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Solving Top Cloud Problems MODAClouds Toolbox


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MODAClouds - Solving Top Cloud Problems

MODAClouds Project is a research project initiate to research in various fields in cloud Computing. The project was born with the objective to to provide methods, a decision support system (DSS) and an open source IDE and run-time environment to enhance the way we use multiple cloud services. In addition, the project builds leverages one key characteristic, guaranteeing quality of service in MultiCloud scenarios.

MODAClouds Multi-Cloud DevOps Toolbox is a set of tools and best practice methods specifically created "for Clouds", for the most demanding Multi-Cloud scenarios. MODAClouds Toolbox is here to help developers and operators to change and improve the way software is created and operated, in a more agile manner.

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Solving Top Cloud Problems MODAClouds Toolbox

  1. 1. MODAClouds MODAClouds R&D Projects Multi-Cloud DevOps Solutions
  2. 2. Meet the Team Dave Developer Percy Operator John Sales Quality Manager Steve CEO Peter CIO
  3. 3. Creator 4Clouds is a Multi-Cloud DevOps Tool that facilitates Multi-Cloud development
  4. 4. Without Creator 4Clouds Dave “the Developer” has a non-cloud Application that needs to migrate to the Cloud Dave also has already another app running on Amazon EC2 (MODAFin is a Java app built with EC2 APIs) Peter CIO Percy “the Operator” deploys, monitors and administers MODAFin App on Amazon EC2 Dave &Percy (slowly) collaborate on testing, performance debugging and refactoring Peter (the CIO) has been instructed by Steve (the CEO) to move everything to the Cloud to be have an IT infrastructure more Agile and Faster for the business John, Dave and Percy identify various cloud providers and services that could host different pieces of their applications Dave Developer Percy Operator
  5. 5. Without Creator 4Clouds Dave and Percy are in trouble: since it implies knowing different APIs and will imply different tools for operations and monitoring quality… is it possible to change from cloud provider? is it worth it ? … to use various cloud providers? It took a lot of time developing the app for the cloud the first time and migrating old components to cloud working code. It is even worse, what if they want to redeploy it, or migrate it, to another provider ? or to another since they don’t offer the right QoS or you find a better service for your business? Peter wants to improve IT: he wants to develop once and be able to deploy in several cloud providers and services… they want to embrace the world of Multi-Cloud applications. They need Abstraction of the Cloud Context !!! Plus they want to specify early in the game business and technical requirements, constrains, rules etc… for deployment, monitoring and operations Dave Developer Peter CIO Percy Operator
  6. 6. With Creator 4Clouds Dave “the Developer” now has a set of development tools within an integrated IDE with: CloudML which allows him to model Applications and add the cloud specific bits to enable deployment and runtime optimizations, automation and self-adaptation according to requirements and live-monitoring Venues 4Clouds and Analysis Tools like SpaceDev 4Clouds to send the model and discover the best suitable providers and services according to QoS and Service Levels and Constrains policies defined by others in the organization (John or Percy) Energizer 4Clouds: to take advantage of abstraction and automating deployment scripts on different cloud providers (compatible with ADDapters 4Clouds) to answer the question about if it is worth it ro not to think about deployin in another cloud? and later obtain feedback from monitoring with Tower or SpaceOps 4Clouds SLA Tool 4Clouds which enables defining early in the game Business and Techincal Drive QoS rules and constrains that will be assured by Energizer 4Clouds for controlled operations and self-adaptation Dave Developer
  7. 7. Without Creator 4Clouds Peter CIO Percy “the Operator” is now also involved in the development process to help analyze runtime information for improving applications at design time for better performance Percy Operator Peter “the CIO” now is managing a team embracing DevOps and has Agility, Flexibility, and faster response times
  8. 8. Venues 4Clouds helps reducing risks associated to Cloud Computing
  9. 9. Without Venues 4Clouds Petter “CIO” has been tasked to support a new business model for the company ASAP (next week) Peter CIO John Sales Quality Manager Petter sits with Jonh (Quality Manager), Dave (Developer) & Percy (Operator) to define a plan They decide that Cloud is the way They decide to put various cloud services together for different parts of the App and be able to quickly prototype and test the Application that will support the new Biz Model … but be careful, John says that not all cloud providers can assure the same quality or service level Dave Developer Percy Operator Dave has all the pieces of the application but they don’t have cloud-specific bits Percy says that operating on various Cloud Providers will bring different risks and problems to the table
  10. 10. Without Venues 4Clouds They are in trouble: how can we reduce time to develop a complex application ? how can we make this app embraces the Cloud way ? how can we reduce times for creating development, testing or production environments? Dave Developer Peter CIO Percy Operator What Cloud Services are out there that i can use for my Application? Which provider should i use in terms of technical functionality ? … and from our business requirements point of view? how can i compare these providers services and the conditions under they are provided? There are many similar solutions and cloud providers out there, how can i compare them technically? and from the Biz point of view? the selection is a complex process that involves business people, developers and operators, in which they all have something to say that affects the overall picture of the selection therefore Cloud is great but it comes with new problems and risks for your business (and then for your IT) !!!
  11. 11. With Venues 4Clouds With Venues 4Clouds they all participate in the process and define a list of requirements for different contexts such as development, testing, and production so they have risks under control !!! John Sales Quality Manager They can all now discover, identify and compare cloud providers and services that they need They can now define the service levels they require for different parts of the application according to Business and Technical aspects They can now define rules that identify other suitable providers on the fly and pass them to the runtime engine Energizer 4Cloudsfor deployment and migration from one to another provider according to QoS or any other needs They now are able to find the Best Execution Venue for their applications the Energizer 4Clouds monitoring tools provide information back to Creator 4Clouds and Venues 4Clouds to learn and refine the list of suitable options with runtime information Dave Developer Percy Operator
  12. 12. Energizer 4Clouds is a Multi- Cloud DevOps Tool
  13. 13. Without Energizer 4Clouds Dave “the Developer” creates MODAFin MODAFin is a Java app built with EC2 APIs Dave Developer Peter CIO Percy “the Operator” deploy, monitors and administers MODAFin on EC2 Dave &Percy (slowly) collaborate on testing, performance debugging and refactoring Percy Operator Peter “the CIO” (Dave &Percy’s boss) thinks EC2 is too costly! Dave hacks the app to work on CloudBees Percy is in real trouble… restart from scratch with new deploy, monitoring & admin stack?
  14. 14. With Energizer 4Clouds Dave “the Developer” creates MODAFin MODAFin is a (MODA)CloudML app Energizer 4Clouds deploys, configures, and simplifies management on Multi-Clouds Dave Developer Peter CIO Percy’s new role is to administer problems Dave can do a lot of testing and refactoring without help from Percy Percy Operator Peter “the CIO” (Dave &Percy’s boss) thinks EC2 is too costly! However… this time thanks to MODACloudML and Energizer 4Clouds they are ready for CloudBees... even just clicks away!
  15. 15. Energizer 4Clouds is a Multi- Cloud DevOps Tool
  16. 16. Without Energizer 4Clouds Dave “the Developer” creates MODAFin Dave Developer Carl “Sales Quality Manager” gets response time requirements from the customers (SLAs) but John has no way to provide an automated and cost-effective IT based solution Percy Operator Percy “the Operator” uses SLA monitoring Percy reports to Dave response time violations Dave has to work with Percy on log files to understand what went wrong John Sales Quality Manager Peter CIO
  17. 17. Without Energizer 4Clouds John “Sales Quality Manager” inputs response time requirements in the Energizer 4Clouds SLA Tool Dave Developer Dave and Percy watch Energizer 4Clouds’ metric explorer Energizer 4Clouds tells Dave and Percy of response time violations by components and providers Energizer 4Clouds now automatically monitors log files to find root causes instead of Dave and Percy Dave now knows what the problem is and what he has to do Percy can offer his experience to provide guidance to operate in different ways Percy Operator Peter and John are now sure to operate under customer-requested conditions and have a report of violations to offer compensations John Sales Quality Manager John Sales Quality Manager Peter CIO
  18. 18. John Sales Quality Manager Peter CIO
  19. 19. Without Energizer 4Clouds John and Peter agree that the customer is important and they have to comply with his service level demands so they think that auto-scaling is the solution Percy “the Operator” sets up EC2 auto-scaling Percy updates the auto-scaling thresholds when problems arise using rules of thumb Percy just makes sure that each VM does not exceed a certain utilization Percy Operator John Sales Quality Manager Peter CIO
  20. 20. With Energizer 4Clouds John and Peter now have an automated and cost- effective solution that learns from the past… Percy “the Operator” deploys MODAFin with Energizer 4Clouds Tower 4Clouds and SpaceOps 4Clouds automatically monitor and adjusts load balancing and can scale out VMs on-demand based on SLAs and QoS Business and Technical requirements Percy Operator Dave Developer Dave is not worried if his boss asks him to be ready to deploy the application in another provider with better performance thanks to ADDapters 4Clouds He is now working on a new functionality and abstracting the new components with CloudML 4Clouds John Sales Quality Manager Peter CIO
  21. 21. Selection of BEV according to needs & requirements MDD Approach Design with Business & Technical Requirements Monitoring and Operations with QoS Cloud Agnostic Development: Build Once, deploy in multiple clouds Multi-Cloud & Bursting Operations with various compatible QoS-Aware Self Adaptation Feedback Loop Business & Technical Requirements Identify and Select Providers & Cloud Services
  22. 22. we live in a Multi-Cloud world with specific problems to address Claudification migrate to the cloud in a controlled way Business Driven Clouds putting Business Requirements into the Development & Operation workflow Quality First taking care of the unexpected with Monitoring and SLAs Optimization optimization of Code, Deployment, & Operations Feasibility Analysis identify the best services available to transform IT- powered infrastructures into your business model Agility in a Multi-Cloud World select the best venue for your business
  23. 23. MODAClouds Oliver Barreto