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Product work log


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Product work log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName: Olivia Reed 4/18/12Product My Product were donations given to Must Ministries from a tennis tournamentand a kids camp that I produced.Date/Time: Comment/Suggestions:1-9-12 Activity: Be sure to talk to Larry4:00PM-5:00PM Visited Must Ministries about dates. Commentary: I visited Must to confirm they would accept our donations from the tennis camp.1-15-12 Activity: Be sure to make flyers9:00AM-9:30AM Met with Larry, the Head Tennis Pro at and other means of Woodmont getting the word out Commentary: soon. Confirmed that I could have the tennis camp at Woodmont Golf and Country Club.1-19-12 Activity: Larry was excited about10:00AM-12:00PM Meeting with Larry the tournament, but he Commentary: said he would be out of Talked to Larry about where and the town for it. tournament and kids tournament. We also reserved the courts so there would be no interference with other players.1-30-12 Activity:5:00PM-7:00PM Ordered and designedthe t-shirts that I had to keep them are to be given out on the tournament simple! day. Commentary: I went to the t-shirt shop on East Cherokee and ordered all of the t- shirts.
  2. 2. 2-6-12 Activity: It was hard to think of4:00PM-5:00PM Meeting with Coach Hubbard drills for the kids! Commentary: Discussedtournament and practiced drills for the kid’s camp. I spent a lot of money!2-13-12 Activity:8:00PM-9:00PM Bought prizes, food, etc. Commentary: Bought prizes, food, and drinks for people to enjoy at the camp2-20-12 Activity: I feel better now that we4:00PM-7:00PM Practiced tennis with my partner, practiced. Kathryn Hunter Commentary: Talked with her about drills and setting up the tournament for the adults2-25-12 Activity: Find a money Box!8:00AM-9:00AM Met with Coach Hubbard Commentary: Made sure I had everything ready for the camp. Activity:2-25-12 Everything went SO Conducted the camp and tournament9:00AM-8:00PM perfectly! Commentary: Tennis Camp success: Received 75 canned goods and $243.00 dollars in cash and checks. Activity:3-17-12 This was the longest part Organized and created powerpoint9:00AM-2:00PM of my project, it took and wrote speech. FOREVER. Commentary: Put together a powerpoint to
  3. 3. document my camp, tournament, all the work I have accomplished and my finished product4-2-12 Activity: It feels really good to10:00AM-10:30AM Turned in donations to Must Ministries give back to the Commentary: community. Dropped off canned goods and money to Must Ministries to receive a receipt of contribution4-7-12 Activity:12:00PM-4:00PM Put finishing touches on powerpoint and speech. Commentary: Completed everything I was presenting and practiced the speech in front of the mirror and in front of my parents.