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The E-Tutor: A Jack Of All Trades


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The E-Tutor can be a little like a jack of all trades. An E-Tutor's role can vary greatly and include functions such as administrator, facilitator, mentor, assessor and subject matter expert.

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The E-Tutor: A Jack Of All Trades

  1. 1. The Role ofE-Tutors
  2. 2. An E-Tutor has many roles
  3. 3. Subject Matter Expert• Answer learner’s questions and queries• Create frequently asked questions facility• Refer learner to relevant articles/materials• Guide learner through topics• Assist learner with practical exercises
  4. 4. Administrator• Set up learner accounts• Manage the Learner Management System• Gather learner data and generate reports• Regularly back up course and learner data
  5. 5. Mentor• Lead by example• Be consistent and treat all learners fairly• Always follow through on promises• Encourage learners to do their best• Always conduct oneself professionally
  6. 6. Assessor• Assess learners progress• Assess degree to which learning occurred• Schedule learner assessments• Establish marking criteria• Administer exams, quizzes, essays etc• Correct and provide feedback
  7. 7. Facilitator• Facilitate the learning process• Offer advice on learning progression• Communicate effectively with learners• Motivate learners• Maintain interest of learners
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