Research - Task 1


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Research - Task 1

  1. 1. Task 1 – Research Brandon Parker
  2. 2. i The Can This is the first design for the ‘IRN BRU 32’ can which was released years ago, it took off in Scotland but didn't make such a hit in England. They used the same theme as they do for the other bottles and cans of irn bru although this drink and the whole of irn bru didn’t last long with competition of energy drinks such as monster, redbull and relentless.
  3. 3.  Irn Bru is a small part of a big company and is owned by A.G.Barr who own a lot of the worlds biggest drinks that are made such as Rockstar, Oringina, Rubicon and other big branded names that are well known. This drink is especially well though of in Scotland as this is where the drink originally started in 1901. Its sponsor lie within Scotland and are within sports such as football and rugby and so that’s why the main audience for this drink lies with men as they are the most likely to be watching either of these sports and so will see the adverts within breaks, they might be sponsors of teams and would be on the kits of the players also there could be signs around the stadiums that the games are recorded in. Target audience of Irn Bru
  4. 4. Irn-Bru Adverts The adverts that irn bru and most recently made stick to the original colour theme of blue and orange with this give a joke that seems to have a crude meaning but really doesn’t, with a consistent layout with the image on the left and the blue text on a orange background. These sort of posters would fit best on huge billboards or side of the street and would be very memorable as once you have read it would make you laugh and would remember it and wherever you see these colours you would know what the brand and what the purpose behind it would be. Making these memorable is key a part of making posters and any sort of advertisement and also having it fit with the product your selling is important because if you were to see it the product would be easily recognisable.
  5. 5. Packaging The packaging that irn bru use is very different from any other packaging and so means it stands out from all other drinks and is well known as it has been around for a number of years but has always maintained the same house style by using sharp silvers, whites, blues and oranges which all work well together which gives it this look. Even when they incorporated the diet version to this energy drink they were able to swap around certain colours to allow for it to look opposite but then also fit in with all the other designs which is made clear on the picture as they just use silver a lot more. The logo is a man in action, some form of athlete which is in reference for it to being an energy drink as this is who it is made and this is why it is plastered all over each of the different drinks bottles.
  6. 6. Irn-Bru Adverts 2 These are two very different ideas on posters for the same product but the top pictures was the poster made by ‘BARR’ for iron brew but made 20 years apart, with the old poster it was more about selling the drink showing what its uses are, telling you what it does and how good it is but over the time this drink has been around advertisement has changed in the sense its not always about having the drink as the main point you just need for the advert to be catchy and have a slight relation to the item which the others all do, its more about making people laugh and have it stick in their mind than telling the potential customers it’s a refreshing tonic beverage.
  7. 7. Comparison between Irn-Bru and Monster The monster advert has the same idea as irn bru to use colours that all relate to the product but that’s the only shared part as the monster advert is more about showing what you can do and be when you have had this drink, asking ‘what monster are you’, everyone knows this brand to be big sponsors of big dangerous events of all sorts and so they use the picture of a dirt bike rider going across the poster, whereas in this irn bru advert they have two balloons that tell you that ‘irn bru gets you through’, the advert isn't as interesting or compelling as the monster advert as its simple and not as interesting, even the thought of the drink being green makes it seem better than irn bru.
  8. 8. Red Bull Advert This advert uses imagery instead of text other than to tell you the drinks name and the logo although even without that you would of known as the colours from the can is enough to know the brand, as they have always used the same colours and so everyone already knows that its red bull. The image used though is a man smashing through glass with a can of red bull, showing it makes you hard stronger faster even, making it more appealing to buy as it makes you so much better.
  9. 9. Relentless Advert This advert has a different approach to red bull as it uses more text instead of just imagery which can be good but for a poster you tent to be just walking past or going past and so wouldn’t normally get long enough to be able to read all of the text that is on this poster although the most important parts which are the name of the drink their tagline which is always associated with the drink and the image of the drink are all easily visible and so wouldn’t need to read the rest of the poster
  10. 10. Lucozade Advert This advert uses imagery a lot more instead of using text as it has been around for a while so most people know the logo and what their adverts tend to include, like in this one it uses the liquid of the drink to show something working which it a drill, on TV this would be changing into all sorts of different bits of equipment to show that it helps you with anything and it ‘gives you your edge back’ as the line under the bottle states, they have the text in fine italics but then the word edge is in the same orange used throughout the poster and is in bold to add more affect to the text.
  11. 11. Nos Advert The advert for ‘NOS energy drink’ is showing the drink with orange flames/smoke leaving the bottle top but then the nascar also has smoke from the car. It has the name of the driver who drinks this energy drink and is sponsored by NOS for nascar racing. The advert doesn’t contain much else other than the email address for the drink and a few sponsor signs at the bottom. With the web address they have used the same colours from the design although use it in opposite ways as it attracts more attention to the word ‘NOS’ with it being orange and the others with on a black background.
  12. 12. Red Bull Packaging Since red bull has been around they have always used the same colours, the logo has always been the same with two red bulls and the yellow sun, but then with the can was a dark blue and silver although can did change when the craze was to have an energy drink but have it sugar free and with this they changed the dark blue to a light baby blue. All the colours they use all compliment each other and with this makes it look appealing to drink as each of the colours are very vibrant and sharp. They have even got a small bull cut into the lid in which you open the drink with which is the same blue as the can depending on if its sugar free or not.