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Marketing plan presentation

  1. 1. Introduction Re-Creation of the Givenchy Website Recreation of Brand IdentityLow presence in the online platform + Rich Media Development of iPad/iPhone Application Experience
  2. 2. Introduction •Extend their luxury experience. •Build a relationship with the user. •Get an added promotional experience. ENGAGEMENT •Reach a wider target yet still maintain an exclusivity amongst other luxury applications. •Receive a one to one experience. INTERACTION •Focus on members of the fashion industry. •Provide a viral experience.
  3. 3. Company AnalysisPast Brand Identity Current Brand Identity Chic Avant - Garde Lady-like Elegant Innovative Innovative Elegant Gothic Re ned Romantic Classical Melancholic Pure Sensual Slightly severe Tailoring Aristocratic
  4. 4. ChallengeChallenge•To correspond the labels digital media to their intrinsic use of the offline campaigns.Goals•To reposition Givenchy within the online platform.•To create brand awareness and loyalty.Objectives•To increase the level of interactivity that Givenchy has with its customers.•A new direct communication channel between the company and users.•To create conversation, win in uences and ambassadors, in order to achieve honest talk and viral experience.•Becoming a top fashion label visited website.
  5. 5. Justi cation We are looking for loyalty, a quintessential service leading to a selected brand awareness. •Keeping up with technology. •Seeking a relationship with the customer. •Ease the communication between the brand and the user. To reach users at each step in the marketing funnel • Awareness • Persuasion • Loyalty “Consumers today, don’t simply talk and text on mobile phones - they browse, shop and buy”. “Fifty- seven percent report using mobile apps multiple times per day” “34 percent of affluent respondents saying they’ve downloaded applications to their smart phones, with another 11 percent saying they intend to do so in the near future.”
  6. 6. CustomerTARGET IGender Female and MaleAge 21-40Income A, BEducation Bachelor’s DegreePosition Fashion Industry - Celebrity - WealthySocioeconomic Status HighLifestyle Style conscious, attend fashion shows and after-parties, commonly seen in galas and important events.Adopter Category Innovators and Early AdoptersSimilar Labels (Prêt-à-Porter: Balenciaga, Emanuel Ungaro, Chanel, Alexander McQueen) (Haute Couture: Chanel, Anne ValérieHash).Brand Loyalty Very brand loyal.Purchase Description Rational or impulsive buyer.Shopping Drivers Fashion superiority, style, tting, design, quality.Fashion Dependance High fashion dependancy.Example Customers Vanessa Traina, Liv Tyler, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Emmanuelle Alt, Giovanna Battaglia, Lauren Santo Domingo,Mariacarla Boscono, Caroline Sieber, Elin Kling, Pelayo Zápico.
  7. 7. TARGET IIGender Female and MaleAge 18-30Income B, C1Education Bachelor’s DegreePosition Students - WorkersSocioeconomic Status Middle - HighLifestyle Style conscious, read fashion magazines, follow blogs, computer-savvy.Adopter Category Early MajoritySimilar Labels (High Fashion Accessories: Chanel, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Gucci) (Pronto Moda and Premium Brands: Zara,H&M, Topshop, COS, Sandro, ACNE)Brand Loyalty Low loyalty.Purchase Description Rational or impulsive buyer.Shopping Drivers Style, designFashion Dependance High fashion dependancy.
  8. 8. BenchmarkNet-a-Porter • Weekly magazine you can read, watch and shop wherever you are. • Sharing items with your friends. • Shop complete looks direct from their shoots • Add your favorite pieces to wish list.Tods • “My Life in This Bag” application. Focused on their D-bag collections, this application shows six owners open their bags, lives and address books to browsers. • Video clips, maps, reading lists and photographs are all included, as well as a 360º view function of each bag and additional information on colors and materials.MaxMara • A free application on iPad stations all over their agship store in New York. • Allowed buyers to virtually customize the “Cube Jacket” in any number of combinations. • Play Rubik’s Cube • Win a trip to MilanLouis Vuitton • 360º look on the Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 RTW fashion show. • Streamed live on Facebook.
  9. 9. Benchmark Gucci • Videos and photographs narrating the stories behind the product • Zoom feature from multiple angles allowing shoppers to discover the item inside out a • On every product, shoppers can click on links that direct them to videos, news items, photos of celebrities wearing a product. • In store iPad stations. Gilt Group • Free membership • The rst 10,000 iPad owners to join as a new member will receive a $10 credit. • Use pinch-and-zoom to full details in full screen mode. • Sale alerts sent straight to iPad in order to never miss a sale. Mulberry •Browse their complete collection of bags, shoes and ready-to-wear • Create and share wish lists on the go • Watch their seasonal videos and shop directly from the lookbook • Locate their nearest store and out their details • Keep up with the latest Mulberry news via the blog.
  10. 10. Alternative Strategy Provide and iPad/iPhone application free of charge and available to everyone.Advantages•Awareness and improvement of sales.•A more engaging and retaining user.•Responding to the needs of the future potential customer.Disadvantages•Lack of loyalty.•Losing brand identity and exclusivity.•No brand differentiation.
  11. 11. Selected Strategy: Place Online Platform Givenchy Website iPad Application iPhone Application Online Distribution Multi brand e-commerce sites: • • Credit Card security • • Fast delivery time • • Privacy assurance • • Return policies • • Cross Selling • Service control • Monthly information and Newsletters Accessory multi brand e commerce sites: • • A quicker, easier, and more enjoyable online experience
  12. 12. Selected Strategy: Product Ç
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  18. 18. •Pictures taken in the Givenchy studio.•Maximum of 4 taps.•Moving lookbook.•Search Bar short-cut to avoid goingback to menu as well as saved searchcontent.
  19. 19. •Product availability in colour and sizeneeded in speci c boutique.•Tap on the heart will mean it’s one of user’sfavourites.•Components of the garment.•E-mail or call a stylist for help, garmentcombination or alterations.
  20. 20. •Information on Givenchy shopping andfavourites.•Customised mood board depending onuser’s heart likes.•Possibility to share via Facebook, Twitterpicor E-mail as well as to other users in theGivenchy Membership.•Option to move objects according to taste.
  21. 21. •Members will be located through iPad/ iPhone GPRS. •Givenchy will automatically show them theirGivenchy closest store.28 Rue Fbg St Honoré •Change location option in order to nd75008 Paris, France different stores.+33 1 42 68 31 00
  22. 22. •Press Release information.•Visual inspiration.
  23. 23. + •Direct link between garment and person to contact. •Size and colour availability in boutique and e- commerce.
  24. 24. •Personalised •Customisable agenda (adding phone number and e-mail address of working partners). •Customisable pro le. •Personal calendar offered with latestSPRING SUMMER 2011 Givenchy news as well as users additionalPRE-COLLECTIONLOOK 10 events.ORDER STATUS: Despatched •Photo scroll bar showing members orderedClaire Wilson looks as well as current order 207 287 9890
  25. 25. Selected Strategy: Promotion In-Store Advertising • In store iPads Online Advertising • Foursquare • Blogs • Sharing (Facebook and Twitter) • Website • Magazines Printed Advertising • Magazines • Banners
  26. 26. Selected Strategy: PromotionPromotional EventInvited guests will include: • Bloggers • Celebrities • Buyers • Fashion Editors • Journalists • Press •StylistsCalling the attention of media and reaching its desired audience.
  27. 27. Selected Strategy: Price and Logistics Logistics In order to create the applications, Apple has a le explaining the process step by step. There are two ways to get it: •PDF File iOS Developer Guide • iPad and iPhone Price •Enroll on the Apple site •$99 per year Website Price •Estimate of $2.000 •Development $3.500 Total $5.599
  28. 28. CompetitorsiPad / iPhone Apps Fashion show Behind the Collections & Competitive News Sharing Stores Video scenes Lookbook Advantage Chanel x x x x x Hermès x x x x x x • Music Mix Gucci x x x x x x • Little Black Book • Gucci Sneak Peak Louis Vuitton x x x x Diane Von • Exclusive Designs x x x x x x • Music Furstenberg • iPhone case D&G x x x x x • Designer at work Ralph Lauren x x x x x x • Designer inspirations • Color matching feature Hugo Boss x x x x x x • Wish list Dior x x x x x
  29. 29. CompetitorsWebsite Fashion show Product Collections & Competitive Sharing Buy online Stores Video details Lookbook Advantage Yves Saint • Moving Lookbook x x x x x • Video mix Laurent Gucci x x x x x x • Personal Shopper • Wish ListLouis Vuitton x x x x x x • Making of Chanel x x x x x Alexander x x x x x • Runway Archive McQueen Prada x x x • Prada Book
  30. 30. Competitive Advantage•Applications are invitation only leading to selected brand awareness.•Buyers section will give them a higher signi cance. The applications will be more than just “leisure”•A personal mood board•A differentiation towards other luxury applications by making it “exclusive”•Agenda•Calendar•Personalisation of Pro le
  31. 31. Positioning MapsOnline Communication vs. Popularity
  32. 32. Positioning MapsOnline Presence vs. Exclusivity
  33. 33. SLEPT AnalysisSocio Cultural• Customers have become more experienced and computer literate• Increased demand for new technology, in schools and professionals• Teenagers having a high purchasing power and are very brand conscious.• Internet provides products and services with faster and easier delivery• The internet has facilitated the development and maintenance of social relations.Legal• The iPad development model requires the business to sign a non-disclosure agreement and pay for a developer sibscription• Apple’s App Store, imposes censorship of content• Privacy Policies• Disclaimer
  34. 34. SLEPT AnalysisEconomic• Financial crisis of 2007-2010 due to shortfall in the United States bank system.• After the release of the iPad in April 2010, it sold 3 million of the devices in 80 days.• During the second quarter of 2010, Apple had sold 4.19 million iPads around the world.• The Apple iPad has gained a 95% share of tablet PC.Political• Company relies on third party patents• Company results could be affected if found to have infringed intellectual property rights• Ability to offer wide variety of content at reasonable rates can be affected• Subject to certi cation and regulation by government and standardising bodies• Process is extensive and time consuming.Technological• Internet availability and usage is growing and leads to good opportunities for the industry• Vast amount of information available and quick, easy, inexpensive posts and disseminates information and makes thisinformation available to a large audience• Web has enabled new models for commerce, trade and business.
  35. 35. SWOT AnalysisStrengths•The audience is technology dependent.• Sense of exclusivity to the Givenchy users.• Free application, allowing the costumer to get all the information desired with no expenses.• Customer loyalty / relationship.• Customer-oriented experience.• Providing a 24/7 service.• Customer Relationship Management.• Low cost application, as well as the online digital agship store.Weaknesses• Hard to control who the information will get to.• People not owning an iPhone or an iPad will not get the full Givenchy experience.• Apple’s app imposes censorship of content.• The tablet isn’t provide with Adobe Flash player therefore the website won’t be able to work at tits fullest potential.
  36. 36. SWOT AnalysisOpportunities• An extended level of interactivity with the Givenchy costumer.• To become a highly visited website by consumers as well as a one of the primary fashion applications downloaded by theGivenchy target.• An increase in sales.• Continuous growth of the internet.Threats• Low attention span of users on the internet.• Due to the low entry barrier on the online platform, there are many competitors• Certain bans of the internet depending on different countries.
  37. 37. Future StrategiesShort Term•Design a Givenchy iPad and an iPhone Case.• Offering wallpapers.• Optimize mobile and web search engine.Long term• Developing Exclusive collections / garments sold through iPad - iPhone applications only.• Freebies - once the strategy has been launched and by analysing the in uence of the fashion bloggers, Givenchy will giveaway clothing and accessories to these.
  38. 38. Conclusion After a research of the Givenchy label, we found a niche in the internet platform to be lled. Repositioning the brand online and creating an application both for the iPad and iPhone will have the following outcomes:•An increase in sales.•A higher brand awareness amongst Givenchy’s selected target.•A demand within the fashion industry of the Givenchy iPad - iPhone application.•Loyal customers and strong relationships with its users.•Strong CRM.•A leader amongst other luxury brands within the digital platform.•An application facilitating the work of members from the fashion industry in a way where it becomes necessary.•To become a highly visited website.