A2 media evaluation new - Oliver Mansfield


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A2 media evaluation new - Oliver Mansfield

  1. 1. A2 Media Evaluation Name: Oliver Mansfield Centre Number: 15147 Candidate Number:
  2. 2. Question 1: In what ways does your media products use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products
  3. 3. How my products uses, challenges or develops forms and conventions of real media.I feel that my media products, a teaser trailer, poster and magazine front cover uses forms and conventions of real media products in a lot of ways through conventions like:• Setting/Location• Camera shots/angles• Music/ Sound FX• Length• Colour• Lighting• Mis en scene• Actors• Editing• Etc
  4. 4. Trailer:
  5. 5. Camera shots/anglesI feel that the use of my camera shots and angles I had used in my trailer created a range of good techniques for my trailer to make it seem very professional. I have used multiple shots and angles as shown on this page. The image on the left is a low angle shot looking up, this screen shot was taken from a clip I have used in my trailer showing the boy walking closer towards the camera, looking into the distance. The image on the right shows another low angle shot looking straight ahead showing a pair of dangling legs with no clothes on, this is appealing for the audience to wonder who it is and why this is happening. The image at the bottom is a screen shot I have taken from a clip showing a mid shot which turns into a close up shot. I feel that I have learnt a lot through this convention and I have used it similar to other real media products to make it more professional. I feel that I have learnt a lot from this aspect of my production stage and has made me understand a lot more about different shots, angles and when to use them.
  6. 6. Music/ Sound FX The music and sounds I have used for my teaser trailer were by far the most key element formy trailer to set the mood of what genre the film is. The most useful part of my trailer was tomake sure this convention related to other real media products, this is done by making surethe music/sound FX worked well and blended in correctly with the clips in the trailer tocreate good video effects. I feel that my trailer uses this convention well through timing andthe type of sounds. For example in my trailer I have used sounds such as heartbeats whentext/copy is introduced to add an effect on the text to make it stand out. I had researchedinto different sounds online on different website by using search engines like‘www.google.com’ and ‘YouTube.com’ to find a variety of different sounds which I could useon certain parts of my trailer.
  7. 7. LengthMy media product uses this convention in my construction of mytrailer very well as I have relating my planning of my trailer throughthe process of my research, analysing different teaser trailer hasgiven me a good idea of how long to structure my own trailer. I hadthen made a decision and planned to base my trailer around thelength of the trailers I had researched. I had planned to make itaround 1 minute long exactly. This way I could realise how manyclips to use in my trailer and how long they can be. I feel as if I usedthis convention well to construct a well made media productthrough using forms and conventions from the real media based onthe research I have made.
  8. 8. LightingI feel that my teaser trailer uses the lighting convention like other real media products to add a lot of effects and realistic prospects of a trailer. Throughout the production of my trailer I had used a variety of different times to use lighting to add an effect on a specific clip to either make something stand out better than something else or to just make a good light to see something better. As a horror genre film/trailer to set the scene my scary features will appear at night time, due to this it can be very hard to see certain things, throughout my night time filming I created lighting through flash lights or camera lights to create lighting for certain objects/people. I feel that this convention worked well in my work and created good forms and conventions which are shown in real media products.
  9. 9. Mise en sceneThe mise en scene is a very important convention to consider in anymedia product. This is important so that you can create and set thetheme/genre of the film or trailer. Without this the trailer can fallapart and may not set the scene or plot of the story very well. Dueto my film being about teenagers in the present tense I was able tofilm teenagers my age wearing average/casual clothes in my filmingwhich was correct for my plot and story. Other aspects of realmedia which I have used in my work includes of different propssuch as hats, fires, weapons etc. Images below show examples of afew props or mise en scene (clothes) which has been used in theproduction of my work.
  10. 10. ActorsActors in my trailer was a very aspect of conventions in my work to ensure thatthey are the correct types of gender and age to relate for my film, this way Iwas able to gather actors of the teenage age and both genders, 2 boys and 2girls. The use of real media products must have correct actors to portray themessage sent through the plot. I feel that I have chosen the correct actors torelate to the target audience of both genders and the correct age to relate tomany audiences. The image below shows a few of my actors prepare forfilming with make up and correct clothes etc. I feel I definitely use forms andconvention of real media products in this aspect of my filming which relateswell to my target audience and genre.
  11. 11. EditingBelow shows my video trailer for my horror films. As you can see through thetrailer especially as it develops, certain aspects of my editing increase throughrealistic and professional ways. This aspect/convention makes the trailer verysuccessful. For example towards the end I have created quick cuts and edits to addthe effect of suspense which works well with the sound in the background of mytrailer. I have also used a variety of transitions to relate to certain parts of thetrailer for example blurred transitions of clips which have slow cuts. I have alsoused different types of transitions at the beginning of the trailer which introducesthe distribution companies.
  12. 12. Setting/LocationMy media product uses the convention location/setting very well inmy construction stage of my work. The setting is important so thatyou can relate the film and genre well with where the film is set andfilmed. Without a suitable setting for the correct type of film andgenre the flow and mixture of the film will not work well at all,especially when trying to fit the plot in with the film it needs tohave a correct location. For example my film is about teenagerswho go camping, this means the location of filming my teasertrailer would have to be in a field/camping atmosphere. I feel thatthis convention works well and is developed in a way when shownwith a tent and fire at night to show the scar aspect of a horror filmnot knowing who might turn up or what might happen at night. Thisconvention has helped me to understand how to relate the settingwith the plot and film genre.
  13. 13. Poster:
  14. 14. How my poster uses, challenges or develops forms and conventions of the real media, shown below:Images: The image used here works well with the genre and theme of my trailer due to way the image is constructed. It is a medium/close up shot of a boy who seems to loo evil/demented. The image works well with the poster due to the darkest of it (black and white) and the red streak of blood relating to the fonts in the poster. I feel that the image creates a good convention of real media as it looks realistic for a poster.Layout: The layout of this poster also looks appealing and I feel uses and maybe even challenges real media with this convention. I feel that this poster looks effective, realistic and professional comparing to other previous real media products. The poster starts with text to grab out attention, followed by the image, followed by the title of the film and date and finally showing the information of the film.Colour scheme: The colour scheme shown here in my poster is mostly dark colours (black and red) also showing use of white on the image and other copy (text) information. I feel that my chosen colour scheme uses conventions of real media because of the colours relating to the genre horror, mostly being dark and scary colours, as you can see the red copy (text) relates to the blood on my image creating effect.Copy/Text and font: The copy/text used in my poster is used well for a good appeal for people to be attractive to the poster and to also promote the film ‘Darkest Night’. The fonts used develops forms of real media due too the creativity of the title and information shown at the bottom of the page, it looks appealing and works well with the image and colours on the pageLighting: The lighting used here creates good effect onto the image by using good use of real media, the image is glow so that you can see it well and focus on the ‘strange’ face of the boy whilst noticing the blood stain/dripping on his face. I feel that I have used a good amount of the lighting in this poster so show the parts which need to be shown the most, leaving the rest of the background dark so that the text/copy can be shown easily through its use of red and white colours. I feel that this product works very well to create good form and conventions of the real media.
  15. 15. Magazine Front Cover
  16. 16. How my magazine front cover product uses, challenges or develops forms and conventions of the real media, shown below:Image:The image used in this magazine front over uses a lot of forms and conventions of the real media.The image shown is close up shot of a boy covered in blood, this image is shown in the middle of thepage so that text/copy can be displayed around it. I feel that this image works well and represents alot of the real media as it blends well with the background for example his hair fades into the blackbackground.Layout:The layout used in this magazine front cover allows text to display around the image whilst stillbeing appealing through the creative magazine masthead at the top of the page ‘Take Two’ andadditional text/copy to grab the attention of the viewers at the bottom of the page and the ‘sweetspot’ which has a circle with freebies inside, this uses up the space of the sweet spot very well inorder to grab the attention of the viewer quickly to this part of the page.Colour Scheme:The colour scheme shown here shows a great use of comparison to the theme of the magazine andthe main film it is portraying (Darkest Night – horror genre). I feel that the colours used on theimage allow great appeal to relate to the blood stain on the left and right side of the page whilsthaving the sweet spot circle the same colour. The used of the blue around the eyes relates well tothe text/copy at the bottom of the page to make the page more interesting g rather than keeping itblack red and white.Copy/Text and font:The copy used in this magazine front cover is used to appeal and grab the attention of the audiencein order for them to buy the magazine. The sweet spot is used well to create a freebie to appeal theaudiences even more. I feel that the fonts/text types used are created well through the boldnessand variety of red and white colours to appeal with the rest of the colour schemes. I feel that theseconventions add a good effect to this page.Lighting:The lighting used on this page is mainly shown through the image grabbing the appeal for thesewondering what is this picture about. The lighting brightens up the image whilst mixing well withthe mast head of the magazine. This in my opinion uses and develops forms and conventions in thereal media to add more effect of magazine to make them seem more realistic.Mast Head: The mast head used here a great convention of real media and I feel develops well due to its use of style. The style is shown as good alliteration in the mast head whilst having the letters shaped as film strips to relate to the fact that this magazine is for films – this edition relating to the horror genre.
  17. 17. Poster:Voice overhere
  18. 18. Magazine Front Cover:Voice overhere
  19. 19. Trailer:Voice overhere
  20. 20. Question 2: How effective is thecombination of your main products and ancillary tasks?
  21. 21. ConventionsThere are many conventions which relate to the combination of mymain task and ancillary tasks. For example the main conventionswhich relate to all 3 products are fonts, colour schemes, images etc.The main reason for this is because of the genre and audience ofthe horror genre. All products still have to relate to the same typeof audience by using similar types of conventions making them thesame theme and genre. Due to the different types of conventionsthis makes a very effective combination of the 3 products. This iseffective because of similar styles and conventions being used. Theuse of having an effective combination of all 3 products is that theycan all relate for audiences and can be noticed as a similar productbecause of the colours and ways conventions are displayed topromote the same film through a poster, magazine front cover andtrailer. Because of these conventions I feel that they create a veryeffective combination for these 3 products.
  22. 22. Relation of main product and ancillary tasks:
  23. 23. Different aspects of my 3 tasksI feel that due to the similar precautions and conventions used my products work veryeffectively to send the same type of message to the audiences and through the similar colourschemes, phrases and titles of the film the message is conveyed well through very effectivemedia products. Here shows different parts of my ancillary tasks and how similar theconstruction methods are in comparison to my main task (teaser trailer). As you can see here a similarity occurs when you can see the relation between two different promotion schemes using the same companies name in there advertisement showing comparison and combination between different media products.
  24. 24. What I have done and Why?I feel that the combination of my main product and the ancillary tasks are very effective. They all promote my film through different formats professional and create good aspects of its genre (horror) by still relating well to its target audiences to make sure the correct effects are used to attract the viewers.I have done a lot of things to adapt to the combination of all of these 3 products. I feel that the main aspect was the conventions used through the layout of the products making them appeal well to the viewers. They also all promote the film very well by using similar types of words and phrases to draw the audience into the text for example ‘THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE SAFE. THEY THOUGHT WRONG’ and ‘IT WILL FIND YOU’. All of these make the audience wonder why it is said and want to find out why. I have done most things to relate to my genre and target audience but making sure that my tasks all relate together so that once seen in a combination they are all very effective to create great advertising purposes and similarly relate due to the colours and relation for its genre of horror.
  25. 25. Why I didnt do certain thingsI have tried to keep the conventions and ways I have constructed my products to a very similar way so that they can all be seen as different promotion parts for my film in different ways but keeping them ‘scary’ to relate to my genre. Due to this I had to make sure I created them in the correct way appealing for my audiences. There are certain reasons why I didnt not construct my work in way because of various reasons.First of all my research was helpful so that it could help me plan my work well tomake sure I have constructed it well by looking at previous trailer, posters andmagazine front covers. As I then had a better way of how to construct my work Iwas able to plan my products well and by using audience feedback I could includethe most important aspects of my genre which can also relate to my targetaudiences well.For example I had worked out that I wasnt going to use bright colourful coloursfor my poster of my horror film as it would not relate to being scary of to my genreof horror. I had to be reasonable about what to use and what not to use.
  26. 26. PromotionI feel that the promotion side of my main and ancillarytasks was a good way to effectiveness of my products. Ifeel that the promotion side allowed the combinationof my products very effective because they were allproducts advertising the same thing (my film). This waythe promotion products were able to use the sametypes of aspects including the same plot, images andclips in the trailer to show images from the poster andmagazine front cover on the trailer to show a goodcombination so that people may see something on aposter and then the again on the trailer to maybe findout more or to add suspense to the scene to makethem want to find out more.
  27. 27. Question 3: What have you learned from audience feedback?
  28. 28. QuestionnaireVoice over
  29. 29. Questionnaire Evaluation: What have I learntThroughout the course of my questionnaire I had handed out to find outinformation about the horror genre and what my audience feels about it.The use of doing questionnaire is a good way of getting information ofyour choice back from a specific audience which can relate to what type ofquestionnaire you are evaluating. I have learnt a lot about the audience ofhorror films, there opinions and what they prefer from other types ofhorror conventions. I was able to find out a lot from the people I hadasked which had allowed me to construct my data into my planningchanges of my teaser trailer knowing more information form my audienceof what they feel are the best aspects of my trailer to allow me to create amore professional and appealing trailer relating more towards its targetgenre and audience.
  30. 30. Graphs What is the best aspect of a horror film?Voice over Music/sound Setting Evil characters Types of filming
  31. 31. Graph Evaluation: What have I learntThe graph on the previous slide shows data from a question I had asked 10people in a similar audience frame. The question asked them what theyfelt was the best aspect of a horror film. This is a useful question as theanswers will allow me to find out what the majority of people feel aboutdifferent aspects of the horror genre and this could help me to find out ifit can relate to my trailer. The results I obtained from this data shownthrough my graph tells that 40% thinks music/sound is the best aspect of ahorror film, 10% of people thought the setting was the best aspect of ahorror film, 30% of people thought the ‘evil’ characters was the mostimportant aspect of a horror film and finally 20% of people thought thatthe types of filming was the best aspect of a horror film. This data I haverecorded into a graph tells me that the majority of people (40%) prefermusic/sound over other aspects of a horror films, this can help me todecide on certain parts to focus on more for my trailer which in the endworked out well.
  32. 32. GraphsVoice over Which edit of my magazine front cover do you feel is the best? Yes No
  33. 33. Graph Evaluation: What have I learntThroughout the course of editing my magazine front cover I wasunable to decide which edit of my cover I should use as my finaledit. I decided to ask to audience of people who like horror films (boys and girls). The use of audience feedback through this testingtechnique was very good as it showed that a high majority ofpeople (80%) preferred one edit to the other. This shows that by ahigh margin there was a preferred edit which I then went on tochange a couple of bits to have an outcome of a final magazinefront cover which hopefully relates well to a variety of audiences.Audience feedback was very important here as it helped me todecide on a very important part of one of my media products (frontcover). Without audience feedback I could have decided to pick afront cover edit which a lot of people may not have been tooattracted too once compared to other edits I have created. Thisfeedback allowed me to complete a professional magazine frontcover which includes the most appropriate conventions.
  34. 34. Video Testing Products –Audience Feedback
  35. 35. Video Testing Products –Audience Feedback What have I learntAudience feedback was very helpful and useful through testing myfinal media product (teaser trailer) for ‘Darkest Night’. Once I hadfinished my teaser trailer I was able to get something in the targetaudience to watch the trailer and give me feedback of what sheliked. If there was anything she didnt like she would mention sothat I could go back and change to make my trailer better. Due tomy audience feedback I was able to find out that this person toldme good things about my trailer and had nothing she thought Ishould change. Audience feedback was good here as it made surethat I was on the right road of constructing my teaser trailer andmaking sure people were interested in it making sure not too muchof the plot was given away whilst also getting feedback on theconventions I have used such as editing techniques etc. Thisfeedback allowed me to proceed with confidence in my workknowing what someone in my target audience thought of my teasertrailer.
  36. 36. Question 4: How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?
  37. 37. What have I learnt?I have also learnt a lot more from technology as I have had touse websites to edit and upgrade my images to make themlook and appeal better for my final pieces and to make themlooks very professional. I have used Microsoft word, paint, awebsite called ‘Picnik’ and the website blogger for my blog toinclude my work on. All of these pieces are mainly used in mywork to edit my images/photographs so that I can edit themto make them seem more professional for my final ancillarytasks as a poster and magazine front cover, also helping meedit videos into a creative teaser trailer in editing softwaressuch as ‘Power Director’.
  38. 38. Research and Planning - Blogger Blogger was a very important part of my research and planning as it was my website which obtained all of my work for this project. Whilst using this site I had learnt a lot about how to use the site and how it works.This shows a piece of technology I have used on the internet which is known as a blog. I have learnt a lot from this for example how to use it and how to import images and text and post them so that they can be seen online. This is good as it shows how much information is on my blog and has different tabs at the top to include certain bits of work so that it can be divided and not confused as a different part of my work.
  39. 39. Research and Planning - InternetOnline websites are a very good aspect of research and planning asit allowed me to research different pieces of information throughdifferent websites on a search engine like ‘www.google.com’. Thiswas helpful for my research so I could gain more knowledge abouthorror and its genre etc. This was important to me and helped melearn a lot about searching different websites and realising whichsites were more important to learn from. Also Google images was agood part of the Google website to allow me to look at differentposters and magazines to help my research for these ancillary tasks.
  40. 40. Research and Planning - MagazinesMagazines was a very useful part of my research and planning as I wasable to look at different magazine to read about different horror films,realise why they are successful and look into the details of the films. Alsowhilst researching about horror through different magazines also allowedto me to obtain knowledge about different magazines through the layout,colours used, images etc to help my research of magazine front coversand also help me plan my own one successfully, this allowed me to learn alot about its layout and colours used.
  41. 41. Aspects of research and planning (Genre)Genre screen shots are shown here, on the left a screen shot is shown whichshows the research I have obtained in white and then my analysis of what I havefound. On the right hand side I have a screen shot which shows some parts of myplanning I have created for my genre, here shows the generic conventions I amplanning to use for my genre of my teaser trailer.
  42. 42. Aspects of research and planning (Audience)Screen shots are shown here from my audience section of myblog, on the left a screen shot is shown which shows the research Ihave obtained in white and then my analysis of what I have found.On the right hand side I have a screen shot which shows some partsof my planning I have created for my audience, here shows anaudience profile (primary) which I am planning to use for my teasertrailer.
  43. 43. Construction of Trailer product – Cyber Link Power Director10Cyber Link Power Director was a very important part of mywork. By using this piece of editing software for the first time Ihad learnt a lot about it and also I had learnt a lot aboutediting different videos through a variety of transitions, videoeffects and inserting texts etc. This has helped me to create amore professional teaser trailer in my work, I feel that thispiece of software was a very key part of my work to make sureall aspects of my work were created well relating my targetaudience and genre. This was one of the most useful parts ofthe construction of my trailer as it allowed me to do so much from editing videos to producing a final copy which created a smooth video trailer.
  44. 44. Construction of Trailer product – Voice recorderUsing a voice recorder was a very interesting aspect of the construction of my trailer. I feel that it helped to add a realistic concept to the trailer to make people think these are real life situation. I used a voice recorder in my trailer of a girls voice saying ‘help me, help me, please’ and then screams. This worked well as I learnt it could be constructed in certain ways to fit in with the timing of the music/sounds and videos in the trailer to make sure it is all added in the correct time space. I learnt by using a voice recorder it can be used in a variety of places for a variety of reasons. I have also used a voice recorder in this presentation for my evaluation to add a voice over so a voice can explain certain parts of my evaluation. The voice recorder was a very effective part of my construction for my trailer and evaluation.
  45. 45. Construction of Trailer product – Phone Camera/Video CamerasI used video cameras throughout the production of my filming formy teaser trailer. This was by far one of the most important parts ofmy construction and helped me to learn how to use camerasthrough different angles and creative shots. Shown in my blogdifferent camera angles and shots are visible to show which typesof shots and angles I have considered when filming different clips.Phone cameras was also used for this but mainly for taking picturesfor different aspects of my project.
  46. 46. Construction of Trailer product – YouTube to upload Trailer Other types of technology was used such as the website ‘YouTube’. I neededthis website in order to upload to a public site so that anyone can go andsee/watch it so that I can get positive feedback or to record the amount of hitsI was receiving on the video to see how popular it was getting. Throughout theconstruction of my trailer I had learnt a lot about how to produce and uploadmy trailer into a site which allows anyone to see it, this was useful so that thetrailer can be put forward in one of its main advertising places. I have alsolearnt a great deal on promoting my trailer and how this piece of technologycan help me in the future for constructing and getting audience feedback forother videos.
  47. 47. Construction of Poster and Magazine Front Cover - Picnik I have learnt a lot from this internet website‘www.picnik.com’, website, it allows you to upload photos in orderto edit them in size, contrast, brightness, add text, crop, rotate andmany more offers for your photos. I never used this website beforeso I have learnt a lot about editing websites and generally editingphotos due to my media coursework. Through picnik I edited nearlyall of my photos in order to create a better appeal for my images sothat it suits better for my genre and audience. This was the mainreason for editing my images and works well as I mostly changedthe brightness and contrast in my photos so they seemed moredarker or lighter depending of the colours and images on the page.
  48. 48. Construction of Poster and Magazine Front Cover – Microsoft Word This is a screen shot I have taken of me using Microsoft Word which is apiece of software used to insert pictures and text to and to edit them tomake them different if you want to. This is also good as Microsoft Wordcan also be used to edit photos in brightness, contrast, colours, and editbackground of images. This is good as it helped me edit my images tomake them look more professional and to suit better with my type ofgenre for my magazine to suit for its audience and colour scheme. I did notknow how to use this before my course of media project and so I havelearnt a lot from Microsoft word when it comes to editing images.
  49. 49. Construction of Poster and Magazine Front Cover - PaintI learnt a lot from paint and found out it was very useful as I can add andedit as many photos as I like on it and I can use paint tocrop, resize, rotate, and add text to my images. Paint is also useful as it hashelped me to learn how to print screen and edit the screen shots intopaint so I can crop the shots to show examples of my work in my blog andthis evaluation presentation. Paint has also helped me to inserttransparent text so that I can add text into a background and the text layson top of the image and blends with the background.
  50. 50. Construction of Poster and Magazine Front Cover – ‘Dafont’Dafont is a website used to create different styles of font for a specificneed, I researched into this and found certain types of fonts I liked to usefor the construction of my poster and magazine front cover so that I canappeal my genre of horror. I found a variety of fonts and tested them todecide which ones to use. I found this very important to create aprofessional aspect of a poster and front cover. I learnt a lot from thiswebsite as it meant for me to choose wisely about which types of fonts topick to have as a mast head etc to make sure it suits well. I learnt a lotabout fonts in through this website to construct an effective poster andmagazine front cover to suit the specific needs.