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CapSense And CapSense Plus Product Brief


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Capacitive sensing is fast becoming the solution of choice for front-panel display and media control applications. The CapSense solutions offers system designers numerous advantages by being a self-contained system— increasing flexibility, reducing board space and lowering cost.

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  • all i can say is, my mobile has a capacitive touch sensing controller.
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CapSense And CapSense Plus Product Brief

  1. 1. ADVANTAGES Up to 46 Capacitive/General-purpose I/O • LED Driver/Backlight Control • Motor Control •Power Management • I/O Expansion • Gyro • Accelerometer • Ambient Light-sensing 2.4V–5.25V Supply Voltage 512B–1KB RAM 8KB–16KB Flash In-system Serial Programming (ISSP) Free Development Software (PSoC Designer™ ) Full-featured In-circuit Emulator and Programmer I2 C, SPI, UART and USB Communication Interfaces Industry’s Smallest Packages (e.g. 16-pin 3x3x0.6mm QFN) Capacitive sensing made easy — POWERED BY PSoC® MIXED-SIGNAL ARRAY TeCHNOLOGY Capacitive sensing is fast becoming the solution of choice for front-panel display and media control applications. Best-in-class durability, decreased bill of materials (BOM), and a clean appearance make this elegant interface attractive to a wide range of designs. Cypress’s CapSense solution offers system designers numerous advantages over traditional capacitive sensing products by being a self-contained system— increasing flexibility, reducing board space, and lowering cost. MCU CapSense CIRCUIT ANALOG/DIGITAL GPIO COMMUNICATION CapSenseINPUTS ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS HOST + – Because of the unique PSoC® architecture, designers can easily integrate multiple functions (e.g. LED drivers and backlighting), in addition to capacitive sensing. The PSoC CapSense solution also delivers benefits such as easy communications using either I2 C, SPI, UART, or USB interfaces, the ability to implement buttons, sliders, touchpads, touchscreens, and proximity sensors with the same device, and the ability to make quick design changes using the flash-based PSoC architecture. Product Overview cypress capsense ™ capacitive touch-sensing Controller APPLICATIONS • Wireless Handsets • Digital Still & Video Cameras • Appliances • Handheld Devices (PDAs) • Notebook Computers • LCD Monitors • PC Keyboards & Mice • Automotive • Industrial Interfaces • Toys PSoC® Mixed-Sigal Array [+] Feedback
  2. 2. PART NUMBER GPIO CAPACITIVE I/O ANALOG BLOCKS DIGITAL BLOCKS FLASH RAM TEMPERATURE GRADE H/W COMM INTERFACE DEVELOPMENT KITS CY8C24x94 Up to 56 Up to 46 6 4 16K 1K Industrial I2 C USB, SPI, UART CY3214-PSoCEvalUSB CY8C21x34 Up to 28 Up to 24 4 Type “E” 4 8K 512 Automotive Industrial, Extended I2 C SPI, UART CY3280-BK1 CY8C20x34 Up to 28 Up to 25 CapSense 0 8K 512 Industrial I2 C, SPI CY3280-BK1 Capsense device selector guide INTERFACE TYPE OVERVIEW APPLICATIONS • Low-cost, simple solution for integrating up to 46 buttons • Flexible technology enables sensing through a wide range of protective overlay materials • Calibrate buttons individually with firmware parameters Wireless Handsets, PC Peripherals, Appliances, LCD Monitors, TVs, PC Mice, Notebook Computers, Automotive, and Toys • PSoC CapSense implements sliders in applications requiring precise multi-level sensing Volume control Brightness control Temperature control • Achieve greater resolution than is native to IC pin count Wireless Handsets, PC Peripherals, Appliances, LCD Monitors, TVs, Notebook Computers, Digital Still Cameras, Automotive, and Exercise Equipment • PSoC’s unique architecture allows the integration of a touchpad into non-traditional touchpad applications • Capacitive sensing offers a cost-reduction to expensive modules and resistive- overlay technologies • Cypress’s automated design methodology makes touchpad implementation easy, even for the most novice designer Wireless Handsets, Notebook Computers, and Keyboards • PSoC’s unique architecture allows the integration of a touchscreen into non-traditional touchscreen applications • Configurable I/O allows for the support of a wide range of panel sizes • Multi-touch capable Wireless Handsets, Appliances, Handheld Devices (PDAs), Kiosks, and PQS Terminals • Wake your system before the user’s hand reaches the touch surface • Proximity sensing can be applied to any application that senses a conductive object, such as fluid-level sensors and pulse-rate monitors • PSoC CapSense implements proximity sensing simply by adjusting the sensor design and sensitivity of the capacitance measurement Appliances, Keyboards, PC Mice, Touchpads, Notebook Computers, Automotive, Lighting Sensors, Industrial Sensors, and Controls BUTTONS SLIDERS TOUCHPADS TOUCHSCREENS PROXIMITY SENSING product overview Cypress, the Cypress logo and PSoC are registered trademarks and CapSense Express, Programmable System-on-Chip and PSoC Designer are trademarks of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation. The names for any other companies, products, or services mentioned herein are for identification only and may be trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of or may be copyrighted by their respective holders. Cypress Semiconductor Corporation assumes no responsibility for customer product design and assumes no responsibility for infringement of patents or rights of others that may result from Cypress assistance, and no product licenses are implied. 2-0408CapSensePO 042008/SXF/VYM/VYM/GDA/JP/5k. © 2008 Cypress Semiconductor Corporation Cypress Semiconductor Corporation 198 Champion Court, San Jose CA 95134 phone +1 408.943.2600 fax +1 408.943.6848 toll free +1 800.858.1810 (U.S. only) Press “1” to reach your local sales representative Get started now. Go to to get more information on CapSense, download software and order kits. [+] Feedback