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Developing an open source hardware laptop with KiCad fosdem 2018


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TERES-I is Open Source Hardware Laptop designed with KiCad Open Source Software EDA and running Ubuntu. In GitHub repository you can see the hardware files and Linux build scripts.

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Developing an open source hardware laptop with KiCad fosdem 2018

  1. 1. Developing an Open Source Hardware Laptop with KiCAD Tsvetan Usunov, OLIMEX Ltd FOSDEM, Bruxelles 2018
  2. 2. $whoami OLIMEX Ltd – for 27 years we design and produce development tools, programmers, boards, devices, IoT, small Linux SBC. Out of 600 products half are with OSHW licensee. FOSDEM 2018
  3. 3. FOSDEM 2018 Open Source Hardware Laptop design goal: - modular design - elegant shape -easy to assembly - easy to repair and upgrade - small weight -long battery life - low cost spare parts - Hacker’s portable laboratory: component tester, DSO, Logic Analyzer
  4. 4. FOSDEM 2018 Development started November 2015 and took about two years. We had to select plastic parts, LCD, SOC
  5. 5. FOSDEM 2018 First we had to design several other products to evaluate the SOC and FPGA parts before we were able to integrate them in the laptop.
  6. 6. FOSDEM 2018 August 2016 we already had the first prototypes and proudly presented them at TuxCon.
  7. 7. FOSDEM 2018 February 2017 we had table at FOSDEM, where we presented complete hardware, but the software was quite immature.
  8. 8. FOSDEM 2018 October 2017 we built small initial lot and sales started!
  9. 9. FOSDEM 2018 Where we are now: Software: Ubuntu with Mate in usable state, soon to expect Armbian with mainline Linux Kernel.
  10. 10. FOSDEM 2018 Where we are now: Hardware: working on new board with RK3328 (good tip from Armbian member) which will allow upto 4GB RAM and more performance
  11. 11. FOSDEM 2018 Where we are now: Plastics: we have friends working on re-drawing 3D plastic parts so people can 3D print their own version of the laptop:
  12. 12. FOSDEM 2018 Where we are now: Portable Lab: working on integration with Sigrok
  13. 13. FOSDEM 2018 It was natural choice to select KiCAD as tool to complete this OSHW project. - We choose to work with the daily builds, so to have access to all new features as soon as possible. - This leads sometimes to funny results as to may not open your work from yesterday ;) - Windows and Ubuntu binaries lag a lot, people try to open our files but no success. - KiCAD need to re-think how to make everything consistent when you save your work and backward compatibility.
  14. 14. FOSDEM 2018 To summarize - This is one of the most interesting projects we ever worked on - Now I have in my hands my dream laptop made up to my taste - We learned a lot while we worked on it - Many people love that they have base to tailor and implement their own dream machine
  15. 15. FOSDEM 2018 Questions?
  16. 16. FOSDEM 2018 Thanks! © 2018, released under CC-SA-BY-2.0