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Goodwin's Features in 'Sweet Dreams'


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Goodwin's Features in 'Sweet Dreams'

  1. 1. Goodwin’s Features in Music Videos Beyonce “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” By Olivia Kelly
  2. 2. Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” has had a total of 182,348, 857 on YouTube. It holds a grand total of 180,938 ratings and only 7900 of them being dislikes. The video is most popular around America, the overall gender of its audience being female, ages ranging from 13 years old to 44.
  3. 3. Relationship between lyrics and visuals The main singer, Beyonce, dances with two dancers throughout the music video. This signifying the lyrics in which she proudly sings about being single and not needing a partner in her life. As she sings, “If you like it then you should of put a ring on it”, Beyonce and her dancers hold up their left hands, gesturing towards their marital fingers.
  4. 4. Relationship between music and visualsThe continuous dance routine throughout the music video, reflects the beat and rhythm of themusic. As the pace of the song fastens, so too does the dance routine itself. A robotic soundcan be heard through the music, Beyonce and her dancers then portray robotic-like movementson screen throughout some parts of the video. Additionally, the main artist is seen wearing whatappears as a robotic hand in which also symbolises the robotic sound heard in the background.Throughout the music video, whenever there appears to be a low tempo within the music, thebackground goes darker, then as the tempo lifts, the background returns to white.
  5. 5. Style & IconographyThe style of the artist and her dancers costumes and the background of the musicvideo itself is very simple, the theme of colours being black and white throughout.Beyonce and her dancers all have the same hair styles, make-up and shoes. All oftheir leotards are matching, however Beyonce‟s is slightly different and she also haswhat appears to be a robotic hand, this is evidently because she is the main artistand it is her music video. This fits the pop genre, as often singers and their dancersor girl bands can be seen to be wearing similar costumes and colours within theirvideos.
  6. 6. Close-ups of main artistThe majority of the music video is made up of body shots of the main artist and her dancers, asthe whole video is a dance routine. Nevertheless, short, occasional close-up shots of the mainartist can be seen throughout the video, this is to show that Beyonce is the main focus as sheis the „star‟. Towards the end of the music video, a zoom shot is used zooming in and out onthe main artist. The video finally ends with a close-up shot of the artist holding up her leftrobotic-like hand in which possesses a engagement ring. This both suggests the initial lyrics ofthe song, “If you like then you should of put a ring on it” and the robotic-like hand suggests thetheme of the music and dance routine.
  7. 7. VoyeurismThere is no voyeurism noticeable within the music video, there is just anon-going shot in which follows the main artist and her two dancers asthey dance throughout.
  8. 8. Intertexual ReferencesThe music video is simple to display the main artist, with the use of their costumes,make-up, hair and background and the plain use of colour being black and white.However, there can be noticeable referrals to some other of Beyonce’s musicvideos. For example, within her follow up video ‘Sweet Dreams’, there aresimilarities within some of the dance routines. One dance routine in particularseen in both music videos is one in which Beyonce dances with the same back-indancers, and perform similar choreography within both videos.