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Technologies for Learning in Scotland


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Ollie Bray's presentation on Technologies for Learning in Scotland.

Published in: Education
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Technologies for Learning in Scotland

  1. 1. Technologies  for  Learning  10th  January  2011   Ollie  Bray   Learning  &  Teaching  Scotland  
  2. 2. 1 Country 32 Local Authorities 3,000 Schools 54,000 Teachers 750,000 Students + Parents and other partners in learning
  3. 3. Na:onal   (support)  Agencies   (evaluate)   (accredita:on)  
  4. 4. ScoBsh  Educa:on  Quality  and  Improvement  Agency  
  5. 5. I can…
  6. 6. Promote learning which is deep and sustained Equip young people with the skills theywill need for tomorrow’s workforce Allow more choices and more chances to meet the needs of individual young people Enable young people to flourish inlife and work beyond school. Ensure that assessment and certification support learning
  7. 7. literacy numeracyhealth & wellbeing
  8. 8. Curricular  areas   Expressive Arts Languages and literacy Health and well-being Mathematics and numeracy Religious and Moral Education Sciences Social Subjects Technologies
  9. 9. Technologies  for  Learning  
  10. 10. 19  
  11. 11. What is Glow?  A  digital  network,   poten?ally  connec?ng   every  individual   involved  in  ScoAsh   educa?on,  in  a  safer,   securer  online   environment.  
  12. 12. collabora:ve   video  streaming  secure  groups     glow learn email targeted news web  hos:ng   na:onal  directory   chat secure     file  transfer   CPD  resources   application sharing virtual whiteboard video  conferencing   mailing  lists   instant messaging resources  search     audio conferencing
  13. 13. Web conference Glow Meet
  14. 14. Registered  teachers  not  in   employment  
  15. 15. (March  2010)  hDp://    
  16. 16. Using  appropriate   soAware,  I  can  work     collabora5vely  to  design     an  interes5ng  and   entertaining  game  which   incorporates  a  form  of     control  technology  or   interac5ve  mul5media.      TCH  2-­‐09a    
  17. 17. Na:onal  Progression  Award  Computer  Games  Design      Levels  :  SCQF  4,  5  and  6    3  Units  •     Design  •     Media  Assets  •     Development  
  18. 18. hDp://  
  19. 19.  
  20. 20. Ollie  Bray  Learning    Teaching  Scotland