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Toy story presentation


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Toy story presentation

  1. 1. Toy Story. By Ali, Liv & Hannah .
  2. 2. About the film... Toy Story is a story about a pull-string cowboy named Woody who’s life is turned upside down when a new toy called Buzz Light-year interrupts. When Woody gets left behind while Andy (his owner) moves house, Buzz and Woody have to work as a team to get Woody back to his rightful owner, with help from the rest of the gang Rex, Mr Potato Head, Slinky and the army men. Toy Story was nominated for 3 Academy Awards, also won 8 Annie awards and was nominated for 2 golden globes.
  3. 3. Genre... The genre of Toy Story is Animation. This is made clear when we see the Pixar advert at the beginning which we automatically assume with Animation. We also know this because the characters are obviously not real.
  4. 4. Camera... -At the beginning there is a panning shot of Andy’s room which shows the toys he’s going to play with . -There is also fast moving shots when woody is on the bed. -The camera rises and we see him being held up, the camera is below him which shows he has a high status, and that we (the audience) are of a lower status . -There is a tilt shot when Andy’s little sister grabs Mr Potato Head. -There are many POV shots used, for example when Woody is left on the sofa, he is leaning to an angle, and you see the shot from an angle. -There is also Point of View shots used when Andy is running up the stairs.
  5. 5. Mise -En-Scene The Mise -en-scene reflects what Andy is like. The fact that there are many toys in his room, shows that he is a playful person, the denotation is that they are only toys, but the connotation is the fact they are a object in which Andy can escape into, which could show he’s a lonely person. There are also books in the room which shows Andy is smart. The costumes the characters are wearing are very stereotypical for example, we know Woody is a cowboy by his costume.
  6. 6. Editing... There is constant editing used, due to the fact it’s an animation, the whole thing is edited. There is continuity editing used which makes the film flow.
  7. 7. Sound... There is diegetic and non- diegetic sound. An example of non- diegetic sound would be the song “You’ve got a friend in me” which also shows that Andy has hardly any friends and that Woody is his only friend which refers to the character representation. Dialogue is an example of diegetic sound, and so is the voices that come from Woody and Buzz.
  8. 8. Lighting. There is alot of bright lighting used in Andy’s house which shows that it’s a lively house and is quite welcoming. There are shadows used and also it is dark under the bed which could reflect danger.
  9. 9. Character Representation... Andy is shown to be a lonely character who relies on his toys to be his friends, he is carefree and his Cloud wall paper shows freedom. He is also a happy person which is shown by him always being content with his new toys etc. Woody is represented as the main person, he’s the toy everyone aspires to be, he is looked up to and Andy plays with him the most, although he gets shy around Little Bow Beep which is a contrast within his two behaviours.