New Bedford - Inside Out


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A presentation about the Beautiful city of New Bedford, Massachusetts. A look at the arts, entertainment, music, restaurants, and much more from the view of Olivier St Pierre. I am a business professional looking to consult small businesses and help assist with any financial related problems.

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New Bedford - Inside Out

  1. 1. New Bedford - Inside Out By Olivier St Pierre #NBMedley
  2. 2. About Me: • • • • • • • • • B.S. in Accounting 2007 M.B.A 2013 Public Accountant Business, Fashion, Music, Art, Food, Sports, Snowboarding, and Photography are my LOVES Hometown: New Bedford, MA Detail oriented I like to think outside the box Aspiring entrepreneur/ business consultant Fluent in French
  3. 3. About New Bedford  Population – Approximately 94,929 (2012)  Was once the richest city in the world, leading in the Whaling industry and then the Textiles industry  Great Location (hour south of Boston, 30 min West of Cape Cod, 30 min East of Providence, RI & 40 min Northeast of Newport, RI)  Surrounded by water and beaches  It is a National Historical Park since 1996  Top Grossing Fishing Port in the USA
  4. 4. From Herman Melville Himself…. The City That Lit the World  "The town itself is perhaps the dearest place to live in, in all New England..nowhere in all America will you find more patrician-like houses, parks and gardens more opulent, than in New Bedford…all these brave houses and flowery gardens came from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. One and all, they were harpooned and dragged up hither from the bottom of the sea." H. Melville, "Moby-Dick"
  5. 5. Why I Love New Bedford  Local Art community  Great Restaurants (Portuguese Food is Amazing!)  Fun Bars  Beautiful Historic Architecture and Downtown Landscape  Art galleries, Studios, and Boutiques  Museums & Attractions
  6. 6. Art Community  My parents are both artists, they moved to New Bedford in the 70’s for my father’s job as a university professor.  They have been very active in the local art scene and helped grow New Bedford’s art presence  Every month New Bedford hosts “AHA” night where the downtown is full of art shows, and various other events such as crafts for children  The New Bedford art Museum and the Star Store building constantly have impressive installations  New Bedford Open Studios has become a bi-annual event where studio spaces all over the city are made public for shopping and browsing  Live Music is always an option as there are local acts at multiple venues on any given night
  7. 7. Mixed media collage my Marc St Pierre Hat-erpretations by the talented Nicole St Pierre Fence in downtown NB done by Artist and co-owner of the UGLY Gallery, David Guadelupe
  8. 8. No Problemo Restaurants & Bars • No Problemo • Brick Pizzeria • Freestones • Cork Wine and Tapas • Rose Alley Alehouse • Antonio’s • Pour Farm Bar & Grill • Spicy Lime • Lebanese Kitchen • Cobblestones Antonio’s
  9. 9. Beautiful Historic Architecture and Downtown Landscape The world renowned New Bedford Whaling Museum
  10. 10. Beautiful Historic Architecture and Downtown Landscape
  11. 11. Art Galleries, Studios, and Boutiques • • • • • Ugly Gallery (below) Gallery 65 (right) Gallery X Tatlock Gallery Colo Colo Gallery • • • • • • • Arthur Moniz Gallery Calico For Veda Boutique Solstice Carter’s Artificial Marketplace University Art Gallery
  12. 12. Museums & Attractions • Rotch, Duff, Jones House and Gardens (below) • Whaling Museum (left) • Ocean Exploratorium • Museum of Glass • • • • Fort Taber The Zeiterion Theatre New Bedford Antiques Center Seaman’s Bethel
  13. 13. @NBMedley • New Bedford Medley is my Identity on social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram • @NBMedley is aimed to unite and keep informed the locals and the curious alike about positive events and information. • Want to show the good side of NB that never gets a chance to shine • Promote a sense of pride to help the community grow together and increase awareness of the positives • Feature businesses and local artists to help the shop local idea flourish to better our local small economy by exposing these places to go
  14. 14. My Role in New Bedford • As I continue to grow my network in New Bedford, I am able to offer advise to help my peers with tax and accounting issues, in many cases adding to my list of clients • As an accounting undergraduate major and MBA graduate, I am looking to develop a brand of professional ethics and business consulting capabilities • My goal to also start a fashion brand in New Bedford, manufacturing the clothing here like the old days of the textile boom • I see a bright future for New Bedford and want to help the business and arts grow in any way that I can Contact Information: Olivier “Liv” St Pierre Follow @NBMedley (Twitter, IG, Facebook)