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Top Tips For Creating A Great CV


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Published in: Education
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Top Tips For Creating A Great CV

  1. 1. What to do &What not to do
  2. 2. Proof Read Your CV• Ask someone you trust• Make sure they are a great speller
  3. 3. Headings & Subheadings• Don’t be afraid to add alittle colour for your headingsand subheadings• This will give yourcv/resume a little personalityand make it stand out
  4. 4. Be Honest • Be Honest About Your Accomplishments • You can fluff a little bit, but be careful as you will probably get caught out at the interview stage
  5. 5. Just Be You! “Always Be A First-rateVersion Of Yourself, InsteadOf A Second-rate Version Of Somebody Else” [Judy Garland]
  6. 6. Don’t Repeat Yourself• Don’t repeat yourself like aparrot!• There are plenty of verbs inthe English language• Use a combination of actionwords
  7. 7. Avoid Jargon• Don’t use Jargon words,it might confuse people• Make sure your wordspack a punch
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