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KD Corporate Brochure

KD Services Corporate Brochure

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KD Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. THE BUSINESS KD Services has completed thousands ofHISTORY Assembly, Labelling and Compliance projectsMETHODOLOGY for the numerous clients that continue to relySERVICESTECHNOLOGY upon us!CASE STUDY YOUR VISION BECOMES REALITY
  2. 2. HISTORY A historical stability, along with the creation of partnerships with our customers, has enabledISO 9001 : 2008GMP site license from us to achieve an average growth of 30% perHealth Canada year for the last five yearsDIN & NPN Productmanagement KD Services is a third party logistic (3PL) specializing in the field of packaging / assembly and distribution for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. With a sustained growth of over 30% annually over the past 5 years, KD Services has become a leader in their industry across Canada. Our mission centers on 3 significant axes: 1. providing services and quality control unequaled on the market; 2. providing operational flexibility while attaining our client’s vision; 3. providing full coverage of the supply chain in the form of turnkey projects. Reputation of Financial Stability 7 main areas of investment New Customers to provide services Marketing investments customized to your needs Capacity to support growth Use of a “best of breed” WMS Information Technology RF technology & traceability Expertise on specific Market & Project Similar experience and relevancy Type requested by Clients Cost based on a Costs of Services principle of « ABC Costing » Department of Quality Control Quality of services and installation ISO9001 & GMP Optimization: Planning Logistics Skills Distribution / Storage Production
  3. 3. METHODOLOGY KD Services has developed a methodology based on more than 15 years of experienceQUALITY CONTROLSAMPLING in the sector of secondary packaging.RECEIVINGINVENTORY MANAGEMENTCOMPONENT PICKINGPRODUCTION An effective and proven methodology for over 15 yearsFINISHED GOODS PICKING Dedicated teams of experts for every activity centerSHIPPING Unrivaled quality and services that are unique on the market Over 100 available resources dedicated to bringing your project to completion We manage your products as if they were on your premises QUALITY CONTROL - SAMPLING Inventory management process Picking Finished Products Receiving Production Shipping Components Picking process Process Process Process Process Inventory Nomenclature Nomenclature Pick and ship for Carrier Control Management Management Points of Sale, Management Return to Client, Unit, case and Production And Destruction Sampling Shipping Pallet Pick planning across Unit, case and Management of Management of Canada Quality Contol Pallet Pick lot numbers, lot numbers, Before, during Product serial numbers, serial numbers, and after Inventory Traceability expiration dates expiration dates production Reconciliation
  4. 4. SERVICES KD Services specializes in 4 types of services covering your supply chainAssembly & LabellingComplianceStorage and Distribution A complete coverage of your supply chainQuality Control Specialized Services to meet all of your packaging / assembly / compliance needs State of the art technology allowing for the efficient execution of all projects, regardless of size or complexity. Over 70 000 square feet of operations Your vision becomes reality STORAGE AND DISTRIBUTION Inventory management/ /Warehousing  Order Picking  Bar code label management  Reverse Logistics/Returns COMPLIANCE QUALITY CONTROL  Labeling / Over-labeling Audit and Inspection  Inkjet Coding  Lot number Identification  Affixing of sleeves DIN / NPN products handled  Altering packaging according to GMP guidelines  DIN / NPN Identification  Control of external environment ASSEMBLY AND PACKAGING  Kitting (CAA / AAA)  Counter filling  Shrink Packaging  PDQ Assembly  Blister packaging  « Near Pack » Assembly  Promotional packaging  Display Assembly  Specific packaging  Pick & Pack
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY KD Services uses equipment and information system that are at theWarehouse Management cutting edge of technology to ensure aSystemEDI – Interface capabilities service and quality that is unmatched.GS1 CertificateRadio-frequency Management of procedures and inventory through a warehouseThermal printer management systemLabeler Using radio frequency technology to update information whileSteam Tunnel making it accessible to our client in real time.Heat TunnelInk jet coding ReceivingConveyors Quality ControlShrink Wrapper Inventory Management Shipping Management Production Order Picking 6 different production zones in a "GMP" environment that is approved by Health Canada Using the latest technology to achieve the different assembly, labeling, packaging and compliance projects submitted by our customers
  6. 6. CASE STUDIES Pierre Fabre opts for KD Services to realize their project of a Ducray promotional cosmetics kitPackaging & LabellingPromotional Cosmetics KitCosmeticLuxury Products Division Second European dermo- cosmetics laboratory, Pierre Fabre is also dedicated in the development of pharmaceuticals and public health while devoting much effort on therapeutic areas. CONTEXT In April 2011, Pierre Fabre, a client of KD Services for almost 2 years, launched an important project of a Ducray promotional cosmetics kit containing their product Nutricerat. KD Services was selected for this important promotional packaging project. . OBJECTIVES & REALIZATION:  Project: Placing the products in a promotional bag Components of the bag: 30 shampoo samples, 5 brochures, 3 towels, 1 document, 1 Nutricerat product which were sealed in the bag which a ribbon 1 label placed per bag  Realization Number of units: 240 units Components manipulated: 9 840 components 1% of rejects and missing components Production time: 1 day Shipped to client warehouse