Solaris Bio Celluar Analysis Anatomystery


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Solaris Bio Celluar Analysis Anatomystery

  1. 1. SOLARIS BIO-CELLULAR ANALYSIS What is SOLARIS? HOW DOES SOLARIS WORK? SOLARIS is an innovative, SOLARIS uses saliva and urine samples for testing. Salivary fluid provides an in-office, laboratory testing overall picture of the body’s internal cellular health. Analyzing saliva shows instrument. SOLARIS what’s happening within the cells on a day-to-day basis. provides a biochemical Urine represents what’s being excreted by the body, or what is, or is not, being picture of a your health. properly filtered. By comparing what’s inside the cells, via saliva, with what’s SOLARIS is certified for being excreted by the cells, via urine, one can clearly see how nutrients and accuracy. Protocols are other elements are moving throughout the body, and the effect of that activity – based on solid biology, or lack of it – on the body’s systems. chemistry, and medical standards that stand up to WHAT DOES SOLARIS TEST? the highest level of scrutiny and inspection, including SOLARIS tests the biochemical and electrical balance of the body. It analyzes that of the National Institute numerous indicators to assess the overall health of your body’s systems. of Standards and Assessments include: Technology. ALKALINE RESERVE: pH balance - yeast, viruses, bacteria and cancer live in an acid environment. What does your environment look like? A Look At Your Health OXIDATIVE STRESS: Burning fuel for energy creates smoke. How is your antioxidant status? SOLARIS provides ELECTROLYTES: Fuel for your cells. Do your cells have enough fuel to individualized results function optimally? allowing your practitioner to recommend customized, CARBOHYDRATE METABOLISM: How efficiently is your body using sugar effective protocols to and carbohydrates? achieve balance and PROTEIN METABOLISM: Is your body using food properly? How is your optimal health. digestion? CELLULAR RESPIRATION: How efficiently is your body making energy? HYDRATION: Our bodies are 70% water. Are you getting enough water? LIVER STRESS/TOXICITY: You are what you don’t eliminate. How are you eliminating? KIDNEY STRESS: Is your body filtering and cleaning your fluids to keep you healthy? ADRENAL STRESS: How does your body handle physical, chemical, and emotional stress? ANABOLIC OR CATABOLIC PROCESSES: Is your body breaking down faster than it repairs?
  2. 2. SOLARIS BIO-CELLULAR ANALYSIS HOW DO I RECEIVE RESULTS? EARTH ESSENCE SOLARIS creates two reports that assess your Practitioner: Anatomystery Technician: Anatomystery biochemcial and electrical condition. Patient Name: Anatomystery Address: Test Date: 07/06/2005 Test ID: 46 The first report displays your numeric results side-by- City/State/Zip: Anatomystery Phone: Print Date: 02/05/2007 09:35 PM side with the recommended optimal levels in an easy- Patient Results to-read, color-coded graph. This enables you to see pH ORP mEq. Nitr. Amm. Brix how far you need to go to reach your goals. It will help Saliva Value 6.4 22.82 51.53 250 Optimum 6.4−6.5 19−25 18−30 24−44 you to quickly note improvement in follow up testing Urine Value 6.4 22.82 257.65 40 7.3 Optimum 6.3−6.5 20−26 68−92 225−345 3−5 sessions. ph Level 6 Low Optimal High The report also provides nutritional recommendations, Oxidative Stress 23 so you can immediately correct and implement Electrolyte Balance 52 the practitioners instructions for fast, effective results. Sugar Metabolism 7 Protein Metabolism 40 The report allows you to focus on your key areas of Inflamation 250 concern in order to accelerate the wellness process. Digestion 13 Hydration 52 Toxicity 286 The second report provides detailed indications and Liver Activity 286 corrections relating to the results. This gives you a Kidney Activity 340 Adrenal Activity 258 comprehensive picture of the “why” behind Anabolic Catabolic your practitioners recommendations. Anabolic / Catabolic 6 1 WHAT DO THE RESULTS TELL ME? SOLARIS targets key imbalances that affect how your body feels and functions. Once your practitioner analyzes the results, they will create a customized treatment plan - combining nutrition, pharmaceutical grade supplements, dietary programs, and exercise - to restore the body to vitality. The move toward balance and health requires understanding and direction. SOLARIS helps provide that direction. HOW CAN I FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SOLARIS? If you are interested in SOLARIS testing, please call Olivier Elgue at 732-673-3519 I wish you the best on your journey to optimal health! Check out my website at Email my office at