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Error analysis rubric


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Error analysis rubric

  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD TECNOLÓGICA DE PEREIRA LICENCIATURA EN LENGUA INGLESA PRONUNCIATION COURSE SELF-ASSESSMENT SHEET Common mistakes Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Substitution of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 /ʃ/ by /tʃ/ /tʃ/ by /ʃ/ /z/ by/s/ /θ/ by/s/ or /f/ /ð/by /d/ /v/ by/b/ /ŋ/ by/n/ /m/ by/n/ /ʒ/ by /ʃ/ /æ/ by/ɑ/ √/ə/ by any vowel, according to the spelling of √ the word. /ɪ/ by /i:/ /ʊ/ by/u:/ Inserting /e/ in words beginning with /s/ Not pronouncing correctly the past tense of √ regular verbs. Pronouncing words as they are spelled /ɪ/ /aɪ/ and vice versa /ʌ/ by /ʊ/ Words are stressed on the right syllableRising and falling intonation is considered in √ speech
  2. 2. Critical listening:The Palaces – dressed – produce – continued – spread – masquerader – acceptable – Seizewords that were difficultto pronounce in thissession were…Transcription andannotation: Write in /ˈp æl.ɪ s/ - /drest/ - /prəˈdjuːs/ - /kənˈtɪ n.juːd / - /spred / - /əkˈsept.ə.bl / -phonetic symbols thewords that were /siːz/mispronounced andhighlight the mistakesRehearsing correctionsaloud:Read the text againincluding the receivedfeedback, then mentionthe problems that are stillpresent in terms ofpronunciationPlease, honestly and objectively, take your time to complete the following chart in relation to the pronunciation project, your points of view areimportant for this process. Strengths RecommendationsWe can apply the knowledge learned in class, and now is easierto It´s clear that we need to practice more out class.pronounce words that before we had problems. Is important at the moment of make this activities to apply all strategiesWe take careful at the moment of pronounce any sentence with up or seen in class.down intonation.