Digital dark age - Are we doing enough to preserve our website heritage?


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While creating web sites we often see their lifespan only for up to 3 to 5 years. With every relaunch
and overhaul we are confronted with content migration and short term motives to delete maybe
valuable content. On the other hand what is the value of our content? Can we assess it
meaningfully? Do we really know in which context it is used?
Scientist stated that where as we are producing more and more digital artifacts we fail to see that
we are not keeping an eye on preserving it in a manner that will enable us to find and use it in more
that a few years in the future.
This talk will introduce you the aspects of digital preservation with a special look on how TYPO3 is
preparing to help it users to create a digital heritage.
This Talk is part of the "Concise Preservation by combining Managed Forgetting and
Contextualized Remembering" Project ForgetIT. The ForgetIT project is funded by the EC within the
7th Framework Programme under the objective "Digital Preservation" (GA 600826).

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Digital dark age - Are we doing enough to preserve our website heritage?

  1. 1. http://www.dkd.deFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  2. 2. d dkdevelopmentkommunikationdesignFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  3. 3. Digital Dark AgeOlivier DobberkauFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  4. 4. AgendaSome questions to the attendees in the roomDigital Dark Age - What is the problem?Why preservation is valuableHow to preserveThe ForgetIT projectOutlook for TYPO3 CMSQ&AFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  5. 5. Olivier DobberkauCEO and founder of dkd45 years oldTYPO3 “Reverend Neverend”Member of the EAB TYPO3 Association@T3RevNeverEndhttp://www.dkd.deFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  6. 6. Disclaimer!I am not a data curator or preservationspecialist :-)Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  7. 7. Some questionsFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  8. 8. How old is your website?How old is your website?When was the time you made a backup?Are your sure you are keeping the right stuff?And will it still work in 5 years from now?Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  9. 9. 300 FunstonAvenueRichmond, San Francisco CA 94118Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  10. 10. Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  11. 11. 300 Funston AvenueThe Internet Archivefounded in 1996 by Brewster Kahlemore than 2 petabytes of datagrowing at 20 terabytes per month, 31. Mai 13
  12. 12. 75?75 DaysFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  13. 13. 77 days75 days is the average lifetime period of a website.Source:, 31. Mai 13
  14. 14. What is the problem?A closer look into the digital dark age of websitesFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  15. 15. Digital Dark AgeWikipedia says:"The digital dark age is a possible future situationwhere it will be difficult or impossible to readhistorical electronic documents and multimedia,because they have been stored in an obsolete andobscure file format.", 31. Mai 13
  16. 16. Digital Dark Agefirst mentioned in 1997all digital produced data is subject to itproblems arise from different anglesstorage medium (disks, tapes, DVD etc)format of the dataavailability of the software and operatingsystemspossible encryptionFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  17. 17. One exampleNASA Viking Mars landing 1976Magnetic tapes in 1976Format was not documentedProgrammers left or diedOnly by a high amount of reverse engineeringNASA was able to extract the imagesFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  18. 18. Websites a soon extinct species?Risk of Digital Dark Age is also given withwebsites we create and maintainDanger factors we seeRelaunch from scratchTechnical standards changeBrowser usage (aka Browser wars)Marketing expectationsThe Jungle we create in daily work...Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  19. 19. Why Preservation isvaluable?Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  20. 20. Why is preservation valuable?Preservation is well established in memoryinstitutions such as national libraries and archivesStill in infancy in most other organizationsPreservation is percepted as „strategic“ and notas an „operational“ goalPreservation is done sometime only because oflegal requirementsQuick wins are not reached easilyFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  21. 21. Why is preservation valuable?Digital Data is your organizations raw material inthe futureEvery one is going „Big Data“Preserving is helping you to achieve sustainibilitywithin your organizationFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  22. 22. How to preserve?There is no golden bullet for preservation inorganisations. Preservation is a long term strategicgoal.Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  23. 23. ToolsWebarchivingWebsite curatorWayback machineHTTRACKExporting toPDF/AXMLJSONFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  24. 24. ToolsUse a document storeAlfrescoDuraspaced-storeArchivematicaOAIS Reference modellFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  25. 25. A good Website to exploreDigital Curation Center, Edinburgh, 31. Mai 13
  26. 26. The ForgetIT ProjectFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  27. 27. ForgetIT ProjectConsortium of 10 partnersfunded by the ECstarted in 20133 years of research & development ForgetIT project is funded by the EC withinthe 7th Framework Programme under theobjective "Digital Preservation" (GA 600826).Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  28. 28. 3 Concepts of ForgetITManaged ForgettingContextualized RememberingSynergetic PreservationFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  29. 29. Managed ForgettingManaged Forgetting models resource selection asa function of attention and significancedynamics.It is inspired by the important role of forgetting inhuman memory and focuses on characteristicsignals of reduction in salience. For this purpose itrelies on multi-faceted information assessmentand offers customizable preservation optionssuch as full preservation, removing ofredundancy, resource condensation, and alsocomplete digital forgetting.Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  30. 30. Contextualized RememberingContextualized Remembering targets keepingpreserved content meaningful and useful.It will be based on a process of dynamicevolution-aware contextualization, whichcombines context extraction and packaging withevolution detection and intelligentrecontextualization.Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  31. 31. Synergetic PreservationSynergetic Preservation crosses the chasm thatexists between active information use andpreservation management by making intelligentpreservation processes an integral part of thecontent lifecycle in information management andby developing solutions for smooth bi-directionaltransitions.Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  32. 32. Expected OutcomesFoundations and ModelsApproaches for managed forgetting,contextualized remembering and joint modelfor synergetic preservationAlgorithms and methodspreservation-oriented summarization andaggregationmultifaceted information assessment methodsevolution-aware contextualization and re-contextualizationFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  33. 33. Expected OutcomesInfrastructure and servicesFlexible and extensible Preserve-or-Forgetframework, providing an extensible andadaptable set of services for extendinginformation management solutions withintelligent preservation managementFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  34. 34. Expected OutcomesApplication pilotsPersonal preservation focusing on multimediacoverage of personal eventsOrganizational preservation focusing onsmooth preservation in organizational contentmanagementFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  35. 35. Expected OutcomesBest Practices & Adoption BlueprintsUnderstand opportunities and barriers forpersonal preservationForm guidelines for offering personalpreservation as a serviceFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  36. 36. Partners in the ForgetIT ProjectCentre for Research and Technology Hellasdkd Internet Service GmbHDeutsches Forschungszentrum für KünstlicheIntelligenz GmbHEURIX SrlGottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität HannoverIBM Israel - Science and Technology LtdFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  37. 37. Partners in the ForgetIT ProjectLuleå Tekniska UniversitetThe Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of theUniversity of OxfordThe University of EdinburghThe University of SheffieldTurk Telekomunikasyon ASFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  38. 38. Outlook for TYPO3CMSFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  39. 39. Working on the followingContent DashboardMetadata DirectorySemantic LayerForgetIt Backend ModuleFeedback & Conflicts ModuleRecycling & Inducing ModuleCMIS integration & transposingFreitag, 31. Mai 13
  40. 40. Open to the TYPO3 CommunityWe are open to the TYPO3 CommunityWe want to raise awareness on the matter ofpreservationWe will publish our modules on open sourcelicensesWant to stay informed?, 31. Mai 13
  41. 41. Slides will be avaible at me on Twitter: @T3RevNeverEndemail:, 31. Mai 13
  42. 42. Questions?Freitag, 31. Mai 13
  43. 43. d dkdevelopmentkommunikationdesignthank you.Freitag, 31. Mai 13