My target market


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My target market

  1. 1. Defining my target audience I will demographically segment my audience .This means I will be focusing on their age, gender and social class. A better understanding of my target audience will give me a better idea aboutwhat they are interested in and what they would expect to see in my double page spread. The age of my target audience would range from 16- 25. I have ranged it as low as 16 because I want this age group to be inspired by my magazine, women are normally looked at negatively in hip- hop, sex symbols i.e. King Magazine, often wearing provocative clothing or hardly any clothing! My research shows that men mainly occupy hip-hop music magazines. I am intern subverting generic conventions by aiming at a young female audience, this means that I must not to include anything inappropriate for their age, I will include something that would inspire them and that they would also enjoy along with an older audience.
  2. 2. I know that older women in their twenties and above often read gossip magazines, this lead me to go on the ‘heat magazine’ website and find their publisher ‘Bauer’ . They aim at ‘women aged 16-30 who are obsessed with celebrity gossip. Typical heat readers are in their midtwenties – social butterflies with a career that’s on the up. They are incredibly entertainment literate: avid cinema- goers, DVD-renters, internet-users, music-lovers, TV- addicts. They are smart and prolific shoppers especially when it comes to beauty & fashion products. In fact,shopping is one of their key precious leisure activities andhigh street fashion, in particular, is supremely important to them.’ could use some of this information like what the readersof heat magazine do in their spare time and incorporate it in my magazine. I also could use this distributor as we are selling to similar audiences.
  3. 3. The terminology used by my target audience My audience is DC2C1 women aged 16-25 who enjoycatching up on he latest news and trends on Hip-hop, this also includes the latest gossip. Typical readers of mymagazine would be in their early twenties- who regularlydiscuss up-and-coming songs and new artists. They would enjoy other forms of music such as Grime and RnB however most often listen to Hip- Hop music. My audience being Hip-hop enthusiasts would therefore understand colloquial language which is informal language- slang or swear words often used in Hip-Hop Latest music trendsmusic. This would intern give me the opportunity to write catch phrases that is colloquial, this would enable me toresonate with consumers and will help my message come across as more genuine, because I would be using language that is familiar. Colloquial language Latest gossip
  4. 4. Targeting my audience• To attract my audience efficiently I have to put myself in their shoes, this means I have try and imagine or understand things such as their: values, goals and there everyday obstacles. This will enable me to write a good article and include images that would actually be of interest. Relationships University Drugs