenges at a time customers drive how we develop our when the only constant is change. We business. truly understand the value of an agile Our recruitment process There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment at Real. We partner with each client to design You can be sure we’ll give your a recruitment process and deliver assignment our fullest attention and will services that are driven by their unique be open and honest about the service requirements and challenges. We also levels you can expect. build dedicated teams of specialists designed to maximise our expertise and deliver the best returns possible for our clients. 5
  6. 6. Candidate attractionThe recruitment industry is becoming • Mobile marketing enables yourincreasingly competitive and vacancies to be directed to theexceptional candidates with key niche most relevant candidates and offers a great opportunity for you to raiseskills are becoming increasingly difficult your profile to the increasing mobileto source. Even in austere times, the talent will always be in demand. • Third party promotion with the world’s leading job boardsReal’s candidate attraction services ensures we can offer exceptionalhave been designed to help you deals regardless of whether yourmaximise your return on investment, campaign is a local or global one.provide access to the best talent in Through our advertising partnersyour market and maximise the time we we can offer a range of branded attraction tools, from banners,spend working with you. buttons and MPUs to advertising and email campaigns.From fully integrated campaigns to • Social media is becoming anshort burst activity we can offer a range increasingly critical part of theof solutions: recruitment mix and our recruitment consultants can use their expertise• Targeted search and a direct, in channels such as LinkedIn, personal approach means we can Xing and Viadeo to enhance your communicate openly with the best campaign, communicate with talent in the market, not just those active and passive candidates and that are actively looking, to raise the ultimately increase exposure to your profile of your jobs or company. jobs or company.• Campaign websites offer a • Print advertising, although not the valuable platform to promote your best solution for every country, organisation, explain your culture sector or role, does have its place in and build a compelling reason for some industries and regions. That’s people to join your company. why we continue to offer this as part of your campaign. We advertise• Advertising campaigns can drive in the local, national or trade press traffic to your campaign website and have relationships with key or your jobs to ensure maximum recruitment and trade media. exposure for your recruitment activity. Promotion on our own 4600 website includes featured employer The number of status, featured jobs within job pharma & biotech searches and ‘hot job’ status. specialists Real placed• Branded email campaigns can be in the last year. used as stand alone activity or to drive traffic to your campaign site/featured jobs. Either way, the message and audience will be adapted to create the greatest impact and ROI. 6
  7. 7. Pharmaceutical &Our sectors Biotechnology Real’s dedicated Pharmaceutical major impact on the development and Biotechnology division has of the pharma market and been working with pharmaceutical the recruitment of talented companies, biotechnology professionals internationally. organisations and professionals across • With manufacturing growing at both sectors since 1998 and over exponential rates within Asia, that time has focused on providing and India and Brazil becoming added-value recruitment services for increasingly powerful players in companies working within development the global generics market, global phases 1 to 4. demand for pharma and biotech talent is now more prevalent than We work with large multinational ever. companies, generics and biosimilar manufacturers, niche biotech As adaptable as the markets we serve. organisations, and all parts of the Real’s success within pharma and pharma and biotech supply chain, biotech recruitment is based on our including R&D companies, clinical ability to understand our key markets research organisations, manufacturing and develop a business that is focused companies, marketing and medical on supporting our customers as their communications agencies and challenges change and the industry regulatory affairs consultancies. evolves. In fact, no matter where you operate Through our work with pharma and within the pharma or biotech sectors biotech companies internationally, and we can provide access to the best our network of dedicated offices across international talent. the US, Europe and Asia Pac, we have built our business and our footprint to Helping pharma & biotech companies support our customers, provide global retain competitive advantage. career management services and be a If there is any constant within pharma true business partner no matter where and biotech it’s change. in the world you are. • The patent cliff is having an increasingly important part in So whether you are focused on 1098 the development of the pharma industry with many big pharma developing new drugs, looking to bring a new or existing drug to market, or The number of companies diversifying into looking for someone to ensure safety or companies we work generics, biosimilars and, in some manage your regulatory affairs, Real has with globally. cases medical devices. specialists on hand to help you. • The balance of power between pharma companies and generics manufacturers is also having a 7
  8. 8. Medical DevicesReal’s Medical Devices division has As an increasingly regulated industry,been working with medical device companies within medical devicesorganisations and professionals for over are under greater pressure to balance10 years, focusing specifically on class the focus between innovation andI-III medical devices. regulation; putting greater emphasis on regulatory affairs and quality assurance.We represent organisations across the Increased competition from pharmawhole of the medical devices industry; companies moving into medical devicesfrom companies focusing on designing has also put pressure on the availabilityand developing hearing aids, electro of these key skills and means thatcardiology and ultrasonic diagnostic people with highly desirable skill setsequipment, to those designing and are increasingly in demand, so muchdeveloping surgical lasers, ventilators,heart valves, implants, pacemakers and so that talent migration is becoming the norm. 60% Percentage ofdefibrillators. An agile business for a dynamic industry. repeat business.In fact, we work with organisations From smaller medical device designand professionals across the whole of consultancies through to global leadingthe medical devices supply chain to medical device and pharmaceuticalrecruit the best and brightest talent, organisations and various parts ofand to secure medical devices jobs for the supply chain, Real has one of theprofessionals with a proven track record world’s most comprehensive medicalof success within the sector. devices recruitment offerings and the world’s largest network of dedicatedHelping medical devices companies medical devices recruiters.manage change.With the global medical devices industry We have built an international footprintestimated to be worth in excess of $250 that reflects the needs of this highlybillion annually and employing hundreds dynamic industry and built operationsof thousands of people internationally in all of the world’s most competitive(over 400,000 people in Europe alone), medical devices markets. We work withthe medical devices sector is a highly medical device companies across thedynamic environment which has, and US and Europe and support growth incontinues to be, typified by change. markets within Asia Pac.Healthcare reforms, regulation changes, So whether you are an organisationindustry consolidation, outsourcing specialising in drug delivery,of manufacturing and pressure from diagnostics, surgical, MRI, medicalemerging markets such as Brazil and systems, scientific instruments,China have all played a role in the medical equipment, electrosurgical orevolution of this highly competitive orthopaedics we have the knowledge,sector. expertise and coverage to help you. 8
  9. 9. Contact us To find your local office and contact one of our dedicated recruitment specialists visit Or to access the latest sector insight, discover how we’ve helped organisations like yours meet their recruitment challenges head on, or read our latest recruitment guides visit Real places a specialist across the world every 45 minutes.”9