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Nudge visual aid - Switching to energy-saving devices


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Visual aid for BE101X course

Published in: Science
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Nudge visual aid - Switching to energy-saving devices

  1. 1. We use too much electricity at home… Switching to energy-saving devices, like chargers that automatically switch off when a computer or phone is charged, or remote controls that switch off all power sockets at night, could really help…
  2. 2. How do renters decide to switch to and use energy-saving devices - Decision map and bottle necks Recognise importance of reducing electricity use Find all options available and appropriate Choose options and pay/order Use energy-saving devices Monitor reduced electricity use and increased savings Energy saving is too irrelevant for me as a renter I don’t know where to start There are too many choices I can’t see the savings
  3. 3. Example of Treatment condition – streamlined choice + inclusion of explanatory information Using one or more energy-saving devices as a renter can help reduce your electricity bill by 20%. Our home devices and appliances sip power from our outlets, even when they are turned off or in stand-by mode – an EcoSwitch is the ideal solution – flick one switch and everything plugged into one power strip turns off properly, saving energy and money. A Solar Charger tops off batteries for your phone or tablet without drawing on the electrical grid. A Smart Plug is great for charging devices like phones and computers – the smart plug shuts off the power when your device is charged, saving untold amounts of electricity with you when you travel. All these devices are portable, and can be taken with you when you move. Would you like to switch to energy-saving devices in your new rental home? Please select. No, I do not want any energy-saving devices ☐ Yes, I would like to order an EcoSwitch ☐ Yes, I would like to order an energy saver pack ☐ (EcoSwitch + Smart Plug + Solar Charger)