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Preposiciones vanessa

  1. 1. PREPOSITIONS Presented by: Vanessa Martin
  2. 2. Meaning: en, dentro, dentro de. 1. I live in Brighton. 2. The cat is in the box. 3. My parents arrive in France on Monday. IN 1. We went to Mexico in May. 2. I will see him in a week. 3. She was born in 1976. PLACES: TIME:
  3. 3. ON Meaning: sobre, encima de algo, tocando 1. The pen is on the table. 2. Her apartment is on the second floor. 3. I am on the bus. 1.They went to Mexico on the first of May. 2. He runs on Mondays and Fridays. 3. I will see Luis on his birthday. TIME: PLACES:
  4. 4. AT Meaning: en, a, al, cerca de, tocando. 1. He is at home. 2. We eat at the table. 3. When did you arrive at the airport? 1. He runs every morning at 6. 2. I will see them at Christmas. TIME: PLACE:
  5. 5. ABOVE Meaning: encima de, sobre, arriba 1. We were flying above the clouds. 2. The city is 300 meters above sea level. 3. The patient's temperature was above normal.
  6. 6. OVER Meaning: encima de, sobre 1. The maid put a cloth over the table. 2. They have built a bridge over the river. 3. The helicopter was flying over the area.
  7. 7. UNDER Meaning: debajo de, por debajo de Somebody left a frog under her bed. I have a shirt under my sweater. Everything was under control at that moment. EXAMPLE:
  8. 8. NEAR Meaning: cerca de It is terrible to live near an airport. The hospital was built near the university. EXAMPLE:
  9. 9. BESIDE Meaning: al lado de, junto a The dog stayed beside its master all night. Mary sat beside me. EXAMPLE:
  10. 10. BETWEEN Meaning: entre He sleeps between five and six hours per day. The letter should arrive between Tuesday and Friday. EXAMPLE:
  11. 11. ACROSS Meaning: a lo ancho de, a través de, al otro lado de. There was a fallen tree across the road. My sister lives across the park. EXAMPLE:
  12. 12. NEXT TO Meaning: al lado de, junto a The bank is next to a police station. Can I sit next to the window? EXAMPLE:
  13. 13. FORMeaning: durante, por They intend to stay there for two weeks. Sales have increased for the past two months. EXAMPLE: