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Flipping the Teaching Paradigm


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Shows an alternative to the way teaching currently is. Has a small focus on STEM and Computer Science.

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Published in: Education
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Flipping the Teaching Paradigm

  1. 1. Flipping the Teaching Paradigm By: Olin Gallet Http:// Twitter: @olingallet
  2. 2. How Teaching's Been  Students go to class, take an hour lecture  Go home and do homework
  3. 3. Why It's No Good  Students learn at different rates. - Go too fast, they get lost. - Go too slow, they get bored.  Students learn in different ways. - Through audio - Through visuals - Through doing
  4. 4. Proposed Solution  Put homework in the classroom - Promotes learning by teaching other students - Encourages teamwork - Lets teachers guide rather than force education  Let teaching happen at home - Empowers students by letting them learn at their own pace. - Students can replay parts of lecture for reinforcement.
  5. 5. Problems with Solution  Technology Accessibility - Does every student have Internet and a way to use it at home? - Can the school provide resources for students to get work done at school?
  6. 6. Goals Specific to STEM  Teach students the logic, not the language - Variables - Loops - Control statements - Arithmetic - Problem solving - Trial and error - Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
  7. 7. Relevant Real World Skills  Teamwork / Coping  Persistence  Problem Decomposition
  8. 8. How To Do It?  Scratch  HTML5 / CSS3  Javascript / jQuery  PHP? Remember the language is not important, it's about learning the process.
  9. 9. For more info:  Technology in the Classroom -
  10. 10. For more info:  Technology in the Classroom -