Kitesurf for dummies v2.0


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Kitesurf for dummies v2.0

  1. 1. Kitesurfing for dummies V2.0
  2. 2. 2800 years ago in China there once was …
  3. 3. SILK & BAMBOO549 ADfirst recording with paperdifferent usesmusic & mythical figures
  4. 4. Time and technology let men become creative with kites…
  5. 5. And somewhere in 1977 a new sport was born…
  6. 6. BKITES + SURFING = KITESURF1985floatable parts1994ControlbarssurfboardMaximum use winddirection
  7. 7. So what is it...?
  8. 8. how is that possible...?
  9. 9. 2 LAWSNEWTONS BERNOULLIFor every action there is an As the speed of a fluid increases, theequal and opposite reaction. pressure in the fluid decreases.Kites excert a downward force upon the air. Air As air passes below the wing it also passes above thepasses over the top edge of the kite and goes wing. The air on top of the wing moves a longer distancedown the upper surface of the kite. As the kite over the curved surface of the wing and moves at a fasterpushes downward on the relatively heavy air it speed. This reduces the pressure above the wing. The airgets an equal push upwards. This causes the below the wing moves slower than the air above thekite to have an upward counterforce and to fly. wing. This causes the air pressure to be increased. This difference in pressure above and below the wing causes a kite to fly or lift.
  10. 10. 3 MAIN FORCES LIFTLike an airplane, a kite is heavier than air and relies on the motion of the wind past the kite to generate the aerodynamic lift necessary to overcome the weight of the kite. DRAG The movement of the air is generating an aerodynamic drag which is overcome by constraining the kite with a control line. GRAVITY The aerodynamic lift is overcoming the weight of the kite and the person hanging. (both a downward force)
  11. 11. those jumps…?
  12. 12. UPDRAFTS AND TERMALSA kite also gets higher by updrafts and thermals. Updrafts are formed when the wind rises over the kites surface. Thermals are rising bubbles of hot air.
  13. 13. But, you need the right conditions …
  15. 15. And the right training for control…
  16. 16. WINDOWlaunchsafetyWater startPosition of the kite
  17. 17. STEERING LEFT/RIGHT Pull left, to move the kite to the left side of thewindow. The opposite happens when pulling right
  18. 18. Change angle of attack Results in less or more power ANGLE OF ATTACKMovement of bar (back and forth)results in change angle of attack
  19. 19. KITE SAFETY SYSTEM Total depowered Power needed to release chickenloop Full power kiteSafety loop last option for total release < 4 kg at 200kg
  20. 20. and high end materials…!
  21. 21. CANOPE (NORTH 2008)Technoforce T9 polyester ripstopUV-protected coatingAramid reinforcedUV-obstructing polyester polyurethane bladdersLeading edge in Dacron
  22. 22. TRUSTBAR (NORTH 2008)Metal centerDyneema Technoforce T9 polyester ropeProtective rubber coatingComposite interiorEva Grip
  23. 23. HARNASWater, salt and impact resistant
  24. 24. BOARD (NORTH X-RIDE)ABS protected sidewalls3D wood carbon sandwichCNC milled 3D deck and bottom (flex)Adjustable footstraps
  25. 25. SAFETY LEASH (NORTH)Stainless steel buckleNeoprene Covered BuckleDyneema Rope Inside250kg holding karabine
  26. 26. PUMP (NORTH)piston pumpcapacity of 2 x 2.000 cm³
  27. 27. WETSUITneoprene
  28. 28. cost 1st Kite Bar 1100,- 300,- Harnas 100,- Pump 30,- Safety leash 20,- Board 600, Subtotal 2150,- Surfsuit 200,- 2nd kite 1100,- Total 3450,-