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B C Shetty & Co., Chartered Accountants will help you in setting up an IPO without any hassle.

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  1. 1. SME IPO By BC SHETTY & CO. Chartered Accountants.
  2. 2. What Is An SME IPO ? • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) who wish to go public, SEBI has devised an IPO (Initial Public Offer) route exclusively for SME’s where the enterprises can raise funds from market up to INR 25 Crores. • For accessing capital markets easily , improved credibility and visibility locally as well as internationally a dedicated stock exchange is set up in the form of BSE SME and NSE Emerge in India.
  3. 3. Why SME IPO ? • To fund new projects/ undertake expansion, marketing expenditure • Enhance Company's visibility • Lowers debt burden leading to lower financing cost
  4. 4. Benefits Of SME IPO • • • • • • Maintaining Debt Equity Ratio Dedicated trading platform in BSE & NSE Limited liability for repayment Increasing Profitability Lower interest burden SEBI relaxations
  5. 5. SEBI Guidelines For SME’S • • • • • • • Maximum Post Issue capital - Rs.25 crores Minimum no. of members for Issue – 50 Market making - Mandatory for 3 years Underwriting- 100% Issue Lot Size - No of shares depending on IPO price band Trading Lot size - Multiples of Rs 100,000/After listing, no minimum number of members to be continued.
  6. 6. Chartered Accountants Service • • • • • • Balance sheet preparation Certification of Financials Listing Agreement compliance Financial Due Diligence Compliance with disclosure requirements Timely filing for listing agreements
  7. 7. Company Secretary Service • • • • • Brokers Audit Securities Audit Corporate Restructuring Capital Restructuring Unlocking Company's real value
  8. 8. Contact Us. • If you want any assistance, please mail us or call us Ankit- 9980731897
  9. 9. Contact Us. • If you want any assistance, please mail us or call us Ankit- 9980731897