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Income tax representation


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We at B C Shetty & Co. help you represent yourselves in front of the tax department.

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Income tax representation

  1. 1. IT Representation By BC SHETTY & CO. Chartered Accountants
  2. 2. Income Tax Assessment Notices Appeals Before Various Authorities  CPC sends a notice to income tax assessee under various sections (Intimation from CPC):-  Sec 143(1)- Intimation Sec 143(2)- Assessment Sec 148- Income escaping assessment Sec 139(9)- Defective return Sec 156- Notice of demand Sec 200A- TDS mismatch     
  3. 3. Sec 143(1)-Intimation     Write to CPC Ask them to rectify Submit revised return If they say, file has been transferred to assessing officer approach assessing office at income tax office.
  4. 4. Sec 143(2)-Assessment      Meet the assessing officer Produce the books/vouchers of accounts Submit bank statment Third party confirmation Give explanation to satisfaction of the officer
  5. 5. Sec 148-income escaping assessment    Meet the income tax officer Ask him the reason for issuing the notice Give explanation
  6. 6. Sec 139(9)-Defective return   Go to the link: File revised return with correct information
  7. 7. Sec 156-notice of demand      Approach assessing officer Discuss with him about the status Show him the proof He will rectify the demandOr pay the tax as per demand notice
  8. 8. Sec 200A-TDS mismatch    Visit E-Tds department Pay balance File rectification
  9. 9. Contact Us.  Further clarification and more information Visit For more information , please mail us or call us Sarvothama- +919980822133