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'Se7en' 9 shot analysis


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'Se7en' 9 shot analysis

  1. 1. SE7ENThriller 9 Shot AnalysisOlivia Kelly
  2. 2. The colour palletwithin the shot isthat of a sepiatone, giving it awarm yet drab Shot 1effect, indicating tothe audience fromthe start that this isa thriller. The extreme close up shot, gives a The way in which the font sense of mystery and creates an appears to be shaking, gives enigma to the audience as they are the illusion of instability, left to wonder what the importance something that is old and of the book is and why it is being broken, leaving the audience used. unsure of the events that lie ahead.
  3. 3. The lighting withinthis shot highlightsthe sinister andgrotesque hands Shot 2portrayed on thescreen. Once again, there is the The hands suggest use of the shaky font, with the gruesome nature the inevitable sense that of the film, the something within the film audience then get an is unsure. In this case, the idea on how dreadful knowing of who is the cold the events are that lie blooded murderer.
  4. 4. There is a ghost like The number ‘7’ replacingshadow within the the letter ‘V’ not onlybackground of the represents the title of theshot, indicate theconnotations ofghosts in which relate Shot 3 film ‘Seven’, but also the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ in which is the main drivingto the murders in the force behind the film as thisfilm. This giving the is how the murderer killsopening an eerie each of his victimssense of mystery. according to each deadly sin. The title of the film is bold and large, however changes shape to keep the audience engaged.
  5. 5. Within this shot, The audiencethe audience is left instinctively will thinkto wonder who it iscrossing out thewords from what Shot 4 about what the implications of this particular newspaperappears to be a article will be andnewspaper cut what relevance thisout, and why it is will have as the filmthey are crossing progresses.out theseparticular words.They are left toconsider whatsignificance thiswill have within thefilm. The dark, sinister theme continues throughout this shot, as once again there is an obvious sense of mystery, due to the dark shadow on part of the shot.
  6. 6. The lighting The hand holding thewithin the shot mysterious picture is clearlyhighlights whatcould be acrucial part to Shot 5 the forefront othe film. Theaudience is leftto once againfeel a sense ofmystery withinthis shot. The close up shot once again creates an enigma to the audience as it is yet unknown to them what these pictures are and why they are being cut up.
  7. 7. The sepia tone is continued throughout the opening, continuing the dull effect that Shot 6 indicates to the audience that it is a thriller.Once again, there is a ghost like Within this shot there is what appears toshadow as the character be a male hand writing down something inprogresses to write. This is seen which the audience is left to wonder it isthroughout the opening, that is being written down and who it is whoindicating the connotations of a is writing it. Could it be the protagonist itselfghost, following the sense of or an investigator?mystery in which is seen
  8. 8. The lighting in this shot is particularly important as this is what gives the focus on the mysterious hand, Shot 7 highlighting it to the audience. This shot is also the brightest shot, which is evidently unconventional of the opening as the sinister hand is what conveys the mystery in this shot rather than the color pallet or lighting.The shadow seen behind the page is theclear focus of this particular shot, giving theaudience a sense of the unknown as towhose hand this may be and what it is theymay be writing and most importantly, whatsignificance this will have as the thrillerprogresses.
  9. 9. The lighting could have beenused in such a way toconvey the darkmysteriousness of thisparticular shot and the Shot 8thriller overall. The lighting in this shot is particularly interesting as the entire shot is black apart from the spotlight in which indicates a mysterious face being crossed out with a marker pen.
  10. 10. The audience are left to wonderwhat this piece of writingsignifies and what the word itselfmeans and what this has to dowith the thriller itself. Shot 9 The hand-writing is noticeably messy This particular shot only appears briefly therefore this could indicate the within the opening, suggesting the anxiety and worry behind the person mystery and secrecy behind this hand- who wrote it, leaving us to suspect written shot. the protagonist himself.