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How the Open Source technologies can help your city to become an better place to live


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Advantages of FOSS/OSHW are explained. LoRa and LoRaWAN applications are listed. Advance information on OSHW LoRa and LoRaWAN hardware designs is provided

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How the Open Source technologies can help your city to become an better place to live

  1. 1. PlovdivConf, (C) 2018 Released under CC BY-SA-3.0 How the Open Source technologies can help your city to become an better place to live
  2. 2. $whoami Tsvetan Usunov – owner of OLIMEX Ltd, an company established 27 years ago in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Dealing with electronics, open source hardware and software and with many customers all around the world.
  3. 3. What is FOSS?
  4. 4. What is OSHW?
  5. 5. Advantages: People love FOSS/OSHW, as they learn while looking at how people has solved given problem. Even people who do not make FOSS/ OSHW love to learn new stuff.
  6. 6. Advantages: (for the end user) When one product is Open source the price is under pressure. If the author can't manufacture effectively, competitors step in and prices fall.
  7. 7. Advantages: Security for the business, which uses OSHW, that the product will be available even if the author stop manufacturing it. Everything is open and can be produced as long as there is demand.
  8. 8. Advantages: Open Source products allow modifications and tailoring to anyones needs.
  9. 9. Advantages: End customer has full control over the code and documentation, everything is open, everyone can check the code and hardware and if there are defects to be fixed on time.
  10. 10. Advantages: Open Source allow better products to be designed. By opening the design you can benefit from your customer enthusiasm, free consultations and tips how to improve it.
  11. 11. Advantages: Your customers accept these products like their own, as they contribute during the design. You have not just buyers, but collaborators which supports you.
  12. 12. Advantages: You share knowledge, but also learn at the same time.
  13. 13. Advantages: You show to the world, how good designer you are and your capabilities.
  14. 14. Advantrages: Even if everything else is equal, when you open your design you give to your customers more value for your product.
  15. 15. Advantages: End user is not dependant from single source, having all documentation makes easy the maintenance and repairs.
  16. 16. Advantages: Once done it can be scaled and multiplied.
  17. 17. Disadvantage: If you are passive user, without capability to modify and develop this product may be not exactly what you are looking for.
  18. 18. Even in this case you have options: - to wait someone, who can do design and develop and have same as your needs to do this for you free of charge; - or to pay to someone to make the modifications you need and other people to benefit from your paid contribution.
  19. 19. So ... How to make our city smart and better place to live?
  20. 20. LoRa LoRa (Long Range) technology was developed in Europe by French company named Cycleo. They have been bough by Semtech in 2012.
  21. 21. LoRa advantages Long Range: communication up to 10-15 km in free air, up to 1-2km in the city. Allows mid size city to be covered with only few Gateways
  22. 22. LoRa advantages No subscription and and data traffic taxes.
  23. 23. LoRa advantages Radio technology easy to install and maintain.
  24. 24. LoRa advantages Low consumption, no need for external power supply, can work on battery for years.
  25. 25. LoRa advantages Secure communication, uses Chirp Spread Spectrum modulation, which is used for satelite and military communication for decades. Very hard to jam. The receiver can receive signals which are under the noise level.
  26. 26. LoRa advantages Encrypted connection with AES 128.
  27. 27. LoRa disadvantages Long Range ;) When many nodes are in their reach they can interference. One node transmit between 0.056 and 1.4 seconds. Maximum 48 nodes can be received by the Gateway at the same time. So the theoretical maximum is 857 devices to talk per second.
  28. 28. LoRa disadvantages Low data transmission speed 300-5500 bps, small data payload up to 50 bytes.
  29. 29. LoRaWAN IoT infrastructure
  30. 30. LoRaWAN applications Utility metering – remote metering for electricity, water, gas, thermal energy. Infrastructure monitoring, tanks with fluids, storages open/close logging.
  31. 31. LoRaWAN applications Tracing of cars, people, pets.
  32. 32. LoRaWAN applications Environmental monitoring: temperature, humidity, air pressure, dust, CO2, fires, flooding, earthquake vibrations.
  33. 33. LoRaWAN applications Healthcare patient monitoring, eldier people pulse,temperature, fall SOS sensors.
  34. 34. LoRaWAN applications Industrial monitoring – machine work time hours, maintenance alerts, machine output logger, working conditions, tank levels.
  35. 35. LoRaWAN applications Ciry Parking management, free parking locator apps. Management of parking subscriptions, different city zones.
  36. 36. LoRaWAN applications City public transport monitoring and logging.
  37. 37. LoRaWAN applications City Waste containers management, full container alerts.
  38. 38. LoRaWAN applications City street lighting management.
  39. 39. LoRaWAN applications Informative displays, traffic information.
  40. 40. LoRaWAN applications Interractive buttons. Call for help, for hotels - taxi call.
  41. 41. LoRaWAN applications Over the air updatable e- labels for storage and retail management.
  42. 42. LoRaWAN applications Home security, fire, motion sensors.
  43. 43. LoRaWAN applications Remote watering of green areas.
  44. 44. What is available Motes 130+ different products in range $12 - $500
  45. 45. One of most popular is RN2483 Microchip $9.20-$12,80 active 40mA, sleep 25 uA (but Errata says up to 100-150 uA – less than 6 months on battery)
  46. 46. popular among hobby - R95W transciever $4.70-$6.50, do not use Semtech IC, no certification
  47. 47. What is on the market Gateways Cisco, Kerlink, Lorier $xxxx TTG EUR 300 Cheapest solution RAK831 no server, no antenna about $150
  48. 48. Why these Gateways are so expensive? Semtech is single source for LoRa gateway ICs and sells SX1301 Gateway DSP for $50 / 1000 pcs So there will be no cheap under $100 gateway anytime soon.
  49. 49. What if you do not want to implement LoRaWAN but just LoRa network. Then you do not need Gateway, you can use single LoRa note to communicate with all other – the disadvantage you have to make your own protocol and to poll the nodes. Works for small local on- site networks.
  50. 50. The good news: We work on OSHW LoRa and LoraWAN solutions.
  51. 51. LoRa868 modem Based on Semtech SX1276, with embedded and external antenna Target price EUR 5.00
  52. 52. LoRa868WAN mote Modem, Antenna, Battery Cortex-M23, 64KB Flash, 16KB RAM, 0.8mA active, 2uA sleep, 1.5us wakeup, LoRaWAN stack GPIOs, ADC, DAC, SPI, I2C, UART Target EUR 15.00
  53. 53. LoRa868WAN-PARK Modem, embedded antenna, battery, Low Power MCU with LoRaWAN stack strong IP67 box Low power sensitive earth magnetic field sensor Target price EUR 35.00
  54. 54. LoRa868WAN-LIGHT Modem, antenna, battery, Low Power MCU with LoRaWAN stack, electricity metering (burned lamp detection), RTC, tamper protection Target price EUR 50.00
  55. 55. LoRa868WAN-ENV Modem, antenna, battery, IP67 box, Low Power MCU with LoRaWAN stack, temperature, humidity, air pressure, dust, flooding, fire, vibrations, CO2 sensors Target price EUR 30-50 depend on sensor configurations
  56. 56. FOSS Software:
  57. 57. Infrastructure made by the community
  58. 58. TTN is all around the world
  59. 59. Even in Bulgaria
  60. 60. Even in Plovdiv
  61. 61. This is so unacceptable! Sozopol has 12 TTN gateways and Plovdiv just one!
  62. 62. How is TTN organized
  63. 63. What is the data format
  64. 64. How you can help? - if you are good in software – you can join TTN development - if you are good in hardware- join our project with ideas and tips - or develop your own FOSS app which ises LoRa and LoRaWAN
  65. 65. Questions?