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Richo prosedure

  1. 1. PROCEDURE o Nama : Richo harta wijaya o Standard Competence : 6. Writing Expressing the meaning of written simple essay in short functional texts in formed: Recount, Narrative, procedure, and news item in daily life context. o Basic Competence : 6.2 Expressing the meaning and Rhetorical steps accurately in daily life context in formed : Recount, Narrative, Procedure, and news item.
  2. 2. PROCEDURE DefinitionIn daily life , a procedure is a text to describe how something is done through a sequence of actions or steps. Purpose or social functionTo help us do a task or make something. They can be a set of instructions or directions.
  3. 3. Generic Structure1. Goal/Title : the final purpose of doing the instructions.2. Materials : ingredients, utensils, equipment, to do the instructions.3. Steps : a set of instructions to achieve the final purpose.
  4. 4. Characteristic Contains imperative sentences, action verbs connectives,and adverbial phrases. Informatif To propagate Steps contains a direct speech As same as actions methods
  5. 5. Lexico grammatical features Use imperative sentences. Use action verbs. Use of connectives. Use of adverbial phrases.
  6. 6. How to Make a Mango JuiceMaterialsa piece of glass of watera glass of ice pack spoon of sugarProcedures:1. First, peel the mango and clean it2. Next, cut the mango into pieces and put them into the juicer3. Then, put the water, ice and sugar4. After that turn on the juice and wait about 15 seconds5. Finally, pour the mango juice into the glass and ready to drink Noun Pronoun Conjunction Verb Article Preposition Adverb Adjective
  7. 7. How to Make BrowniesIngredients• 150gram of butter.• 150gram of dark chocolate.• 300 gram of flour• 4 eggs.• 600 gram of regular sugar• 1 tsp vanilla extract
  8. 8. Steps 1. Melt the chocolate with the butter. 2. Stir the eggs with the sugar and the vanilla extract. 3. Preheat the oven at low temperature 4. Combine the mixes you made. 5. Add the flour and stir with a wooden spoon. 6. Grease a brownie tin. 7. Add a little flour to cover the tin. 8. Add the brownie dough. 9. Bake for 10-30 minutes. 10. To check the brownies, put a knife in the mix. The knife must be moist! 11. Eat them 15 minutes after you took them out of the oven.
  9. 9. Question and Answer1. How much flour do you need to makebrownies?Answer key: I need 300 gram to make brownies.2. What is the first thing to do whenmaking brownies?Answer key: melt the chocolate with the butter.3. What should you do before combiningthe mixes?Answer key: preheat the oven at low temperature4. What should you do after greasing abrownie tin?