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An part of my role at work, I worked on the pilot scheme for FÁS E-College, National Training Authority.

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  1. 1. FÁSE-College
  2. 2. An part of my role at CMD TrainingInstitute, I worked on the pilot schemefor FÁS E-College, National TrainingAuthority.FÁS had been looking for a way toincorporate online tutor support totheir existing online training courses.The aim of the E-College project was toincrease learner retention and thelevels of successful certification.
  3. 3. Aim of Pilot• Improve certification levels• Improve completion rates• Increase retention rates• Develop quality standards• Evaluate and provide feedback for continuous improvement
  4. 4. Aim of Pilot …• Provide support to learners• Advise learners on course progression• Give job seeker advice• Promote the concept and advantages of online learning
  5. 5. Administration• Administered the online learning environment• Carried out bulk actions i.e. [unenrolling inactive learners]• Grouped learners according to learning status i.e. [active, inactive, exam ready etc]• Scheduled and organised examinations for online learners in a local test centre
  6. 6. Learner Support• Once enrolled on an online course I was able to support learners through  Video call support [Skype]  Phone support  Email support  Instant messaging [Moodle]  Learner forums [Moodle]  Technical support
  7. 7. Learner Support …• Rapid response times to all queries• Created a FAQ section on the course• Provided ongoing support for technical, exam and knowledge specific queries• Embedded videos demonstrating the key features in Moodle and how they are used• Ensured online learners did not become isolated by providing opportunities to interact with other learners and regular contact
  8. 8. Learner Support …• Advised learners on course progression• Provided job seeker guidance• Promoted the use of online learning
  9. 9. Learner Induction• Provided training on Moodle for learners and produced a learner manual for learners• Established and clearly communicated course instructions and tutor expectations to the learners• Provided learners with an exam manual highlighting the key issues relating to the exam at the end of the course
  10. 10. Course Format• Created an interactive student-centred online teaching and learning process• Standardised course templates, style sheets, outlines, overviews to prevent any confusion for the learners and establish familiarity• Embedded videos where appropriate to add a dynamic element to the course• Course was created using a topic format to cater for continuous intake of learners
  11. 11. Course Format …• Design was kept simple, with a clean, sleek, easy to navigate interface• Course format allowed for course news and regular updates• Format and materials used catered to different learning styles and a range of multiple intelligences and skills levels• Feedback systems were incorporated into the course using features in Moodle
  12. 12. Course Format …• Created activities within Moodle for learners to practice skills and revise ahead of their exams i.e. [online quiz]
  13. 13. Evaluation & Continuous Improvement• Developed quality standards• Conducted evaluation of entire project, liaised with FÁS personnel• Identified critical key success factors and provided invaluable feedback for improving the learning experience• Established standards of evaluation for E-College courses
  14. 14. Results• Trained up to 400 learners on MOS courses on E-College• Identified and provided FÁS with common factors influencing success on the pilot for the purpose of continuous improvement• Increased retention, certification and completion rates for MOS courses
  15. 15. Results• Following the successful completion of the pilot scheme the E-College service was rolled out at national level
  16. 16. RecommendationsDavid Kennedy:E-Learning & Learner Support Manager @ FÁS
  17. 17. RecommendationsClaudine Teape:E-College Tutor & E-Learning Training Specialist @ CMDTraining Institute
  18. 18. Pictures From E-College
  19. 19. Olivia Moran Learn more about me and check out more of my presentations at www.oliviamoran.me