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RAC Trends 20130314


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RAC Trends 20130314

  1. 1. March 14, 2013 Vol.1Dear Uncles, Aunties, Past Presidents, OB Members, distinguished guests andmy fellow Rotaractors, It’s my pleasure to disclose our newly set newsletter — RAC Trends, for youduring the World Rotaract Week in Rotaract’s 45th anniversary, as well as theclub’s 15th year! Time flies. We have together gone through 8 months for thisRotary year. And last month, we have elected our President Elect Zaka Toto asthe president for our 16th year. He will be the first-ever foreign president at Ro-taract Club of Taipei. I’m sure, under his leadership, the club will grow evenmore international! This newsletter is to update you what we Rotaractors have achieved in thepast months and what will be our future focus that you may want to join us.From this year on, we will try to update you with this newsletter regularly. If youhave any other questions or feedback for our newsletter, feel free to let us knowanytime! Last, thank you all for the previous support to me and the club. Let’s cele-brate the World Rotaract Week together! Enjoy reading! Cheers in Rotaract, President Oliver, R.I. Year 2012-13
  2. 2. Overview of the MembershipAs of March 14, 2013, we have 21 members, 9 males and 12 females. (Yet 3ask for temporary leave for working or studying abroad.) And this year, wehave become much an internationalized club with members from Martinique,Haiti, Peru and Burkina Faso. Newly Elected President & Board for Year 13-14 Congrats At the end of February, we have finally done our annual election on the presidency and board members. It is always great that we have so many volunteers who determined to devote to club operations. Below is the list of the incoming board and officers for the new Rotary year. Please join me in congratulating their being elected! Board of Directors P. Oliver, P.E. Zaka, Yenling, Vicky, Ashley, Kohan, Tiffany Officers President: Zaka Vice President & Chair of Club Service Committee: Yenling Secretary: Vicky Treasurer & Chair of Vocational Service Committee: Kohan Chair of International Service Committee: Ashley Chair of Community Service Chair: Tiffany Club Advisor: P.P. Kevin Chair of Public Relations Committee: Wenhsin Co-Chair of International Service Committee: Albert P.E. Zaka Toto Co-Chair of Public Relations Committee: Wendy Co-Chair of Club Service Committee: Daniel, Patrick Co-Chair of Vocational Service Committee: Diana
  3. 3. As this week is World Rotaract Week, we’re now celebrating it with our twinclub — Rotaract Club of Forr-de-France through some activities, including afacebook chatting and sending postcards to each. Besides, during the week,we’re also reaching out to other Rotaract clubs in the world.Upcoming Events Far Eastern Interna- tional Securities (FEIS), former ING Securities Taiwan, became a new mem- ber of Far Eastern Group in December, 2011. FEIS focus on providing private banking services tohigh net worth individuals and professional foreign securities services to financial institutions. FEISaims to provide independentfinancial advice to help customers achieve their financial goals andenjoy their desired lifestyle, through integrated financial expertise and unique wealth managementapproach. Their approach has a strong financial planning focus, customer oriented philosophy andproduct neutral proposition.Date & Time: March 22, 2013 ; 14:00-16:00 (13:30 – 13:45 Meet at Taipei 101 1st Floor))Venue: Taipei 101 Dress Code: Business
  4. 4. Event: You Are The key! Date: March 23, 2013 Time: 14:00-16:30 (13:30 registration)Venue: Taipei City Council Hall (507 JEN-AI ROAD, SEC. 4, TAIPEI CITY)
  5. 5. Birthday Stars of MarchHappy Birthday to I.P.P. Jenny & Sunny!!!! I.P.P. Jenny SunnyFellowship EventAs our member-to-be Sarah’s friends (who are French Rotaractors) are com-ing to Taiwan, we will hang out with them on March 22 and March 23, beforeand after our visit and meeting. Details will be announced soon. If you’re in-terested in the social events, please sign up to our gmail.Members’ Notice● Please be noticed that every member is required to do RSVP to every event.● Wear pin and arrive earlier to every meeting to assist the host.● If you haven’t written a postcard to our twin club, please do so ASAP.Contact RAC TaipeiFacevook: ractaipei@gmail.comWebsite: