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William wilson PART I


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William wilson PART I

  1. 1. William WilsonPart IANALYTICAL READINGAnswer these questions according to the reading:1. In the third paragraph William acted like a Wild:A FoolB AnimalC Intelligent Person2. Depending on the previous answer, this word means:A A person who has many skills and knowledgeB A person who can think quicklyCA person who has a weak mind, who cannot think well3. Fill the next gaps with the most suitable word. Use the words which are in the chartbelow.rememberoldlittleKnown1 I am one of a family well Known for their busy minds.2 My father and mother, weak* in body and mind, could do little to hold me back.3 I remember my first school4 All of the houses there were very old.
  2. 2. WORD COLLECTOR ACTIVITY*Look for at least two synonyms for each word and underline the stress part.-afraid: frightened, startled-knife: coulter, chopper,-Deep: intimate, heavy-Decay: decline, decadence-Soft: mild, gentle*Write the unknown words and know the corresponding meaning-Degrees: One of a series of steps in a process, course, or progression-Desires: To wish or long for-delightful:Greatlypleasing
  3. 3. SOUND DEALER ACTIVITY*Read the following paragraph according to the phonetic symbols/ˈðɪ s ˈtrəbəld ˈmiˈ ˈgreɪ tliˈ/ˈaɪ ˈtraɪ dtə ˈmeɪ kðiˈ ˈəðərzˈθɪ ŋk ˈðæt ˈaɪ ˈdɪ d ˈnɑ t ˈker/ðə ˈtruˈθ ˈwəz ˈðæt ˈaɪ ˈfelt əˈfreɪ dəvɪ m/ˈaɪ ˈhædtə ˈfaɪ ttəəˈpɪ r ˈiˈkwəl ˈwɪ ðɪ m, ˈbət ˈhiˈ ˈiˈzliˈ ˈkeptɪ mˈselfˈiˈkwəl ˈwɪ ð ˈmiˈ/ˈjet ˈnoʊ ˈwən ˈels ˈfelt/ əz ˈaɪ ˈdɪ d/ ˈðætˈðɪ sˈpruˈvdɪ mðə ˈbetərəvðə ˈtuˈ/*Write the unknown words with their phonetic symbols, and practice their pronunciation.-neighboring ˈneɪ bərɪ ŋ-fields ˈfiˈldz-indeed ɪ nˈdiˈd-dared ˈderd