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Media question 2

Question 2

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Media question 2

  2. 2. The social group represented in my magazine is aimed at both genders aged between mid teen years to mid twenties. This is because these are generally the age and category of people to read magazines such as Kerrang! This is what I based my magazine around. REPRESENT In my article I used band photos of bands I was trying to recreate with my model, for example Tonight Alive a current rock band. On my contents page, I have featured white, teenage, heterosexual females that are representing white, 24 year old, heterosexual females such as Jenna McDougall or Lyndsey Gunnulfsen. One model being the lead singer and the other the editor of the magazine. On my cover I have featured a white, teenage, heterosexual male who is representing a white, 20 year old male rock star from the band lost spirit. Such as jack Barakat or Pete Wentz.
  3. 3. MODEL 1 - OLLIE My male model is representing a white, 20 year old male rock star from the band lost spirit. I gained inspiration from artists such as Jack Barakat or Pete Wentz who is a middle aged male. My model is dressed as part of the music genre. He is wearing dark t-shirts and jackets and a checked hooded jacket, this is a common style within the male rock music genre fans. This is similar to what Jack Barakat is styling in the image. His relatively dark hair is messy and un-brushed which again is a common style within this genre, this shows he doesn’t care what people think and he makes his own choices rather than being told. His facial expression is slightly menacing or aggressive but not nasty, he looks like he is in search for a fight which is often associated with the rock genre however the language accompanying the image “ Smashing the shelves with their new release” shows that the model is actually metaphorically smashing the charts with the new album release which puts a new perspective on the image. He also looks a little tired which shows that he works hard and parties harder which is what teenagers love to hear about; all the loud after parties, smashing of lamps and swimming pool drama are interesting and fun to read about and adds amusement to the magazine which would keep my reader attention. Crop: The image was a mid shot showing his wait up but I decided to crop this down slightly so that it fit the page more and the model took up more of the empty space on the front cover. Effects: In terms of effects I lightened the image and enhanced the saturation to add more colour to his face and added more shadow this made the image look a bit more defined and he didn’t look washed out by the studio lighting. Filters/ edits: I slightly covered up some of the spots around his chin, as my model didn’t feel comfortable with them in the image. Jack BarakatPete Wentz
  4. 4. This model is representing a white, female, 21 year old rock-star. I gained inspiration from artists such as Jenna McDougall and Hayley Williams who are both white middle aged females. My model dressed as part of the rock genre. She looks edgy due to the fact she is wearing a black cap backwards with the word H.O.P.E printed on it to represent he own edge and style. She is also wearing dark checked shirt over a plain black t-shirt along with choker necklaces, which are tight around her neck, which link very closely to current rock artists such as Jenna McDougall or Hayley Williams. My model also has multiple ear piercings including a bright green stretcher in the lobe of her ear, these are considered to be cool and rebellious because in society, employers wouldn’t allow you to wear these kinds of items at work My model has dyed bleached blonde almost grey hair with a swept over fringe. The hair is slightly messy and flows down over the shoulders as if nothing has been done to it. The dyed messy hair links into the rock genre well. She is wearing dark make up for example her black winged eyeliner and purple lipstick, which isn’t really worn that often. Her facial expression is chilled and the fact she is smiling also show that she is approachable and isn’t menacing or nasty which makes her a good role model for these teenage girls instead of the rebellious artists who are always getting in fights. She’s adopted laid back, relaxed position this shows she is confident, stress free and approachable. MODEL 2 - SAMMIE If someone was to turn up to work looking like this, they would get sent home unless she is working in something like a tattoo shop or music shop, but this shows that she is rebellious and against the conventions of society. She dresses how she wants and teenage girls who like rock or heavy metal music would look at her and want to dress like that because it looks cool and represents the rocker girl theme. Crop: I cropped the image to fit my model; I didn’t find the photo worked with both of the models. Effects: In terms of effects I lightened the image and enhanced her features in Photoshop by adding more colour to her face and hair. For example her lipstick was this colour but it wasn’t all filled in and slightly messy this is why I edited it slightly. Filters/ Edits: I also enhanced the colour of her hair by adding more of a slivery tint to it so it doesn’t look as flat in the lighting.
  5. 5. MODEL 3 -AMBER This model is wearing denim jacket with darker t-shirt underneath she also has a choker, which is tight around her neck; this is seen as a significant characteristic of the type of clothes rocker girls wear. She has dark straight hair with a messy block fringe that shapes her face and is wearing very dark make up with the extreme winged eyeliner and smoky black eye shadow, she is also wearing deep red lipstick which really represents the genre of the music along with the facial piercings such as the septum and nose ring. This model is representing a white, female, 25 year old rock magazine editor with a style based around the artist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen. My model is dressed as part of the rock genre. She is also holding some form of cigarette in-between her fingers. Smoking is seen as a taboo and dangerous for your insides, she is showing that she doesn’t care and wants to live her way rather than listening to how she is told to live her life. This is her rebellious nature and shows she can be badass if she wants to. She looks quite aggressive due to her pose; she appears to be quite a closed person and doesn’t want to be messed with this is shown by the crossed arms. Her facial expression is quite aggressive with a deep stare and a sneery almost smug look to her face. Her lips look sealed and like she doesn’t want to talk. Crop: I cropped the image a little to remove the extra background that was unnecessary so that the image framed my model more. This makes her the main feature of the image rather than the background. Effects: In terms of effects I thought my model looked quite washed out against the background for this reason I again added slight colour to her cheeks and made her hair look thicker and darker by coloring the roots slightly.
  6. 6. ARTICLE BAND PICTURES My article images consists of 2 concert pictures I took a few months ago. I thought that they would merge well into the magazine as it links to the text and portray the lifestyle of the bands. Crop: The images haven’t been cropped as the central point of the image was already the band and there wasn’t any excess background Effects: In terms of effects I edited the contrast, brightness and saturation of the images so that the colours looked bolder and brighter and stood out more rather than being quite dull. I think this really brought the pictures to life and gave them more character They are all wearing dark clothing and the majority of the males have dark shaggy hair. The pictures look like rock concerts due to the lighting used that is suppose to encourage the mess and mayhem of the concert, the strobes flash around and this is usually when mosh pits occur.
  7. 7. My first model looks aggressive and belligerent by the facial expression. The way he is dressed indicates to the reader that he is a heavy metal themed male who is into the rock genre. The reader may take his pose the wrong way but I explained what was really being represented with the link to the headline. HOW THE AUDIENCE READ AND INTERPRETS THESE DECISIONS? MODEL 1 -OLLIE Also the fact he is wearing a dark hoodie may raise prejudice about the fact he may be a nasty miscreant who goes round terrorising elders and stealing or robbing people however in my article you find out about how these so said miscreants really are and what they have been through. I feel if my model had have defined his face more perhaps with eyeliner he would have looked more rock.
  8. 8. HOW THE AUDIENCE READ AND INTERPRETS THESE DECISIONS? The audience will see these females as fun, bubbly and cheeky who also have a rebellious nature and allure to them. The way they dress will clearly indicate to the reader that these models belong to the rock genre. At first the reader may be judgemental and stereotypical to women within the rock genre who are often known to be rowdy, over the top and accused of sleeping with the other band members. However my contents page model (model 1) erases these stereotypes by the fact she looks innocent and sweet with a mysteriously cheeky fun nature to her. The pull quote accompanying the image “Glad I didn’t back down” shows the reader that the female rock star has worked hard to get to where she is now and didn’t admit defeat when times were tough this may help the reader relate this situation to their own life and see the rock star as a role model. The article and captions to the images don’t suggest any negative views to fuel the viewers opinions all the text used is positive and praise the band even with their “notorious, rebellious nature” but to fit into the rock genre that’s what every band needs to be. This band is more of a role model compared to the animalistic heavy metal bands that gate crash and smash things at parties and get arrested for fights and accusations of drug abuse. MODEL 2 -SAMMIE
  9. 9. My model does look a bit more aggressive and by the expression on her face, it looks a bit more resentful or hostile, in comparison to my other female model that was smiling. The way she is dressed again indicates to the reader that she is a grunge themed female who is into the rock genre this can be associated with the piercings, grunge clothing and rebellion to smoke cigarettes. The reader and audience may form prejudice around her due to the fact she is smoking and with her closed position shoes she doesn’t care and wont take on board people opinions making her an aggressive, unsympathetic and unfavourable character. Smoking isn’t good for the body system and my model may be frowned upon as a influence in readers to start smoking, but smoking isn’t just within the rock genre in which many stars smoke not just tobacco, but in modern day society many people smoke so prejudice shouldn’t be applied to the fact that she is smoking just because she is part of this rebellious rock genre. Also everyone is responsible to his or her own choices. HOW THE AUDIENCE READ AND INTERPRETS THESE DECISIONS? MODEL 3 - AMBER They may judge her as she doesn’t look like a female who would fit into “normal” society and get a proper job due to the fact she rebels the conventions of society; however the language and text used to write the editors letter shows that she simply loves writing and interacting with the reader. The use of language fits in with the genre using slightly aggressive words such as smashing and more colloquial language to relate to the reader as if they were having a conversation. She also shows she has a sentimental empathetic side to her by talking about “how Caleb Shomo left us in tears” suggesting that she does have a soft spot and understand people pain. This may change the audiences opinion on her and apply the old saying of don’t judge a book by its cover. The fact that she may look scary and disapproving doesn’t mean that she is.

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