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Thailema thai leisure market


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Thailema thai leisure market

  1. 1. Several years of positive economic evolution in Thailand as well as a realpolitical willingness have changed and are still deeply changing the habitsof the population regarding domestic tourism and leisure time in the country.Besides that fact, Thailand still remains one of the most popular travel andleisure destination in the world, attracting more tourists year by year.In that very competitive market: How to catch customer’s attention? How to ensure your offers a high visibility? How to promote your activities on social networks? Where to find an efficient and trendy support to your sales?Thailema® is The Specialist of leisure and activities booking online serviceeverywhere in Thailand. We are commited in helping you to boost yourvisibilty on the web and in improving your sales. Do not hesitate, join us
  2. 2. We define ourself as a leisure agency, as initiators of new ideas and dreamsachievers but above all we are avid travellers and e-content professionals.We believe that everybody needs time to relax and to have fun. But wehave also noticed that a lot of interesting activities are badly advertized andbadly distributed. That’s why we are launching Thailema®.We act as go-between and gather a wide range of leisure offers inThailand and strongly support them through Thailema®. We offerCustomers the largest choice on what is possible to do in Thailand. ► We provide an Internet portal site that is a new place where our Customers can search, select, book and comment thematic activities everywhere in Thailand. We offer to our Customers the largest window on what is possible to do in Thailand. ► We provide an Internet portal site that is a new place where our Partners can post, edit, fully manage, promote and advertise offers of any activities in Thailand. We offer to our Partners an efficient service that supports their sales and boosts their visibility on the Web.Thailema means Thai Leisure Market andis a registerd trademark of Smile E-Content &Solutions ltd.
  3. 3. Availability WYSIWYG Competitive priceYou must guarantee ‘What you will show to ‘What you will You have the fullThailema® and our our Customers must control of your offersCustomers that you be what they will get but we insist on thewill keep your availabi- once they make a fact that your offerslities updated. booking’. The Quality must be competitive. is one of our strongest commitments.
  4. 4. 500 different partners everywhere in Thailand 78 provinces covered within 2 years 1,000 different offers within a year Thailema as a key partner for activities providersOur goal is10,000 orders within a yearfrom the launching of ThailemaWe plan to attract aroundvisitors a month 40,000A database of 20,000potential Customers within a year andfrom both Thailand and abroad. Our first steps The domestic market and more specifically Bangkok and the central region. The Northern and Southern region will be also targeted on the next step. The international market. We will focus our actions on the English speaking travellers and later we will develop contacts with the French and Chinese market.
  5. 5. A dedicated page for each offerEach offer will be presentedon a full page with 5 differenttabs: Description, Availability,Location, Comment & Video.All the given informationare used by our searchengine. A short description on our homepageEach offer will be pushed upon our homepage thanksto the headline picture anda short description of youractivity that must be attrac-tive to catch the eyes of ourCustomers. A top list for the best activities Our weekly newsletterWe allow our customers Our newsletter will be thematic andto rate the activities and there will be places for our partnerswe put forward the best banners and other advertisings.activities. Enjoy our Social Networks We will also promote your offers via our social networks (Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, our blog…)
  6. 6. Our booking systemWe allow you to choose between an automatic confirmation bookingsystem or a booking on request. In that case we expect a confirmationwithin 24 hours.Automatic confirmation follows from a system based on a daily stock ofmanaged activities or on allocation. Activities are prebooked and thebooking remains valid up to a defined deadline. If Thailema® can not sellthe activites within the deadlines, the late become fully available and thePartner can handle the sale. However if, in the same time, Thailema® hasfound a Customer, a confirmation will be required from the Partner. ThePartner will be informed of the booking by mail and sms. The Partner has toconfirm or invalidate the booking within 24 hours.For each of your offers you can chose and control the booking system. RefundWe pay Partners twice a month: the 15th and the 30th of each month (orthe next available working days). The 15th, all the verified activities thathave occurred between the 28th of the previous month and the 13th of thecurrent month will be refund. The 30th, all the verified activities that haveoccurred between the 14th and the 28th of the current month will be refund.Thailema® will calculate the commission rate according the rules and alsothe withholding tax.
  7. 7. Traditional Press actionsThailema® will advertise in targeted specialised press and will communi-cate about its service and about some thematic events. Our Partners will beincluded in our campaigns and we will push them through articles in thosemagazine and according to the events.We will also maintain strong contacts with the domestic and internationalspecialised press in order to appear in their editorial contents. Keywords: insert - article - back cover - flyer - page... Online promotion campaignsThailema® will launch several thematic online promotion campaigns thatwill attract more and more Customers on our website. We will use all kindof e-marketing tools in order to give your offers a huge visibility.Keywords: emailing - google ads - facebook - banners - viral emarketing... Our newsletters Thai Travel Expo 2011Once a week, our Customers will be Thailema® will attend thecontacted by newsletters and they Thai Travel Expo 2011 inwill be informed about the new offers August and we invite you toand the new actions of Thailema®. visit our booth.Keywords: News - banners - Thematic Booth K05- Events... White label distributorsThailema® will work with well-known distributors and foreign travelagencies as white label mark. It willallow us to canvass more potentialCustomers for our Partners.Keywords: travel agencies - foreigners- international - network...
  8. 8. How to use Customers search and select an activity on Oncethe booking has been confirmed, they receive a confirmation email witha verification code and all the information needed to enjoy the selectedactivity on date.On date and on site, the Customer gives the voucher with the verificationcode to the Partner and takes part of the activity.Later or at that time, the Partner enters the verification code in hisprofessional Thailema® account and will be refund within 2 weeks. If theCustomer liked the activity, he will be allowed to comment and rate theactivity. Moreover Customers can share experience and pictures on ourblog and social network. It’s easy, simple, efficient and trendy. How to use Fill in the form and sign the contract. Provide us with your banking information. Provide us with some good pictures and videos (if you cannot, we can provide you with the service of a professional photographer). It’s well known that specific pictures bellowing only to you are better that free pictures found on the web. Register in your professional Thailema® account. Post your first offers. Follow up your order and the comments of our Customers. Contact us whenever you want
  9. 9. Like many other Partners, join us and benefit from our full servicesAt Thailema®, we are all aware that nothing can be done without ourPartners. That’s why we insist on a real win-win relationship with all ourPartners. Thailema® is a toolbox and behind it, there are people andprofessionals that will do their best to make your experience with us asefficient and nice as possible.Facing the fierce competition and exploring new opportunities together willmake us stronger and will make us able to give a better service to ourCustomers. we hope to see your offers on Thailema® very soon.The Thailema® team Contact us ► Address Moobaan Klang Muang Urbanion 3/10, Srinakarin road 46/1, Soi Pramot, Nongbon, Prawet, Bangkok 10250 ► Tel 02 138 36 32 0847 703 202 ► Email ► Skype ► Facebook Thailema ► LinkedIn Olivier Harrang