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Shirley chisholm 


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Shirley chisholm 

  1. 1. By: Olivia Caruso
  2. 2.  Born- November 30, 1924 Born in Brooklyn, NY to Barbadian parents At the age of three moved to Barbados with her grandmother to Returned to New York during the Great Depression Extremely smart which led to winning tuition scholarships…she had to turn them down because she couldn’t afford a board to live in One of eight children with a very poor family Early schooling was in Barbadian school systems
  3. 3.  Later in life after schooling she became a nursery teacher and later a director of schools for early childhood education Was an active Democratic Member Had a reputation as a person who challenged traditional roles of women, African Americans, and the poor In 1964 elected to New York State Assembly (New York Flag ) Was involved in League of Women and Seventeenth Assembly District Democratic Club While in Congress she tried pass 50 sponsored bills and only eight passed
  4. 4.  Chisholm decided to run for president She was the first African American to seek nomination for the Democratic Party Slogan was “unbossed an unbought” She had an opportunity to join the Forestry Subcommittee of the Agriculture Committee Chisholm denied the offer while entering the House because she thought it was not supporting her, because she was someone with a poor district background.
  5. 5.  First major black candidate for President First major black woman elected for Congress Inducted in 1993 to the National Women’s Hall of Fame
  6. 6.  Modeled to us that you should try your hardest to succeed in what you believe in or what you want to accomplish. She was brave by being the first black woman in Congress She was respected by others Chisholm modeled well for kids our age because she did very well in school and tried her best to get good grades
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  8. 8. Shirley Chisholm
  9. 9. TheEnd