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50 states olivia


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50 states olivia

  1. 1. Olivia PayneComputer Apps. 1Period.1
  2. 2. Hawaii “The aloha state”•More than 100 world-renowned beaches ringHonolulu.•Honolulu is the nations11th largest metropolitanarea•The island is theworldwide leader inharvesting macadamia nutsand orchids•Kilauea Iki is the worldsmost active and largestvolcano.•Wai Golf Course is Hawaiisfirst municipal course.
  3. 3. Arizona “The Grand Canyon”•Arizonas most abundantmineral is copper.•In 1926, the SouthernPacific Railroad connectedArizona with the easternstates.•The colors blue and goldare the official state colors•Arizona became the 48thstate on February 14, 1912•A person from Arizona iscalled an Arizonan.
  4. 4. New York “The Big apple”•New York City has 722miles of subway track.•The first daily Yiddishnewspaper appeared in1885 in New York City•The Big Apple is a termcoined by musiciansmeaning to play the bigtime.•New York was the firststate to require licenseplates on cars.•New York has over 70,000miles of rivers and streams.
  5. 5. Virginia “Virginia is a place for lovers”•The State nickname is"Old Dominion".•Virginia was named forEnglands "Virgin Queen,"Elizabeth I.•Virginia is known as "thebirthplace of a nation".•The first Thanksgiving inNorth America was held inVirginia in 1619.•The first peanuts grown inthe United States weregrown in Virginia.
  6. 6. Nevada “The Silver state”•In March 1931 Governor FredBalzar signed into law the billlegalizing gambling in thestate.•Las Vegas has more hotelrooms than any other placeon earth.•Virginia City is the home ofthe Nevada GamblingMuseum•Camels were used as packanimals in Nevada as late as1870.•Nevada is the only state withan entire museum devoted tothe life and time ofentertainer Liberace.
  7. 7. Alaska “Beyond your dreams, Within your reach.•Alaska officially becamethe 49th state on January 3,1959.•The state of Rhode Islandcould fit into Alaska 425times.•The state motto is Northto the Future•The four-spot skimmerdragonfly is the officialstate insect•The states coastlineextends over 6,600 miles.
  8. 8. Wisconsin “Live like you mean it”•The state is nicknamed theBadger State•Bloomer is the Jump RopeCapital of the World.•Devils Lake was established in1911. The facility has becomeone of Wisconsins oldest andmost famous state parks. Itleads the state parks inattendance. ‘•The first practicaltypewriter was designed inMilwaukee in 1867•Milwaukee is home ofHarley DavidsonMotorcycles
  9. 9. Texas “Don’t mess with Texas”•Texas is popularly knownas The Lone Star State.•Caddo Lake is the onlynatural lake in the state.•The armadillo is the officialstate mammal.•The first word spoken fromthe moon on July 20, 1969was Houston.•Laredo is the worldslargest inland port.
  10. 10. New Jersey “New Jersey and you: Perfect together”•New Jersey has the mostdense system of highwaysand railroads in the U.S.•New Jersey is home to theMiss America pageant heldin Atlantic City.•The first Drive-In Movietheatre was opened inCamden.•State motto is liberty andprosperity.•Passaic river was the siteto the first submarine rideby inventor John P.Holland.