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Wikimedia Foundation in India (a SWOT analysis, 2011)


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A SWOT analysis that I made in 2011 for Wikimedia Foundation to start an India Program.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Wikimedia Foundation in India (a SWOT analysis, 2011)

  1. 1. Wikimedia India - SWOT Analysis Strengths  Community potential – big population, growing internet penetration  Diversity  Passion for languages  More bang for the buck  Governments’ sway over the system – a signature can move things  Low hanging fruits – under promoted untapped space, Greenfield venture  Media proliferation  Absence of competing user-generated content (UGC) websites Weaknesses  Low brand awareness  Geographic expanse  Bureaucracy  Commons philosophy for creative content is new  Online volunteering new Challenges1  Technology issues  Wiki philosophy needs to be imparted  Freedom of Expression enforcement inadequate Opportunities  Literary tradition implies huge corpora  Potential to make a difference – in most Indic languages, Wiki projects are the only websites  Donor potential (large and small)  Mediawiki Development – internationalisation built-in rather than localisation later  Economic growth can drive more support, contribution, and readership indirectly  Driver for other South Asian and potentially South East Asian demographics (Bangladesh, Indonesia etc. have huge potential) Threats  Newbie attrition, exodus, and even forking due to cultural issues  Substitutes like FaceBook etc. – India has deviated from the rest of the world trends in this matter (eg. isolated success story for Orkut)  Unexpected government intervention similar to the Blackberry case  Unexpected economic slowdown  Conflict of roles – chapter vs office 1 Some of these are applicable to Wikipedias in Indian languages, but excluding English, though WMF in India has a mandate to develop participation in and deriving value out of English Wikipedia and sister projects.