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London’s Barclays Cycle Hire: Innovative Usages of Data by Third-Party Developers


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London’s Barclays Cycle Hire: Innovative Usages of Data by Third-Party Developers

  1. 1. UCL CENTRE FOR ADVANCED SPATIAL ANALYSISLondon’s Barclays Cycle HireInnovative Usages of Data by Third-Party DevelopersOliver O’BrienResearch AssociateUCL CASA OBIS Project Meeting – 3 March 2011
  2. 2. London’s Barclays Cycle Hire - Timeline 30 July 2010 Scheme launches 2 August 2010 Adrian Short releases “Boris Bikes API” 8 October 2010 1 million journeys made 3 December 2010 Scheme opens for “casual use” 5 January 2011 Flow data on first 1.4 million journeys released by Transport for London 1 February 2011 2.5 million journeys made
  3. 3. Adrian Short’s “Boris Bikes API”• API = “Application Programming Interface”•• Available as XML, JSON, CSV or KML
  4. 4. Sachin Handiekar’s “TfL Cycle Hire API”•• Available as XML, JSON, CSV or YAML
  5. 5. Flow Data Release
  6. 6. Review of APIs for Some Schemes in EuropeExternal Use of Data API NO API Rennes London Explicitly Allowed Vienna Saragossa Bordeaux Barcelona Implicitly Allowed Milan Rome DijonImplicitly Not Allowed Cardiff Paris Turin Dublin BrusselsExplicitly Not Allowed Valencia Seville Stockholm
  7. 7. Review of APIs for Some Schemes WorldwideExternal Use of Data API NO API Rennes Washington DC London Explicitly Allowed Vienna Saragossa Montreal Bordeaux Mexico City Melbourne Barcelona Denver Implicitly Allowed Minneapolis Milan Miami Beach Rome Rio de Janeiro DijonImplicitly Not Allowed Cardiff Adelaide Paris Toyama Turin Shanghai Dublin BrusselsExplicitly Not Allowed Valencia Seville Stockholm
  8. 8. Why Release Data to Third Party Developers?• Creation of applications to help users plan journey from office/home or while on bike• Visualisations and analysis which increase the profile and “public goodwill” of the scheme – Newspaper articles – Higher profile on search engines • Tourists more likely to discover scheme before arriving• Another tangible benefit to the public
  9. 9. Why Do Third Parties Use Data?• As a business – To make money from “apps”• To increase their profile• For the public good – Because they love their city• Academic research – Transport modelling• To hold the scheme to account
  10. 10. What Data can be Released?• Near-live (~1 minute) – Docking station status • Name • Numeric ID • Location as latitude/longitude • Current number of available bikes • Current number of available spaces• Historical – Flow data
  11. 11. Online Digital Mapping Providers• OpenStreetMap
  12. 12. Online Digital Mapping Providers• CycleStreets
  13. 13. iPhone and Android Apps• London Cycle Deluxe • Cyclo• London Cycle Maps and • Spotcycle Routes/London Cycle Pro • iFindBikes• Cycle Hire • iLondonCycle• London Cycle Pro • Boris Bikes• Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner • Yell for Bikes• London Tube • Cycle Hire Widget/Lite• BlueLanes Cycle Hire App • Just BikeIT London• London Bike • Boris Bikes Live• Bixou/Bixou Lite • London Cycle Hire LIVE
  14. 14. iPhone AppsLondon Cycle Cycle Hire Live
  15. 15. iPhone Apps – Augmented RealityBlueLanes London Tube (Presslite)
  16. 16. Android Apps – Cycle Hire Widget
  17. 17. Android Apps – Cycle Hire Widget• Links with “Live View” gadget
  18. 18. Visualisations – Docking Station States
  19. 19. Visualisations – Docking Station Changes
  20. 20. Visualisations – Flows: Journey Times
  21. 21. Visualisations – Flows: Weekdays
  22. 22. Visualisations – Flows: Weekends
  23. 23. Visualisations – Flows on Optimal Routes
  24. 24. Visualisations – Flows on Optimal Routes
  25. 25. A Bit of Analysis – Docking Station Graphs
  26. 26. A Bit of Analysis – Distribution Balance
  27. 27. Academic Research
  28. 28. Thanks! p1 photo by ChodHound - p11, 12, 14, 18-24 Images contain OpenStreetMap data CC-By- SA OpenStreetMap and contributors – p12, 14 CycleStreets background cartography design by Cloudmade. p15 Photos of London Tube from Pressliteapps video. p16-17 Cycle Hire Widget is written by Little Fluffy Toys. p17 Photos from London Cyclist Blog and Appbrain. p20 Average Journey Time map from James Cheshire – p23 Greyscale routed flow map by Demeter Sztanko –Oliver O’Brien p24 Visualisation in conjunction with Martin Austiwick – p25 Docking station graphs by Aidan Slingsby –