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Come join us! Invite your friends and team members to this exciting and informative call!
Dr Tonny O\'Donnel

An author of four books on health

A Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist

Heard on a thousand different radio stations across America

Featured on numerous major television networks

The only Naturopathic Doctor in America to actually show the therapeutic benefits of raw herbs on television

A recipient of the Man of the Year Award, 2001, by the Leukemia Society

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Mark your calendars and spread the news!

  1. 1. 47434509525002647950952500-180975-6667500<br />497205046164500628650041402000Conference call Monday 07-12-2010 at 6pm PST & 9:00pm Eastern time <br />362902533020000Host Olivier Elgue & Suellen Breon<br />Guest speaker Amanda Robison interviewing<br />Dr. Tonny O’ Donnel <br /> Conference Dial-In: 1-712-432-3100 <br /> Conference Code: 915792<br />-43815013462000Guest speaker Code call Host Olivier E 732-673-3519 <br />Dr. Tony O’Donnell : Miracle Super Foods That Heal<br />Come experience Dr. Tony O Donnell’s exciting program on Super Foods That Heal at this year’s fair. His Irish sense of humor and shared life experiences rouse his audience while he delivers life-enriching information on health, fitness and nutrition. It leaves you thrilled to be alive!<br />Tony grew up a poor youth in a family of eleven children in Ireland. When he was 21 he lost his father to heart disease, and subsequently lost four other members of his family plus his fiancé to cancer. These tragedies motivated Tony to turn his grief into a positive force and put into action his dream: to help others lead healthy, active, happy lives. He moved to the United States with only $500 in his pocket but over time became a self-made millionaire.<br />A certified herbalist and nutritionist, Tony has authored the books, Miracle Superfoods that Heal and Miracle Red Superfoods that Heal, He is the formulator of many leading vitamin products, including the top seller Isagenix Greens & Isagenix Fruits. Tony can be heard daily on 1,000 radio stations across the country. He has appeared on many network TV shows including a recent feature on ABC’s Good Morning America. He is the only naturopath in America who actually shows raw herbs and their therapeutic benefits on television. Tony has also won a “Humanitarian” award along with Carlos Santana for his work with Angels on Earth in 2000, and in 2001 was elected “Man of the Year” by the Leukemia Society of America.<br />Don’t miss Tony O Donnell’s exciting feature presentation and also visit him at his booth. Next month at Celebration, you can see Tony on the Home Shopping Network and soon on Dr. Phil’s new show, The Doctors, CBS weekdays at 11.<br />-32385013335000Basic outline after Tony's introductions by Amanda:<br /> <br />1. What specifically motivated you to get started with formulating red and green powdered drinks?<br /> <br />2. How are the powders processed for the Isagenix products and what are the benefits of powder?<br /> <br />3. When talking with people about Isagenix, I quite often hear people say, " Oh I don't need that, I'll just start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables" . How do you personally reply to that comment?<br /> <br />4. Tell us about how you've been the only naturopathic doctor in America who actually showed on television the therapeutic benefits of raw herbs? <br /> <br />5. I know you wrote a book on detox secrets. Are there any detox secrets that you would like to share with our Isagenix reps?<br /> <br />6. Can you share with us the best and most specific foods and nutrients for preventing cancer? <br /> <br />7. I know you wrote a book about heart health. What are the causes of heart disease?<br /> <br />8. How do you suggest going about preventing heart disease?<br /> <br />9. Any closing thoughts?<br />