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For style savvy women who enjoy fashion, food and interiors with a thrifty but stylish approach to living.

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No.12 Magazine

  1. 1. No. January 2010 £1.8012FASHIONSecond-hand StyleHOW TO..Sew in a shoulder padFOODBudget Dinner PartyHOW TO..Make chocolatecheesecake browniesCRAFTHOW TOMake a hair bow clipSEXStriptease artist orStripper?DIYHOW TO..Fix a bicycle punctureMONEY15 ways to save
  2. 2. Editor’sLetter wrong, I don’t ever wish to be thrifty and fashionable. As a a housewife; in fact the idea generation our imaginations makes my spine arch in distaste, have been captured by the trend but I do enjoy a well kept living for ‘older pursuits’ and we want space, and – I’m going to say to be self sufficient but stylish. it – I do love to throw a dinner That’s why No.12’s domestic- party. DIY advice will be accompanied While I’m no longer into with exciting fashion stories painting everything Barbie and engaging features, along pink, my enthusiasm for a bit with the most affordable and of DIY home improvement still covetable shopping. And we retains all the vigour of my inner won’t sacrifice substance in child’s. But what has changed is our aim to bring you a stylish my willingness to learn how to guide to living, as young deliver results when it comes writers present their inquisitive to the more practical problems and considered thoughts on in life, such as knowing how to issues from the Sex and theAs a girl my most prized change a tyre - whether that be City generation to the ‘art’ ofpossession was my all-in-one on a bicycle or a car - I wouldn’t Burlesque in this month’s issue.deluxe kitchen, from which I know where to start. Speaking No.12 is a magazine for thewas known for rustling up the to some of my friends, it seems woman who laughs at the ideabest home-made pies, cakes and that I’m not alone. One friend of a housewife: your rentedtreats. When I wasn’t ‘cooking’ in particular spoke of her room is your distinctivelyI adored my Barbie dolls and mortification at having to ask fashioned living space, invitinglonged to be able to live in the two male passers by to change your mates round for dinnerperfectly pink palace I had her tyre after it got a puncture is a fabulous frugal dinnercreated for them out of old recently. So our handy cut-out- party, your handmade hair clipcereal packets. Of course I grew and-keep guides should help is a bespoke accessory, andup, and with teenage mood you make a start. your wardrobe is your mostswings came a rebellion against The current lack of money is treasured possession; No.12 isanything remotely girly – I still making itself known, and a fashion and lifestyle magazineblamed my absurd expectations for many of us with a University for a younger generation.of future life on deeply rooted degree this isn’t a situation that Let the residents at No.12 guidegender stereotyping as sold by will be resolved by the ending of you through…my once-beloved toy kitchen, the recession. So spending theand vowed from then-on to befree from those restraints (cuebra burning). Now, frankly, Idon’t care. Hand me a pinafore pennies you do have on things that look great, but don’t cost the earth is a skill we’ve all had to develop. No.12 is a fashion Livand a mixing bowl and I’m and lifestyle magazine for savvy Olivia Fisher,away once again. Don’t get me young women who want to be Editor. 5
  4. 4. StrictlyFlAT 1. THE FOODIE’s diNNer party oN a budget Starter come eat with me ZOE + GARETH Gareth is an artist and illustrator, who currently orders stationery for a family planning clinic. Zoe is a tortured artist, when she’s not working on her latest masterpiece she welcomes shoppers Main to the store she works in. Everyone loves a challenge. Everyone TONY + OWAIN Tony ‘the rock god’ is in a band loves food. No-one’s got called the Kins of leon. They impersonate the Kings of leon. any money. So why not Owain is an actor by trade, but is currently working as a teacher. combine all of these Dessert ‘Nuff said. massive generalisations and host a dinner party, BETHAN +CHRISTIANA on a budget. Bethan is a Vet Nurse. She has a Split into four teams, the eight special voice that she only uses guests are contributing £5 per when talking to the animals. head for a four course meal; Christiana is an administrator by the four courses actually being day and a burlesque dancer by night. All clothes were kept on in Coctails three, with a cocktail round for added fun. Each team of two the making of this feature. is responsible for providing a different course. With two vegetarians on the invite list, this makes the challenge all the more difficult, with the “chefs” AMY + OLIVIA having to provide a vegetarian Amy likes Vodka. option too. Sounds like it’s Olivia likes Gin. just as well we’ve got a cocktail round included. Left: The dinner guests attempt home-made pizzas10 11
  5. 5. FlAT 1. THE FOODIE’S rECIPES Grilled Red Pepper and Individual Chocolate Goats Cheese Quiche Mousses with a White Wine sauce with an Orange Crème GRILLED RED PEPPER & GOATS CHEESE QUICHE THE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE Ingredients (To feed a dinner party of 8): 4 red ramero pointy peppers (80p), local grocery 6 eggs Ingredients: 175g dark chocolate (54p), 1 egg yolk, 4 egg whites (£1.42 for 6), 25g sugar (93p/kg), (£1.42), 250g goats cheese (£2.52), local grocery lettuce (42p), shortcrust pastry (£1.81). splash of milk. (Total: £6.07) (Total: £6.97) In the cupboard: 1 cube veg stock, olive oil, oven proof dish. Gently melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over some simmering water. Alternatively, melt it gradually Grill the peppers whole until the skins turn black. When the skins are completely black, place the in a microwave – but try not to burn it. Add a splash of milk to your melted chocolate. In a separate peppers in foil and leave to sweat. line your quiche dish with foil – this makes it easier to remove bowl whisk the egg whites until peaky. (Test from the foodie: you should be able to hold the bowl when cooked. line the bottom of the quiche dish with pre-rolled pastry, which will form the base upside down without the mixture falling out). Add the sugar little by little, still whisking. Fold about of the quiche. Crack 6 eggs into a bowl and whisk. Add a splash of milk and season with salt and a quarter of the whites into the cool melted chocolate, whisk briefly then add the rest of the egg pepper. Once the peppers have been left for 5 mins, remove from foil. Peel off the skin to reveal the whites. Spoon into individual ramekins, leave to cool then place in the fridge for 2 hours until set. fleshy part of the pepper and remove seeds. Slice pepper into bite size pieces. Carefully layer slices of goats cheese and the pre-grilled pepper in the quiche dish. Pour in the whisked eggs and place in the oven on gas mark 5/180 for 30 mins. THE ORANGE CRÈME Ingredients: 600ml of double cream (£1.68), 250g sugar (93p/kg), juice and zest of 5 oranges (£1.50). (Total: £4.11) WHITE WINE SAUCE Boil the cream in a saucepan then simmer. Add the sugar, gently stirring while it dissolves. Simmer Ingredients: 1 shallot (22p), 2 cloves of garlic (10p), 1 onion (16p), mini bottle of white wine until thick then add the juice and zest from the oranges. Simmer for 30 mins. leave to cool then (£1.89). (Total: £2.37) place in the fridge overnight to allow it to set. Once set, spoon a small scoop on to each individual Finely chop the onion, shallot and 2 cloves of garlic and add to a pan with a small knob of butter. chocolate desert. Once the onions start to become translucent, gradually add the white wine. Add a sprinkle of sugar and reduce over a low heat to remove the alcohol smell. Add ¾ cube of oxo and a pinch of salt and pepper. ORANGE AND POLENTA BISCUITS Ingredients (makes around 25): 170g/6oz butter (69p), 170g/6oz sugar (£1.28), 255g/9oz polenta (57p), 100g /3 ¾ plain flour (43p), zest of 2-3 oranges, finely chopped (45p), 2 large eggs (£1.42 ASPARAGUS AND FIGS for 6). (Total: £4.84) Ingredients: local grocery baby asparagus tips (90p), 6 fresh figs (£1.00). (Total: £1.90) rub the butter, sugar, polenta and flour together before mixing in the orange zest and the eggs. Boil the asparagus for 5 mins until tender – don’t over cook it. Add a couple of tips to the plate for Cover with cling film and place in the fridge for an hour until slightly firm. Place a large square of decoration. Add a scoop of fresh fig and a curl of celery to decorate. greaseproof paper on a baking tray and spoon small teaspoons of the mixture in lines 5cm/2” apart. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 190 degrees/Gas 5 for around 5-6 mins until the outside edges of your biscuits are slightly golden. remove from the oven and leave to cool for 15 mins before eating.16 17
  6. 6. FlAT 2. THE HOmEBODY’s the comfiest purchases for the JaNuary bLues Creature ComfortsAn expert on beinga lady of leisure 03 01 02 04 05 06 07 Everyone has a different opinion on the true meaning of ‘living.’ For some it’s money, for some its adventure but I would imagine that more often than not, the notion of good living is associated 08 with comfort – and style. When both of these factors come together you might imagine that you’ve struck the perfect combination. Designer Sophie Goodenough seems to have done just that with her redesign and renovation of her beloved VW camper van. She talks to us on page 26 about her very personal style and the challenge of ripping apart an old van in order to make something quite beautiful. While Sophie talks about an adventurous life on the road, writer 09 laura James considers women in a very different 10 context in her article, ‘Sex and the City?’ (page 34). She questions the so-called liberation of the 01.PANDA BEANIE HAT, £12.99, River Island. 02.LUxURY FAUx FUR CUSHION, SATC generation and the re-emergence of the £15, 03.TOFFEE ALMOND BODY GLAZE, £2.49, Bayliss and Harding. celebrated housewife. I give some words of advice 04.TAN AND BLACk LEOPARD BERET, £16, Accessorize. 05.CUPCAkE BATH in my monthly column on page 32, and opposite FIZZERS, £3, Asos. 06.STAR ROBE AND SOCkS, £35, House of Fraser. 07.JACk RUSSELL I offer some indulgent purchases to cushion the CUSHION, £29.50, Marks and Spencers. 08.BEN DE LISI DOG CUSHION, £15, Debenhams. effects of the January come-down. 09.BOBBLE HAT, £15, Asos. 10.CHUNkY kNIT POCkET SCARF, £5, George at Asda.24 25
  7. 7. FlAT 2. THE HOmEBODY’S a LiviNg space with a differeNceDream camper van
  8. 8. FlAT 2. THE HOmEBODY’s a LiviNg space with a differeNce The vw camper There’s something about a VW camper van that makes the ‘Because [the festival’s] so big everyone has cars to van has a certain possibility of being free from the daily grind, those ever-growing travel around, and they were completely crazily decorated. power that might bills, and the responsibility to like there was a pirate ship stay awake during that mid on wheels with a band playing just urge you to afternoon meeting with the - huge jelly fish, little cars - boss from hell so much more the most insane things I’ve plausible. ever seen. But I didn’t really shun your nine- It asks you to imagine road- tripping through Southern consciously think, ‘Oh I’d love to have one of those.’ to-five in favour America, enjoying the freedom of vast landscapes and living life It wasn’t until a couple of years later that Sophie decided she of a life on the on your terms. would love to have a van of her own to travel to festivals in. ‘I road. Sophie I t’s the called all my tutors and said, please tell me this is a good idea, Goodenough tells ultimate because I really want to do it.’ drive-off-into- Their response was encouraging the homebody how the-sunset but they were also concerned that no-one had ever done she completely dream. anything quite so, in Sophie’s words, ‘insane and huge’. renovated and Following a group road trip ‘It got to the beginning of the first term back and one of re-designed her to The Burning man project my tutors said, “don’t do it”. (an annual experiment in Saying that to me made me so camper van in a temporary community determined to do it. It was a dedicated to radical self- real kick up the backside.’ expression held in the Nevada When Sophie first bought order to sell this desert), recent lCC graduate Sophie Goodenough decided the van, before it started its transformation, it was a less dream. to buy her own camper van and completely do it up than eye catching burgundy red colour with school-room using her own designs for grey carpet tiles glued onto her final university project. the interior ceiling and walls. It was Sophie’s road-tripping The furnishings comprised of experience to The Burning man a makeshift bed, old kitchen in 2006 that provided much of units, and what Sophie describes the inspiration for her camper as a really nasty sink and fake van project. wooden floor. Not exactly28 29
  9. 9. SexFlAT 2. THE HOmEBODY’s the returN of the ceLebrated housewife and the city?Laura James often pays only lip service to those issues, such as HIV andconsiders the so- abortion, which in the US at least, would very rarely play acalled liberation role in a prime time television show.of the Sex and the Whilst I do not want to attempt to re-explain the controversies of what has, undeniably,City generation become an important narrative within our cultural psyche, Iand the return do wish to focus on the ways in which the show essentiallyof the celebrated creates a number of binaries for its lead female figures: tohousewife. HBO’s wildly successful marry or, quelle horreur, grow into an old spinster; to have children or to not have children television series, ‘Sex and the (but constantly angst over the City’, caused something of a stir fact that they have not pro- when it was broadcast on our created). What I am attempting screens from 1998-2003. much to pinpoint is the fact that the has been made of the ways show simply exacerbated the in which it liberated female lack of choice females (and this sexuality and attempted to is specifically females within the grapple with the problematics developed world) face within of abortion, HIV and marriage. the trajectory prescribed for Conversely, many critics them via narratives of cultural have also voiced deep-seated and social norms, without, concerns over the show’s it seems, really grappling or portrayal of women’s sexual challenging these clichéd routes relationships with men and the written for women. ‘i can do multi-tasking’ ways in which the programme Whilst the programme may34 35
  10. 10. 15WaysFlAT 4. THE CASH QUEEN’s peNNy piNcher to save money 4 Take a packed lunch to work Dig out your plastic Barbie lunchbox and call it retro. If you add up the £5 you spend on lunch a day that’s £100 a month. In 5 months you could have saved enough to buy this wonderous Chloe 1 daytripper, £475, - and have enough for change. 6 Make a 5 shopping list When you go to the supermarket Make Soup only buy what you need. You Sell can help yourself by planning unwanted items making soup is really simple, costs your meals ahead; try so little and will keep you going for Go to a car boot sale with a few for either lunch or dinner for at least boxes of junk and you’ll be surprised three days. Find tasty soups at 2 weekly meal plans. at what people will buy – just don’t 7 soup-aholic.blogspot. be tempted to bring home any tat com with you. Find your nearest at Swap-shop Start a Dinner Club 8 Also known as ‘swishing’, get a group of your friends together, all bring an Save money by buying bulk unwanted item and swap party pieces Use your and have a dinner party onFollow these to your heart’s content. Don’t limit yourself to clothes and have themed local grocers In london most high streets a budget by starting a weekly supper club. Take it in turns tosimple tips to keep nights like books or home-ware. It’s a good idea to bring a few things have a diverse selection of fruit and veg shops with produce from visit friends’ houses and make dinner for each other.your purse full 9 each to avoid any swishing all over the world. make the squabbles. most of these and pay theirand your pennies Revamp very cheap prices.plentiful. 3 Buy own Check out for great ideas on how to 11 Switch your 10 brand goods reclaim and re-decorate energy provider on a budget. Ask for OK, so own brand bread at 19p isn’t the Jaw-dropping gas and electric bill? most appetising or particularly nutritious a ‘short’in That moneyman actually knows option, but canned goods and frozen food Starbucks what he’s talking about. can be a bargain. Aldi do a great range There is a little-known size Visit to compare of continental meats and cheeses, also of coffee that is available in prices and get yourself their famous anti-ageing face cream Starbucks that is smaller than a cheaper deal. is a steal at £1.89 and it has been their smallest advertised widely celebrated by beauty coffee – a tall – and is journalists. 20p cheaper.52 53
  11. 11. Good MorningMidnightVintage-inspired lingeriethat’s worth waiting forPhotography by Sean CollymoreStyling by Olivia FisherHair and makeup by Katrin Reesmodel Katya S at Profile COAT, Vintage Nicole Farhi DIAmOND VAN DOrEN BrA £30, DIAmOND VAN DOrEN BrIEFS £18.50 SUSPENDEr BElT £31, Kiss Me Deadly STOCKINGS £6, Flirt at Fairy Goth Mother
  12. 12. VIrGINIA BrA, £80, SUSPENDEr BElT £70,Mademoiselle Fred at Fairy Goth Mother DElACrOIx SIlK BrIEFS, £17.50, Kiss me Deadly BlACK SIlK rOBE, sourced from second hand
  13. 13. lA rED CHOC BOx BrA £70, Miss La La presents at Fairy Goth MotherDElACrOIx SIlK FrENCH KNICKErS £25.50, Kiss me Deadly
  14. 14. GYPSY rOSE lEE BrAlETTE £20,GYPSY rOSE lEE KNICKErS £17.50, What Katie Did WHITE FrIll rOBE £80, ‘In Bloom’ at Fairy Goth Mother
  15. 15. FlAT 5. THE FASHIONISTA’s how to sew iN a shouLder pad a simple guide for giving your existing pieces this seasons shoulderHOW TO.. silhouette STEP 1: Step 2:sew in a You can buy a wide Fold the shoulder padshoulder range of shoulder pads in half lengthways and in various sizes, try mark the fold with a John lewis or local pin at each end. makepad haberdashery stores for the best choice. Tailor your choice to the look sure the head of the pin is on the outside edge of the shoulder pad so you want to achieve. that you can remove it Balmain – punchy and when the pad has been bulbous, Gucci – strong placed in the garment. and sharp, marc Jacobs – over-sized and powerful. Step 3: Put the fold against the shoulder seam on the garment (or where the seam would be if there isn’t one). Pin the pad to the material at each end of the shoulder seam. Take out the original marker pins. Step 4: At one end of the seam, sew a few stitches into the pad, through to the fabric. Secure the thread. Sew six or seven stitches into the pad at this spot, then secure the thread before cutting off the tail end. Step 6: Voila! Step 5: Shoulders Do the same at the other to rival the end of the shoulder seam, best of the then repeat the process season. with the other shoulder.
  16. 16. You don’t have to spend a million dollars to look a lost & million miles fromfound thrifty in these second-hand finds. Photography by Arved Colvin-Smith Styling by Olivia Fisher model Zara at Profile makeup by Lina Dahlbeck (using mAC) Hair by Michael Jones Boots by Christian Louboutin All other pieces sourced from second hand
  17. 17. FlAT 6. THE DOmESTIC GOD’s how to fiX a puNcture oN a bicycLe since cycling is the stylish way to travel du jour, before long we’ll allHOW TO.. be poised on our bicycles without a clue what to do if disaster strikes. Tools you will need: beware, the streets are a minefield of debris waiting to strike youfix a puncture and your tyres down at any given moment. don’t forget to pack this 1 x pliers / adjustable spanner,on a bicycle handy how-to guide in your pannier before you set off and you’ll be prepared for the worst. You may have quick release tyres if you have a particularly swish bicycle, if not you’ll have to ask a friendly neighbour to borrow one. 2 x cutlery, Surprisingly not for a mid-fix snack but rather you can use the blunt ends of your knives and forks as handy tools. 1 x puncture outfit, I wonder what accessories come with this so-called puncture ensemble? Not overalls and a headscarf unfortunately, although I can imagine it could look quite chic styled in the right way. Get your kit from Halfords or your local bicycle shop, it contains the glue and patches you need to repair the puncture. Instructions: 1) Using the pliers undo the nuts on the wheel (unless you have quick release wheels) and take the wheel out from the bicycle frame. 2) Place the blunt end of your spoon/fork under the rim edge of the tyre. Pull back the tyre and hold down towards the spoke area (as the pesky tyre will try to spring back). 3) Place the blunt end of another spoon/ fork approx 3 inches away from where you started. Pull back the tyre and repeat around the circumfrence of the wheel. Now you can access the inner tube. 4) Undo the valve screw to the inner tube, (you can do this with your fingers) and push the valve inside the hole in the rim in order to pull the inner tube out. 5) Get a bowl of water or fill your sink with water. 6) Pump air into inner tube using a bicycle pump so there is enough air to inflate it. Place the inflated tube in water and you will be able to see where the air is leaking out. 7) Dry the inner tube and circle the puncture with some chalk (from your puncture outfit). 8) Take a patch from your repair kit putting glue on both the patch and the area around the puncture. leave to cure before placing the patch on the tube. Put something heavy on top for 10 mins approx while it sets. 9) replace the inner tube putting the valve in the rim first. 10) replace the tyre with the blunt end of the cutlery, being careful not to pinch the inner tube. 11) Before replacing the wheel re-inflate the tyre to check it has been repaired fully. Put your tyre back on and cycle off into the caz Nicklin, founder of sunset (or just along the high st).
  18. 18. StripteaseFlAT 7. mISS KNOWITAll’s artist or stripper? Were they not just well (un) dressed strippers? The three subgenres of cabaret, variety and burlesque are constantly changing, and perhaps this is the main reason that very little definite categorisation has been accomplished and therefore the terms have become confused.Cabaret to be cabaret performers and confusingly have all been billed In short I believe that cabaret is an intimate performance genrechanteuse Amy under the blurred terms of cabaret, burlesque and variety. that consists of entertaining satirical skits, songs, and/Dowd discusses The term cabaret instinctively or improvisations and most conjures up images of back importantly must break downthe confusion streets in European cities the fourth wall to engage with hosting dark, underground the audience. Variety, however bars, cafés or strip clubs thatsurrounding provide an intimate form of entertainment. Through is the name given to the overall evening’s performance andcabaret, variety popular contemporary images of cabaret our interpretation is can often consist of singers, burlesque, and circus actsand burlesque distorted from the reality of the cabaret genre that thrived at the performing all in one night. Cabaret can exist in a varietyand the taboo of show but variety cannot exist turn of the century in Europe. in cabaret. As soon as one Under the umbrella of cabaretstripping. includes a juggler, for example, the words variety and burlesque into a cabaret performance it both play a prominent role and immediately becomes variety. perhaps the main problem with This considered, from what I For the past five years I have the alternative entertainment have witnessed in performance, been searching for a type scene in the UK is that we get the assumed sub-genre of of theatre that is intimate, the terms confused. burlesque does not belong provocative and predominantly Through my quest to understand under the term cabaret. late night. During this quest, in these three performance types, Within the contemporary Britain alone, I have witnessed which I believe are entirely cabaret scene in Britain today a woman climb into a toilet, separable, I have been faced burlesque is perhaps the a woman pull a handkerchief with some conflict when buzzword that has caused the from her vagina, a woman push understanding the intentions of most confusion. missbehave, a sword through her tongue the performance genre dubbed a noted mainstream cabaret and a woman meow like a cat, burlesque. I began to wonder performer believes that ‘cabaret live on stage. What unites these what afforded these burlesque has almost become a British women is that they all claim artists such a glamorous term. marguerite delish performs hot farmer100