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Pedalling Pozuelo - a view from the cycle path


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Presentation given at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain on 12 February 2013.

The presentation was given to speakers of English as a Second Language. The primary purpose of the session was for students to practise their English listening skills and learn some new vocab.

The topic of the presentation was cycling as a mode of transport in Pozuelo.

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Pedalling Pozuelo - a view from the cycle path

  1. 1. pedalling pozuelo - a view from the cycle path Photo:  Mikael  Colville-­‐Andersen  ©  
  2. 2. h6p://     Chitty Chitty Bang Bang we love you. And our pretty Chitty Bang Bang loves us, too. High, low, anywhere we go On Chitty Chitty we depend Our fine four-fendered friend. it began with a bang!
  3. 3. ..but what happened to our cities?
  4. 4. and our bodies?
  5. 5. h6p://­‐city-­‐of-­‐cyclists-­‐video     it needn’t be like this!
  6. 6. benefits of cycling
  7. 7. more chic
  8. 8. h"p://     quicker
  9. 9. healthier
  10. 10. A  study  by  Ph.D  candidate  Oliver  Smith  at  Portland   State  University  found  that,  of  all  types  of   commuters,  those  who  travel  by  bike  rank  the   highest  on  measures  of  well-­‐being.     Image:  Bike  Portland   happier
  11. 11. h6p://     astonishing
  12. 12. cheaper
  13. 13. better for business source:  h6p://­‐business/reasons-­‐business-­‐leaders-­‐danish-­‐style-­‐cycling  
  14. 14. less stressful
  15. 15. less space
  16. 16. cycling is dangerous it’s too hilly in Pozuelo! Madrid is too big you need to dress like Contador cycling is a sport only for kids and young people common myths
  17. 17. Seville   Copenhagen   Groningen   Barcelona   liveable cities
  18. 18. h6p://     how the Dutch got their cycle paths
  19. 19. pedalling in pozuelo
  20. 20. make short journeys by bike!
  21. 21. combine public transport
  22. 22. respect the speed limit!
  23. 23. style-­‐over-­‐ speed   make  eye   contact   beware   roundabouts   good  lights   good  lock   avoid   pavements   recommendations
  24. 24. helmet?
  25. 25. conclusions
  26. 26. try your bike for 1 short journey think before jumping into your car respect the speed limit (40km/h) lobby town hall for adequate cycle infrastructure sign 30km/h European Citizens Initiative ( what can you do?
  27. 27. English i. ii.  a view from the cycle path iii.  bike belles (sustrans) iv.  cycle chic v.  cycling with children (sustrans) vi.  Cycling  in  Skirts  and   Dresses   Spanish i.  conbici ii.  pedalibre iii.  plano de calles tranquilas para ir en bici por Madrid i.  ii.  printable map smartphone GPS enabled app iv.  i love bicis v.  por pozuelo con pedales resources
  28. 28. Sustainable  Transport   thanks! 29  
  29. 29. Photo:  Mikael  Colville-­‐Andersen  ©   enjoy the ride!
  30. 30.