Winston Churchill


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Winston Churchill

  1. 1. WINSTONCHURCHILLBy:Angie ChavesAndrés Rodríguez
  2. 2. WINSTON CHURCHILL Was born Was A politician and British statesman known for his leadership of theUnited Kingdom during the Second World War.
  3. 3. WIFE AND CHILDRENOn September 2, 1908he married ClementineHozier. They had fivechildren:Diana, Randolph, Sarah, Marigold and Mary.
  4. 4. WINSTON CHURCHILL His parents Was Lord Randolph Churchill and his mother a American girl called Jennie Jerome. His Early years knew happiness, because in his autobiography recalls fondly the days spent with his protective mother, a beautiful, educated, intelligent and sensitive.
  5. 5. His stubbornness, resolve and STUDIES indomitable spirit did not forsake him. Was However, the institution was Boarding school by her able to enter and run a radical father in an expensive change. school in Ascot. Was After he failed twice in succession on the entrance exams at Sandhurst Military Academy. Rebellious and therefore was often punished andnotes was counted among In 1888 he joined the the worst ever. famous Harrow School.
  6. 6. Worked hard, was applied and serious in classes. After He joined the cavalry regiment reputed as one of the best in the army. He fought in Cuba, India and Sudan, and in the battlefields learned about the art of war. He resigned from theEspecially practical issues of military to engage in politics strategy will serve to deal and joined the Conservativewith the enemies of England. Party in 1898.
  7. 7. POLITIC He became a At the outbreak In At 26 he began Conservative of the Second May, 1940, hehis distinguished Member of World War, he became Prime political career Parliament in was appointed Minister and 1900. First Lord of the Minister of Admiralty - a Defence and With an He held many post which he remained in high posts in had earlier held office until independent Liberal and from 1911 to 1945.spirit, opposed 1915. Conservativeparty discipline. governments during the first three decades of the century.
  8. 8. POLITIC He took over the Collaborated in Queen Elizabeth IIpremiership again in conferred on Churchill the war against the Conservative the dignity of Knight victory of 1951 and Hitler. and the insignia of the resigned in 1955. Order of the Garter in 1953. Were victorious He remained a against the Nazis, as Member of the government The United States Parliament until the formed with national President Kennedy general election of rally, I assure the in 1963 awarded 1964, when he did cooperation of political him U.S. citizenship.not seek re-election. opponents.
  9. 9. He was a revolutionary man. SOME QUOTES  "Democracy is the need for bending from time to time with the opinion of others."  "The failure of our age is that their men want to be helpful but not important."
  10. 10. LITERARY CAREER Began with His other famous A gifted amateur campaign reports biography, the life of painter, wrote his great As Painting as a ancestor, the Duke of Marlborough, was Pastime (1948). He Story of the published in four Malakand Field volumes between Force(1898) 1933 and 1938. and The River War (1899), an account of the campaign in theSudan and the Battle of Omdurman.
  11. 11. THANKS